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Her Prayer Was SimpleDear God, Let Me Die But Cordelia Channing Preacher S Wife, Preacher S Widow Lived And Was Born Anew As Winter Woman, A Woman Of Power Who D Survived The Deadliest Season In The Mountains AloneShe Knew She Could Never Do It Again Though Perhaps There Was No Need, For Providence Had Sent Her Thomas Nash, An Enigmatic Mountain Man Who Stirred The Deep Places Of Her Questing SoulNash Had Come West To Lose Himself, To Rail At The Fates That Seemed Ready To Destroy His Life At Every Turn But Somehow Those Same Fates Now Saw Fit To Put Delia In His Care And Though He Was Fighting It At Every Turn, Delia Was Transforming His Life In Ways He D Thought Forever Lost

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    I just loved this book It was just what I was looking fora quick read that would carry me away to the 1830 s and the Rocky Mountains It was action packed all the way and was clever at all the right spots After checking the author s website, I read the backstory and this tale is inspired by a real woman s story This is definitely an author I will read again.August 15, 2012 update fixed misspelling Eep.

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    This book helped me to further appreciate frontier, mountain man books I loved the hero He was tough and hard, but he had the gentle heart to heal his tortured heroine I also enjoyed watching the heroine come into her own strength This is an excellent book.

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    This was boring h is all like I am a sinner, my hubby just died 11 months back coz you know she is attracted to H god would hate me Then, later H is all like I don t deserve her and will let her go Snooze So, far I have read two Harlequin Historicals and both have been snooze fests Maybe it is a sign that the line isn t for me

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    Review of Winter Woman by Jenna KernanPenelope s introduction to the American frontier was the same as many other small girls.that is to say, Little House On The Prairie Yes, I voraciously read that entire series, and I learned about how difficult it was for pioneers to survive Cold, unforgiving winters, the threat of starvation, animal attacks, hungry hordes of grasshoppers, sickness without modern medicine, and Native Americans who could be friend or foe I also suspect that my beard fetish may have its origins with Pa Ingalls, but let s not go there Needless to say, there is the potential for a lot of conflict in frontier style romance novels I usually don t like them because of this In particular, the threat of hideous torture, scalping and disfigurement by angry natives causes me great anxiety So much so, that I can t relax and enjoy the book.After attempting to read several well beloved pioneer western romance novels, and being horribly disappointed, I gave up But someone must have recommended Winter Woman to me I suspect it s because the hero has a beard for a good portion of the story , and I am so very glad I gave it a go It is a superb story, with the just the right amount of conflict for me Cordelia is a missionary s widow, forced to survive the unrelenting winter by herself after her husband s ill timed death When the hero Nash first meets her, she is starved, afraid, and desperate He is gruff, coarse, and has no interest in taking care of this woman Their love story was absolute perfection The skinny city girl learns how to trap and fish and skin a bear, how to fight and trust and use her sharp mind to survive any circumstances The lone frontiersman learns to share his life with this new partner He is at first shocked by her determination and willingness to learn and adapt she earns his respect, then his lust, and finally his love And eventually, he owes her his very life after a terrifying bear attack Nash starts out as a wounded animal, devastated by the loss of his first wife, living a solitary and brutal life in the wilderness Cordelia thaws out his heart and gives him hope for his future that it could include a wife and family, something he had totally given up on There is a wonderful symmetry in this book, a perfect balance of hard and soft, brutal and kind, past and future It was touching and suspenseful and unexpected Who would think a well educated and religious woman would be the perfect life partner for a cynical and stubborn frontiersman Well, Jenna Kernan made me fall totally in love with both of these characters, and this book is a gem.Grade ADigging those pioneer beards,Penelope

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    3.5 stars for an easy and enjoyable read Set in the Rocky Mountains in the 1830s, it s a frontier story The two MCs are the focus of the story for most of the book They do have some brief encounters with several different native American tribes, but it s mainly their story as they struggle against the trials they face together in the wilderness Towards the end of the book they finally arrive at the Rendezvous , a community largely made up of male trappers But the book s mainly the story of Delia and Nash It was mentioned in another review of this book that the Winter Woman was based on a real person Delia did keep a journal of her experiences in the book and I guess it could have happened in real life But, regardless, if you like wilderness or frontier type romances, it s worth a read.

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    Content a few sex scenes minimal or no swearing gruesome deaths alluded to but not explicit There was a scene where one tribe of natives massacred and mutilated another tribe Disturbing I skimmed it 3.5 stars An enjoyable story Tense in various sections, and action packed Interesting, too all the survivalist info I will probably try another of her books Plot Cordelia heroically survives a winter in the Rocky Mountains after her husband dies in October Crow Indians come upon her in the spring, half starved They take her to the mountain man, Thomas Nash, who makes a living trapping beavers and selling their pelts He had escaped to the mountains after his wife died, about 4 years ago Reluctantly, Nash agreed to take care of Cordelia until trapping season ends in the fall, and then take her to civilization Nash thinks he will have to babysit Cordelia, and he grows irritated because she follows him around, afraid he will go away and never come back, as her husband did, cuz he died Some poignant and yet amusing scenes there However, Nash soon learns that Cordelia is one tough cookie, able to think under pressure and willing to do whatever is necessary. She saves his life and he saves her life, numerous times They get into all sorts of dangers and live to tell the story Cordelia learns to trust Nash They gradually fall in love, but they must overcome her survivor s guilt, since her husband died I liked how Nash grew to depend on Cordelia s courage and intelligence, bouncing problems around with her, solving them together It felt like a good partnership, but the author did not elaborate on this aspect of their relationship enough for me.Nash is a tall strong man with blue eyes His face is covered with his winter beard when Cordelia first meets him She is stunned to see his handsome face with cleft chin dimple when he finally shaves He is absolutely hot to get into her pants, and she lusts for him, but guilt and shame interfere Even after she does make love with him, she still returns to her guilt ridden thought patterns It got a bit old.It would be a 4 star book, except that I felt the author did not bring out the emotions enough Especially in the first half of the book, I felt like I was reading a recitation of events Even when the main characters finally made love, it just did not feel emotional enough Right up to the end, I was never fully drawn into the relationship I was captivated by all the dangers the couple had to confront.Writing style Third person point of view, jumping fluidly with helpful transitions from Nash to Cordelia Kernan writes well, except she repeats things a little the guilt, and various similar scenes making beaver pelts, bear pelts, elk pelts, buffalo pelts She writes flowing dialogue, not wooden, but she tried to make Nash sound uneducated by inserting syntax errors I thought you was hungry Since the rest of his syntax was fairly standard that oft repeated phrase you was stood out and became irritating I d rather authors use normal English, if they can t express an authentic dialect But on the plus side, Kernan gets points for the tight pacing Also, high marks for the vivid and descriptive narrative, never verging into flowery purple prose I loved the vivid description of the whitewater rafting scenes It felt very real Lots of imagery, and metaphor I liked learning how they built the kayak.

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    I was born and raised in the mountains of VA, where I still reside I grew up in a western loving household, and I call myself a prairie woman at heart While I love my Southern heritage, there is also a deep and abiding connection with the American Frontier and the American Old West I feel as though I could set my birth date back 100 years and not lose my stride Jenna Kernan s Winter Woman is an amazing woman, indeed Cordelia Channing and her husband John set out to become missionaries in the West, but neither was prepared for the reality of frontier life Cordelia is soon widowed and does something no one else has ever done she survives the frozen hell of a Rocky Mountain winter on her own When she is found by a group from the Flathead Indian tribe, they take her to mountain man Thomas Nash for assistance Nash wants nothing to do with the woman, but he reluctantly agrees to care for her until Autumn, when he is done with his hunting and trapping He will take her East to The Rendezvous , where all the trappers meet to sell their wares, and she will have the best chance of finding a way back home At first, Nash and Delia mix like oil and water, but soon find that they enjoy each other s company Nash teaches Delia much about the ways of the woods, and she reminds him of things that he thought he had long ago forsaken After the death of his wife several years before, Nash became a loner, hardening his heart and living the solitary life of a woodsman Delia captures him with her beauty and spirit and her amazing strength and willingness to learn There are great differences between them, including Delia s religious faith and Nash s loss of faith Delia also has survivor guilt and feels as though her feelings for Nash are a betrayal of her late husband They survive much, learning about themselves and each other along the way Can they overcome their differences and somehow forge a new life that neither of them expected Winter Woman is a true romantic adventure story At times rough, raw, and unflinchingly real, it is also refreshing and a renewal of why someone like me reads historical romance.

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    I liked this book about a preacher and his wife traveling west to christianize the indians The preacher dies and his wife survives a deadly season in the mountains alone afterwhich the indians call her Winter Woman and have respect for her The indians take her to a trapper named Thomas Nash and together they not only find their way out of the dangerous mountains but end up with than they bargain for.

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    I really liked this book but thought the ending was weak and there was no epilogue.

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    Historical RomanceRocky Mountains 1835Cordelia Channing s prayer was simple Dear God, let me die She was a preacher s wife, a preacher s widow Instead of death she lived and was born anew as Winter Woman, a woman who survived the deadliest season in the mountains alone and became a woman of power She also knew she could never do it again Then Providence sent her Thomas Nash, an enigmatic Mountain Man But though perhaps now there is no need to do it again with Thomas around He is a man that stirs the deep places in her questing soul Nash rails against the fates that seemed ready to destroy his life at every turn He came west to lose himself Now the fates have seen fit to put Delia into his care He is fighting it at every turn Delia is taking his life and transforming it in ways he thought lost forever This story shows how harsh the land could be but also that it took a special type of person to survive and to also thrive Thomas and Delia take the reader on an amazing adventure that will have them sad when it comes to an end This book is nonstop action and pulls the reader in until the very end Even the land proves to be an unforgettable character in the book This is proving to be a great series though it is a series were each book can be read as a standalone It will have readers looking forward to reading the third book in the series.