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Michael Gallo found his calling in life – he wants to kick ass He works at Inked as a piercer but spends his mornings training and dreaming of winning an UFC championship Michael is the road to achieving his goal when a chance encounter alters his world forever The title is no longer enough – he must capture the woman of his dreamsDr Mia Greco is dedicated to saving lives and helping those less fortunate She doesn’t have time to meet Mr Right with her busy schedule She buries herself in her work and helping humanity Fate steps in and sweeps the carpet out from under her She tries to deny the pull to him a man that uses his fists for gain but the universe won’t let her walk away so easy and Michael isn’t one to take no for an answerHe has a secret that may rip them apart There are forces bigger than them at work; drawing them in and making their worlds collide – not letting either one of them walk away

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    Received an ARC for an honest reviewChelle Bliss is on the top of her game with Hook MeI AM HOOKED Every alpha male that Chelle Bliss creates I'm definitely in love From Kayden to City and now to Michael Chelle just don't run out of the hottest ideas that will surely get the readers to love her booksHook Me is phenomenal As a beta I have seen this book come to life bit by bit I have not imagined that from those drafts that Chelle sends us Michael and Mia's story will go as far as it has become on the final output I am so proudMichael and Mia's story is a very wonderful love story The sweetest moments were unforgettable and I will remember all the things that Michael did for Mia and swoon over and over again The fact that Chelle make her characters smart is very admirable Aside from that I totally love how Tammy the crazy one stirred up the story She's just crazy but you will love her I kind of did HahaEveryone must read Hook Me It's one of Chelle's best book yet and you will fall head over heels with another Gallo that is Michael

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    3 StarsIn a nutshellpredictable but entertaining We get a lot of of the Gallos and their family dynamic in this bookand I gotta say they made the book The Tammy drama was way over the top but I found it comical than annoying Michael was a great combination of sweet and sexy even if the scales did teeter over to cheesy sometimes and for the most part Mia was likable She did come across as a little too uptight at times and unfortunately she did suffer from a moment of DHS Dumbass Heroine Syndrome Nothing irks me than a heroine who gets angry and runs away instead finding out the truth and talking things out Thankfully it was a mild case of DHS as it didn't stick around for longOverall a uick and enjoyable read I have to note there are a slew of grammar and editing issues here Enough to be distracting at times

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    375 fighter and Doc starswell this one was a bit better than the book 1 in the seriesthe story of Michael the Iceman Gallo and his lady Doc Mia Greco is on a lighter side concerning the romance part it's classic a guy meets a woman that he's tremendeously attracted to and he goes for it but she's a bit reluctant since she's against violence in general therefore she doesn't give in to him that easily formulaBUT then enters the angsty part in the form of a batshit crazy psycho of Michael's ex fuck buddy Tammy that tries to destroy his relationship by making shit up and other exaggerated coo coo nonsence she pullsnow Michael needs to deal with that shit and set the records straight with Mia and convince her that she's the only one before the shit really hits the fan I won't break your heart For the first time in my life I've found something worth fighting for someone important than me Give me a chance to prove it I'll do everything in m ypower to make you happy and that actually sums up the essence of this book but I really have to give credit to the dialogues they were funny Michael and Mia had a off the charts chemistry and their bickering and banter were both entertaining and steamy

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    I was almost late to work this morning because I really wanted to finish what I started reading last night Michael and Mia were just as hot together as the previous couple Lots of visits from all of his family throughout the book plus there's a psycho ex to deal with Again the ending just felt incomplete like there should have been another chapter or two

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    Actual rating 35 stars rounded upMichael Gallo is an up and coming MMA fighter and the piercer at his family's tattoo business that he runs with his brothers and sister After he is injured during one of his matches he is treated at the local hospital by Dr Mia Greco From her first touch Michael feels something and asks her out to dinner Dr Greco is busy and just doesn't have time to date It isn't until a few months later they run into each other at a club and the sparks fly Mia cannot deny there is to Michael than big muscles he is also smart and funny and she wants to try Throw in a vivacious family and a crazy ass ex and Mia's life just got a little interestingEven though the story is very predictable I really enjoyed it Looking forward to the next installment which is Izzy's story

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    AAH Michael #sigh#Can I have one of youAwesome read can't wait to read Isabella's storyBut I think the story that is going to be epic will be Thomas and yes cause he's a bikerlol

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    Liked it but not a 5 star readFar from it actuallyFirst of all Mia was extremely stereotypical and it's like many romance books have some sort of stereotypes about ethnicities especially when it comes to men of other countries besides USLike Mia in the bar with her friends says this about Italian men ''They're bossy and seem to think a woman's place is in the kitchen''yeah first of all I've seen this stereotype in many romance books but it was mostly on books from teenage girlsFirst of all Italian men are no bossy than every other European or US guy Second of all most of them are very laid back and cool when it comes to most things unless you've got a very traditional type of guy who is used to having many women in his family tripping all over the kitchen then yes he'll naturely have this kind of ideology Third of all there are way too many western guys many US ones too who also like to think of women like thatso why the stereotype? Don't get it really it's like many US authors seem to think that people from Europe especially Southern Europe are extremely traditional just because they're family oriented Southern Europeans are very family oriented and are actually the best parents in the world if you think about it and families are very close but it doesn't mean that men in those countries are bossy or discriminating bossy pricks They're no discriminating than the average US guy who thinks his woman needs to be in the kitchen and bake him stuff all day or clean his baseball sweaty clothesSecond thing that confused me a lotMichael and Mia meet the first day in the hospital where Michael went for his broken rib As far as I know when people go to the hospital they don't wear masks on their faces to hide their features and neither do doctors right? So how exactly is it possible that two people who meet in a place and have an clear encounter cannot remember each other after a few weeks later and then a few days later after their second meet? She wasn't wearing a mask when they met and he wasn't eitherthey encountered for at least 10 mins talked and even flirted and after a few weeks of meeting in the gym they cannot remember where they've seen each other? Or a few days later Mia can still not remember the guy after meeting him already twice and even knowing his name? Yes she's a doctor and has many patients but seriously she said something along the lines '' Pete was sweet and all but his lips didn't give me the spark Michael's did'' which shows that she had a clear memory of the effect Michael had on her when he first kissed her hand If she can remember the effect of his lips on her skin how the hell can she not remember his face? Seriously that seems out of the placeThen at another part Mia was like ''Without talking to him I'd think he was another meathead muscle guy without the ability to think uickly or hold a witty conversation''lol that coming from the woman who thinks Italians are bossy I'm not Italian btw and seems to be judging professional fighting right after she kneed a guy hard on his genitals which can actually cause a lot of damage depending on the force of the hit when she could just pry his hands offslap him and walk away or call for help and then saying she doesn't condone violence not saying it was wrong to defend herself when the guy was insisting but she still had other choices and seems very judgemental and not so witty sometimes This ''I saw her knee that guy in the balls she seems pretty hardcore'' made me roll my eyes Is it really rare for some woman to knee a drunk guy in a club for gropping her that when a woman does it is 'hardcore'? lol''Running my fingers over my shin I could feel the prickle of hair I sighed and caveddeciding to forgo the European look''the hell?? lol What European look is that?? ooDear author you do realize that Europe is a continent with over 25 countries belonging to it right? You do also realize that there is no such thing as 'European look' since each country has it's own culture and fashion right? What exactly do you mean by 'European look' please elaborate it since you seem to 'know so much' Sarcasm here about Europe and Italy?I think the author has some serious stereotype and false ones too issues with Europe in general''It showed the right amount of cleavage but it wasn't trampy It made people stop and stare'' eyeroll moment again It wasn't trampy yet not only did it make people stare it also made them stop assuming they're walkingrunning or something and starelol''I wanted his eyes on me tonight and no one else'' the smart independant heroine wanted to make sure the guy's attention would be on her by making sure he'd stare at her breasts all night?? lol''Did he have a crazy ass ex or a gaggle of kids running around all over town that I needed to be aware of before we went any further'' assuming that when a guy has an ex the ex definitely has to be crazylol''Are you a piercer or a fighter?'' she already has been told than twice about his job and shop activities''I still can't wrap my head around the fact that you let someone hit you'' again Mia seems to be extremely judgemental and completely dumb when it comes to dangerous jobs or jobs other than her's Earlier in the book she had also judged her friends jobs by thinking that her friends are always carefree since their jobs are nothing like her's and her's is much important and hectic no argument about that but she always seems to judge people according to their profession and comparing them to her's ''I still think it's barbaric'' I'm already rolling my eyes by now at her pompy ass attitude''I wanted to be filled and feel alive as I grinded myself against him to relieve the throb I hadn't felt in so long''2 lines later ''Not here Michael not like this'' is she for real? Is she acting like a tease on purpose and then acts like a romantic prude for a specific reason? Seriously what's with this woman? She's really one of those heroines you can't help but roll your eyes at literally at every few seconds of reading''Take me home''a few minutes within their date at the beachfacepalmThen after Michael was sweet enough to surprise her with a fun sea sport activity she got all bitchy and yappy at him being like ''just my thing yay but you forgot one thing I'm afraid of heighs'' yeah because not only were you so bitchy right after the guy offered you an amazing experience but you also acted all diva like and supposed that the guy should magically know your fear for heighs since you never mentioned it beforegosh this heroine was so extremely annoying I kept reading because I loved Michael he was very sweet and still Alpha without trying too much and he respected women a lot too Enough not to touch them when they didn't want him to and to know when to take a no for an answer and not push it as well and I liked the way he was progressing in the romance but seriously he was WAYY too good for Mia The heroine was extremely stuck up posh and dumb in most momentsOne of the most obnoxiously stupid heroines I've read about and I've already read about many such heroines beforeIf there was a heroine nomination for the good and bad heroines I'd be very tempted to nominate Mia from this book as the year's most obnoxiously dumb and hypocritical heroine from all books I've read this last year I'd also nominate the author as the most stereotypical one in GRLater Mia says about Michael's parents when he informs her that his parents can give charity money to the clinic '' what is it exactly your family does to have so much money? I'm all for charity but if it came by criminal means I'd have to decline'' wowanother extremely silly and stuck up moment of her's I mean I'm just impressed right now by her manners and extremely educated way of thinkingNot only does she insult Michael's family DIRECTLY she also thinks that just because they're Italian it means they're in the mob seriously the author needs to get her head out of this thing it's insulting rediculous and downright silly She also says ''I'd have to decline'' as if the clinic belongs to herseriously? She's the one who will decide if someone will donate money to the clinic she helps out at? What the hell? Her attitude has some serious issues and I honestly felt like I wanted to hit her through my pc's screen numerous times I also feel like lecturing the author about her choice of things to write when it comes to nationalities Dear author a sum up you may have not realized it but there is a large amount of people with Italian nationality most of simple Italians actually who actually shocker herehave nothing to do with mafia and it'd be extremely good for you if you stopped using lame stereotypes for European countries Don't degrade yourself and your work so much pleaseLike I said previously Michael and the whole fighter plot about him kept me curious for the story but I honestly felt myself rolling my eyes most of the times due to the author's lame heroine attitude and her choice of describing and discriminating on nationalities I felt like I was reading the work of a teenage girl in uotev Mia made me wanna uit the story many times during it I had to really force myself to keep reading The fact that I didn't have any other story that night to read didn't help much either ''I watched in awe at the amount of love and support his family gave him'' facepalmwhy wouldn't his family love and support him? Because he was a fighter? geez''They're loud and Italian trust me they didn't hear a thing''another epic eyeroll moment about the author's stereotypical way of thinkingyeah because Italians not only yell at each other when they talk ? they also yell so much they become deaf and can't hear anything else?lol Jesus ChristThe part propably the only one that made me proud of Mia was when she hit Tammy twice and knocked her to the ground That was a NICE momentBut really the book would have WAY potential if the author didn't include such lame and immature stereotypes in it It was ruined basically by them and the heroine's attitude If not for them and Mia this book could be a solid 4 star book But because I found myself rolling my eyes and wanting to slap someone during most of the book I'll give it 2 solid starsI'd understand such immature and idiotic way of thinking if it came from a teenage author cause teenage girls have a way too wild imagination uncontrollable way of thinking which most of the times is consisted by extreme stereotypes and raging hormones I'd accept that kind of heroine if it came from the mind of a teenager But all this writen by a supposed adultmature author??It seems rediculous and disappointing I didn't know adults were capable of being so uneducated and stereotypicalI thank God I didn't have to buy this book from or wherever cause I'd actually demand my money back and wanna rip the book to pieces Thankfully for the author the book had a nice hero and an awesome family which were the only things in the story that made it worthy considering just how much the heroine ruined it's uality2 stars and that's because of Michael and his familyOtherwise it'd be a solid 1 star the most

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    Good storyHORRIBLE editingGood storyHORRIBLE editingI wanted to say great story and praise the story for what it could truly be a fun and enjoyable read if only I wasn't constantly distracted by misspelled missing and misplaced words The story line is great I had fun getting to know Mia and Mikey I also thought that the fact that the batshit crazy lady what a wacko was named Tammy was hilarious since I am intimately familiar with that nameFrom MM's initial meeting in the ER to their run in at the bar and the natural progression of their relationship throughout the book I was having a great time Izzy is a scream what a mouth she has on her I love the relationship the whole Gallo family sharesI hate writing reviews that you can read on the back cover of the book So I will just say that this book is an awesome read if you don't mind the many editorial errors Which when they are as freuent as they are in this book tend to bug me

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    Not as good as the first book I can't wait to read about Izzy Thomas and Anthony

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    I'm hookedI'm addicted to this series and I only met Ma Pop and two brothers I want them all I them again I want everythingThis book is about Michael the loving fighter and Mia the strong doctorAs I said Michaels is a fighter When he is not administrating Inked the tattoo and piercing show he and his borthers and sister own he is getting ready to take a man down using his fists and sometimes his feet and legsyou know what I meanBut surprinsingly if he is not fighting he is caring He has a body made of iron and a heart made of gold and being around him is precious Michael Gallo did not fit the mold of fighter bad boy He was a romantic and made me feel like the only person that mattered in the worldMichael can find his high on a ring being as Mia says barbaric but the man has some really good moves inside the ring and out of it He is sweet funny caringhe just needs to pick some companions better and I'm not talking about MIa obviouslyAnd Mia is so amazing She is hard worker she is a teaser and she gives as much as she takes with Michael She is worthy And Michael is uick to realize that I won't break your heart For the first time in my life I've found something worth fighting for someone important than meThey were so great as a couple they matched and as we could totally ship for CityJoey and Susy we super root for Mia and MichaelGod I love a family series