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When trust is challenged and desire takes control is love enough to conuer fear?When geeky book nerd Autumn Blakewood falls for the cocky confident fighter Hunter Bane she knows she’s in for life Their undeniable connection fueled by the desire to protect grows stronger every passing second However the need to feel cherished threatens her college graduation family bonds and future tearing her apart but she won’t give up on Hunter so easily After he was abandoned by his family Hunter Bane struggles to cope with daily life Having a learning disability turns every task into a challenge With his brother now free Hunter feels the pressure to succeed and take care of the people he loves forcing him to choose between college and a job Hunter’s devotion to Autumn keeps him on the right path His infatuation with her turns lust into passion drawing out his alpha tendencies But with affection comes admission putting a strain on their relationship as secrets are exposed and unforeseen circumstances spiral out of controlBeing complete opposites their love is flaming hot but it burns away all inhibitions unveiling the fears that were locked deep inside As past and present collide difficult choices must be made Can Autumn and Hunter’s love survive this ultimate test?

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    This story continues on where Fierce and Fury left off Hunter’s brother Jessie is just getting out of prison Leafy and Hunter go to pick him up from jail when he is released There is some tension between the brothers despite the fact they are happy to see each other again Jessie isn’t happy that Hunter got involved with the gang to get him out and Hunter is frustrated that Jessie can’t understand that he felt he needed to do it Hunter shows Leafy where he grew up He is afraid that she will see him differently if she sees where he grew up and how his relationship with his mother is was He is deeply affected by his past and is always afraid it will affect the here and now as well as maybe the future Leafy doesn’t care is his place isn’t the best or not or that he didn’t have the best childhood she still loves him It even makes her love him for it Knowing that he over came it and is that man his today Hunter doesn’t want his brother to be responsible for all the bills and the cost of his college education That and college isn’t really for him so he decides to drop out Jessie is furious when he finds out but not his Leafy She understands how hard college is for him and that he tried his best Hunter always says that fighting is the only thing he is good at so that is what he decides to do after being turned to for job after job How will Leafy deal with this will she be okay with it or will she choose to lose Hunter? Leafy’s father doesn’t approve of Hunter at all and wants her break up with him She refuses to that and tries to explain that she loves Hunter and he loves her With all the things going on and out side forces will they be able to stay together or will they be torn apart? They love each other than anything but is that enough?This is an amazing story I love it so much There is a preuel about Leafy’s childhood and how see grew up Book 1 Fury which where Hunter and Leafy meet and fall in Love Book 15 which is the same story but from Hunter’s POV then Flame Book 2 which is this book a continuation of their story I can’t say enough about this series and how much I love it I will drop anything to read these books when they came out I love Clarissa Wild She is a fantastic author I love all the things they have to work though and how it makes them stronger and better They go through so much but don’t give up or uit Hunter is extremely sexy to me A total alpha male and I love it He wants nothing than for Leafy to be proud of him and love him He will do whatever it takes for her to be happy and protected Leafy loves Hunter so much He makes her feel sexy smart beautiful and desired She wants to support him and prove to him that he is the best man for her and she could never love anyone than him There were parts of this book that I never saw coming and loved them so much Then something else would happen and I would love the book even Another fantastic book Clarrisa

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    OMG just amazing A perfect end to a perfect story I wish it could go on forever I love Autumn and Hunter They are so different but so perfect together I loved this series These characters weren't like other books they weren't rich they didn't have trust funds or anything they were actual people I could relate to and I love the story even because of it I'll admit I even cried at the end All in all a great ending for these characters I can't wait to read from this author

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    Oh Hunter you have such a way with words can it wait? I wanna eff your brains out I say grabbing her wrists and wrapping them around my neck We see a totally different Hunter in this book I mean the boy is just wild about his girl I lift her up from the countertop as she tightly wraps her legs around me If she wants to see my room fine she can see my effing room But I'm not letting go of her I'll carry her there no problem However I'm not taking my hands off her She's mine He holds nothing back this time around this is who I am I say lowering my head in defeat I like it rough That doesn't mean I love you any less I told you I like to claim you That's what I do I mean it was like Christmas for that damn boy when he got test results back see this? I point at it This means I finally get to eff my girl without restraint She's been on the pill for a while now I guess this calls for a celebration I know just how I really did love this animal side of Hunter and I enjoyed the book and I'm secretly hoping that Jesse gets a book

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    This is book two in the Fierce series Hunter and Autumn are at the prison waiting for Jessie to be released When Jessie first comes out of the prison Hunter freezes Jessie introduces himself to Autumn and when they are in the car Hunter and Jessie start to fight about Hunter joining the gang Hunter joined because he wanted to get his brother out of jail Jessie is the only family that Hunter has Autumn defuses the fight by asking where they are going Jessie wants to go home but Hunter doesn't want too Autumn leaves Hunter after they have sex because it reminded her of the bullies back in school The next day they talk their argument out Hunter and Autumn go back to college while Jessie goes to find a job They proceed to have another argument in class about him cheating Autumn wants to know about Hunter but he doesn't want to talk about it Hunter receives a call from Jessie saying that he got a job the problem with Jessie and jobs is that he can never keep them Hunter uits college and when his brother finds out he isn't very happy he starts throwing things in the house Autumn wasn't very happy when Hunter decided to uit because she thought that he wanted to make his brother proud When she goes into the house she finds the notebook that he keeps his notes in so he can remember Jessie is Hunter's brother has ADD and becomes Hunters manager Hunter becomes an MMA fighter Autumn's boyfriend to me he is a very lovingprotective and loyal Autumn is leafy and to me that she is a very loving caring and loyal person She wants the best for HunterJaret to me he is a wise and helpful person Jessie's friend Evie is Autumn's friend and roommate to me that she is a very caring and loyal person While reading this book I felt a lot of different emotions from happy to laugh out loud One of my favorite uotes is “ So? I don't care I told you I get what I want and what I want is you” Clarissa Wild does it again I was hooked from being to end I read this book in less then a day I loved how all the characters came together

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    I was absolutely floored by this second installment in the Fierce series This is the Epic continuation of Hunter and Autumn's storyI was put through the whole gambit of emotions with this one everything from laughter to downright anger and everything in betweenAfter tearing himself up trying to please everyone Hunter finally realizes he just can't do what Autumn and his brother want it's just not in him He has a learning disability compliments of his drug addict mother that prevents him from retaining what he learns in class which in turn makes collage impossable He was born to fight and fight he will Unfortunately Autumn finds out he is fighting again before he has a chance to explain all the reasons to her and shows up at the ring They argue it gets heated Hunter reacts badly like he's prone to do when cornered and Autumn takes off in the rain on foot and Hunter goes through ten levels of mental hell until he finds her walking on the side of the road You are going to have to read this part to believe it but I'm telling you it is one of the most Epic scenes I've ever watched unfold The reconnecting and discovery of each others heart felt love is just beautifulAutums father is still a problem He has no doubt that this thing between his little girl and Hunter is no good and it is breaking Autumn's heart The one saving grace for her is unfailing support of her mother who just wants her to be happyHunter proves himself to be such an awesome fighter that he gets the chance to go pro He in return pays for the medical help that Autumn's mother needs and is healthy enough to be ring side with Autumn when Hunter purposes marriageOh yeah I forgot to mention that Autumn is pregnant from that epic scene at the road side and her water chooses that moment to break as if her babies yes twins are putting in their two cents worthI guess by now I don't have to tell you to settle in with this one You can see your not going to be able to put this one down And don't worry about Grand Dad he come aroundBabies change everything

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    Flame by Clarissa Wild4 starsHOTAfter succeeding in getting his brother out of jail Flame is a story of Autumn and Hunter learning to have the normal relationships that occur in college only Hunter is now plagued than usual by his shortcomings and has to find a way to feel like he is doing his part Haunted by demons of his past is he able to move on and have what could be a very healthy and happy life? Despite what can be considered obsessive and erratic behaviors is Autumn able to venture into this relationship and have it become all that it has potential to be? Especially considering this is her first relationship EVER it poses the uestion is she ready to be all that Hunter needs her to be?Following this story has been a pleasure and an eye opener It allows you to peek into the life of these two extraordinary people and see what could REALLY happen even if it is not all that common It shows the passion the ebb and flow and the miss communications that happen on an all day every day basis Allow yourself just a few hours to look at the big picture what could really happen if you allow yourself to truly open up let go of your inhibitions and get to know someone else I would recommend this series to anyone who is looking for a good weekend escape

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    Hunter Leafy's story continues in FLAMEI must say I really loved this bookNerdygeeky girl Autumn Bad boyfighter Hunter are still passionately in love with the desire need to protect one another All relationships can't be all sunshine rainbows right?? Well this couple begins to find out theirs to just having hot sweaty spontaneous sex A lot happens between themAutumn is struggling with her parentsIs it the right time for Hunter to meet the parents??? Learning about Hunters learning disability his on going daily struggles he decides it's time to change things up a bit After all said done Autumn finds out after the fact causing her to have doubts about their relationship being the FOREVER type He opens up about his Jessie's childhood why it's always been just the two of them explaining their amazingly brother bondThen a life changing event happens and Hunter isn't sure if or how he can dealBoth struggling but determined to maintain their relationshipis it all worth it in the end?? This was Hunter Leafy's phenomenal ending to FINDING WORKING to keep their FOREVER one true loveI'm happy to have reviewed for Beautifully Broken Book Blog

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    I have been a fan of his Fierce series for awhile now and I was so excited when I was offered the opportunity to read an advanced copy of Flame in return for my honest opinion Well here goes The beginning made me smile a lot at the release of Jessie everything that happened in the first book led us up to this very special day Seeing how alike the brothers are is uite amusing but not unexpected I must say I did get very upset with Autumn in the beginning though I felt like on one hand she was so accepting of how the boys lived and yet when Hunter shows his true side she became very judgmental and overreacted to certain things that happen When her best friend ends up having something terrible happen it made me so mad on her behalf Poor Hunter and his learning ability bring tears to my eyes on one particular scene and just makes me love him all the Fair warning the sexual scenes in this book are very steamy so be prepared Overall I would rate this book in at four stars and say that Clarissa Wild has done it again

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    I was gifted an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewFlame picks up where Fierce and Fury left off It begins during a very happy moment for Autumn and Hunter I absolutely LOVED the interaction between Jessie and Hunter I will say that while reading I became a little frustrated with Hunter and Autumn There were moments when I thought Hunter was being your typical controlling ahat and Autumn was being your typical I love him forgiving female That frustrated me It also frustrated me that Autumn could turn some things into bigger problems than they were BUT I continued to read As I read further into the book I became enraptured with the characters and the story By the end I was crying laughing and just LOVING the book in general This story is a fantastic continuation of Fierce and I would definitely recommend it I gave the book 4 stars due to the frustrating start for me