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The Creative Writing Teacher, The Delivery Guy, The Local Starbucks Baristas, His Best Friend, Her Roommate, And The Squirrel In The Park All Have One Thing In Common They Believe That Gabe And Lea Should Get Together Lea And Gabe Are In The Same Creative Writing Class They Get The Same Pop Culture References, Order The Same Chinese Food, And Hang Out In The Same Places Unfortunately, Lea Is Reserved, Gabe Has Issues, And Despite Their Initial Mutual Crush, It Looks Like They Are Never Going To Work Things Out But Somehow Even When Nothing Is Going On, Something Is Happening Between Them, And Everyone Can See It Their Creative Writing Teacher Pushes Them Together The Baristas At Starbucks Watch Their Relationship Like A TV Show Their Bus Driver Tells His Wife About Them The Waitress At The Diner Automatically Seats Them Together Even The Squirrel Who Lives On The College Green Believes In Their Relationship Surely Gabe And Lea Will Figure Out That They Are Meant To Be Together

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    If you liked Fangirl and want something similarly adorable, you need to pick this up.If you want to see how multiple perspectives can be done properly and interestingly, you should pick this up.If you want a cute, cheesy but lovely story, you ll want to pick this up.Obviously the gimmick and selling point for this novel, the reason everyone mentions for picking this up, is the fact that there are 14 different perspectives. and NONE of those perspectives are the main character I didn t buy this, it was lovingly gifted to me, so it felt like I had nothing to lose and nothing to gain I went into the book totally neutral and it was lovely Seriously I would have read it in one sitting if I hadn t needed food, but I did read it one day It was so fun and cute and the different perspectives WORKED They worked really well.I couldn t believe that we NEVER saw from the main character s perspective, but I m kind of proud of the author for not going there Some things can t be done or achieved, but other things were done that can t be done in first person narratives Why only three stars Because it was a three star kind of book I m glad I read it, it was lovely, but the plot wasn t anything new, the characters aren t going to stick with me, and I didn t feel that any theme was particularly important or ground breaking And that s okay It was still nice and fun and did something cool.

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    Flat, stereotypical characters, overused romcom clich s, and a sentient, perverted bench are just a few of the myriad problems I had with A Little Something Different Yes, you read that right Among Hall s 14 viewpoints, there is a sentient, perverted bench Let that sink in for a while.The constantly shifting perspectives of everyone from their bus driver to a squirrel on campus is clearly meant as a quirky, interesting way to tell a story, but since Hall rarely spends than a few pages in one character s head and doesn t allow them to think about anything but Lea and Gabe s non relationship, every character reads like nothing than the author s current mouthpiece Hall forces her side characters into the role of narrators whose everyday thoughts and feelings are ignored because they re irrelevant to the story she wants to tell, and the result is painfully inauthentic.The narrators we re supposed to like are warm, friendly romantics who somehow see a spark between Lea and Gabe even when they re sitting on opposite sides of the room The narrators we re supposed to hate are perpetually angry for no apparent reason, and either dislike Gabe and Lea or represent a threat to the love story The narrative s treatment of Hillary, a girl who also likes Gabe, is particularly awful to the point where total strangers characters the reader is supposed to like find petty reasons to look down on her and are applauded for doing so.The chemistry between the two leads is practically non existent We re rarely allowed to glimpse Lea and Gabe s connection We re just told through a series of painfully contrived monologues from complete strangers that they have one.I was drawn to A Little Something Different after reading so many glowing reviews about how funny and charming it was, but I think I must have been reading a different book I did like the diversity of Hall s cast, and Gabe s commentary on living with an invisible disability, but that wasn t enough to redeem it for me Many thanks to Pan Macmillan for providing a copy of A Little Something Different in exchange for an honest review.Publisher Pan MacmillanRating 1 star Review cross posted to Paperback d

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    Such a sweet and adorable read There are books that can simultaneously make you smile as you go through the pages, and A Little Something Different is one of them The story centers on two teenage main characters Gabe and Lea who share the same class in creative writing They re attracted to each other, but because they re both being shy and awkward, they can t seem to initiate a move in order to get closer As the story goes, we get to know some of the people that surround them who eventually try to root for them to be together.I enjoyed this book quite a bit because of its cuteness and uniqueness It s really something different I ve read some YA contemporaries but I ve never encountered a book with so many POVs And none of them are from the main characters Yes there were no narrations from either Gabe or Lea, but instead, just from the secondary characters such as Inga the creative writing professor , Sam Gabe s brother , Charlotte the barista , Danny Lea s friend , Bob the bus driver , even the old bench and the squirrel Omg, the bench and the squirrel actually have a POV LOL and many other characters I most certainly liked the overall cuteness of this book It s a fun, light read and with simplistic writing something to keep a reader entertained The romance was also light but very immersing It kept me involved and engaged in And despite the numerous POVs, it didn t confuse me, but instead, I found myself enjoying the witty dialogues and the fascinating characters If you want a quirky, fun, and a little something different to read, I highly recommend this book Rating

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    I m pretty sure that if this book accidentally fell open in your lap, a million little hearts would fly up into a cloud surrounding you in all the sweet, good natured adorableness that is this story 14 POVs, yet none of them from the two lovebirds, and two of the POVS are so patently ridiculous that they should absolutely not work and yet they do, they do, they do So flipping cute 3.5 stars very strong stars And it makes my 2014 favorites list, even though other highly rated books did not Go figure It makes sense to me.Oh, and we re giving away a copy of the book Kim wrote the official review for the blog as well.

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    Allow me to use this review as an avenue to greet a wonderful friend whose review I find way beautiful than the book a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Someday hopefully soon, Pearl, I will love a book you love with all my heart but in the meantime, I hope this simple birthday wish for you would be enough to make you smile HAPPY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WONDERFUL PEARLY MAY YOUR DAY BE HAPPY, SPECIAL AND MEMORABLE MAY IT BE FULL OF AMAZING SURPRISES HAVE A FANTAMAZEBULOUS DAY Review The novel lived up to the promise of its title It gave the reader a little something different The story is told in super multiple POVS except those of the main characters, Gabe and Lea It s refreshing because most contemporary YA novels I ve read are told in alternating POVs of the boy and the girl but this one is told by characters both animate and not surrounding the MCs including the creepy bench and the squirrel Pretty quirky but I have to be honest about several things The multiple POVs in my personal opinion is spectacularly overdone and the premise, although cute, is quite too far fetched because the 14 other characters some completely irrelevant to the story and to the MCs voices revolve around one thing the love story of Gabe and Lea as if they don t have a life of their own except the squirrel, my favorite character , as if they simply exist to narrate the story of somebody else I was groaning and rolling my eyes in disbelief half of the time and to be frank, half of the POVs can be deleted and I d still get the same story with less groans and eye rolls and half the number of pages, pages which would have been useful had they been used for character and plot development The writing is generally good and lighthearted but I couldn t shake the number of times I thought it was also kind of offensive For characters who were supposed to be good people, I don t know why several times they came off as mean This poor Hillary girl who didn t do anything except develop a crush on Gabe was the object of consistent contempt or perhaps they just needed a villain because it sure did read like a fairy tale and the closest there is for them is Hillary You ll get what I mean from the following excerpts I was proud of myself because what I wanted was something along the lines of disparaging Hillary and everything she stands for said the Creative Writing professor who acts so unprofessionally by putting as her primary semestral goal to make two people fall in love with each other and to revile any other student that will get in the way The skank queen said Lea s best friend Except maybe Hillary That girl is a ridiculous caricature of everything that s wrong with the world said Gabe himself I was ready to just simply enjoy this I wanted this to be just a mindless read but one cannot be blind especially when one has already seen too much It s true that the eyes see what they want to see and it s unfortunate that mine chose to see these things However, do not lose hope for the book because the rest of my friends who read this really enjoyed this and if you will use Pearl s pretty eyes, you will see a beautiful perspective on the novel and you will also get a chance to greet her a happy birthday Just click here.

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    DNF.The concept of this book is so, so, so, SO neat But the writing of this is so elementary, I could barely get through 15 pages before knowing it would bother me for the entire book I wish it were otherwise

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    THIS BOOK IS SO CUTE I have never read a story like this one It is told in multiple POV s They each have a part in the story and there are 14 of them I thought this was really cool We even have commentary from a bench and a squirrel which was cute and funny I will add a couple of their excerpts in a few So the major players are, Gabe LeaThe folks and things rooting for them throughout the book are 1 Maribel Lea s roommate 2 Bench3 Sam Gabe s brother 4 Squirrel5 Victor creative writing classmate although he hates them because they won t get on w it.6 Bob a bus driver 7 Casey Gabe s friend 8 Maxine a waitress 9 Danny Lea s friend although, he has crush on Gabe too10 Inga creative writing professor 11 Pam Inga s wife 12 Charlotte a barista 13 Hillary creative writing classmate don t like her at all14 Frank Chinese food delivery guy Lea Gabe notice each other before they even find out they are in a creative writing class together When they get into the class you would think at one point they would talk or finally acknowledge they like each other But, NO And all of these people in the book are wanting them to talk and get together but they are both too shy Well, Hillary wants Gabe to herself and she s not a nice person so she can suck it And Victor hates them so much and he ends up running into them everywhere he goes He finally has it out with them about getting together and it cracked me up I will say it does take them to the end of the book to start really talking and finally get together But the thing that was fun, listening to all of the people go on about them and them talking to certain people in the book about each other It was just really sweet and cute Just a fluffy book Let me excerpt SQUIRREL AND BENCH because they are funny Squirrel The best part of this time of year is all the acorns Acorns are delicious and amazing and the best thing that anyone could ever eat If you re not eating acorns you are seriously missing out I tell my friends about the amazingness of acorns and sometimes they just stare at me like I m crazy But I m only crazy for acorns I see a boy and a girl The girl gave me peanuts once and she always looks at the boy a lot He looks at her too But they always look at each other at the wrong second But today they look at each other at the right second and they both smile so wide it looks like they re laughing I hope they are laughing I hope they like acorns Maybe I ll throw some acorns at them No, that s a bad idea I don t want to lose my acorns I don t want to share Call me a bad squirrel, but I do not like to share my acorns Maybe that makes me a good squirrel The consummate squirrel The very definition of a squirrel.Bench on the green I m the oldest bench on this green and I get no respect I d like to say there are worthwhile things about the job And maybe sometimes there are Sometimes you get a really perfect butt however, all rear ends are not created equal The one currently seated upon me is the kind I appreciate it s the kind of behind that I would invite back time and again, if I had the ability to speak And the best part is that it seems to be attached to a person who wants nothing than to sit No chatting, no moving around, not graffiti or gum I could get used to this. from bench, Bench on the green No one sits on me all damn winter except that idiot squirrel And now it s snowing and I ll be covered in the stuff for weeks and then I ll be wet and I won t see a single butt for the whole duration All those ungrateful delinquents walk by hour after hour, day after day, week after week Not one glance my way, not one single decent sitter in the whole bunch No one has time for benches in the winter If I could, I would grow spikes That would show them, come spring when the birds are chirping and the sun is out They would sit down and I would grow a spike right into their rotund rear ends Then they d stop taking me for granted.I totally loved bench and I would sit on him in the Winter since that s my favorite time of year I fell in love with this cute little book If your looking for something warm and fuzzy and a little funny then you will probably like this book too MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    This book was exactly what I was in the mood for a cute romance book that didn t take itself too seriously I loved the multiple POVs, from the romance obsessed teacher Inga to the oldest bench on the college campus s green yup, there is a bench s perspective in this book HAHAHA The only issue I had with this book is that because it was from perspectives other than the main two characters, I wasn t really able to wholly connect with them and at some points the will they won t they aspect of their shy relationship dragged Despite this, I read this book SO quickly and had a lot of fun reading it I literally laughed out loud several times in the dead of night when my family was all asleep.Definitely would recommend

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    Story about two cripplingly shy love birds told from everybody s point of view, except theirs Cute, right Only, not so much.After what seemed to be the millionth POV of an utterly random stranger with no connection whatsoever to the two leads who gushes about how special the two are, and how there is just this chemistry between them and how they are so sure that the two are just meant for each other, I decided to throw in the towel.So, SO much telling, absolutely no showing Zip Zilch Nada None.Did NOT work for me.

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    Awww What a cute and sweet read A Little Something Different is exactly that a romance story that is different from any I ve read before, and one that leaves you with a silly smile on your face The perfect rainy day read, that s for sure In short, this is a love story about two people who keep misreading each other One is extremely shy, the other is quiet and reluctant, not realizing they re both into each other What makes this book unique, though, is the way it s told We don t go into this story with the perspective of our main characters, but rather everyone around them, even including a squirrel and a bench who, unsurprisingly, talks a lot about butts The number of perspectives is at a whopping 14, rotating every page or two It may sounds like a lot, but the flow is remarkably smooth and easy to read throughout We re meant to keep track of the two lovebirds, not the characters whose perspectives we re given, so it avoids being disjointing or overwhelming So many perspectives was actually fun in this case, too, because we got to see this romance unfolds via several point of views and different mindsets So many people were rooting for them and noticing their attraction and chemistry, that it made you see it too The downfall of not getting the main characters POV is that I felt as if I was kept at arm s length which came to no surprise There were no toe curling bits or anything very intense, emotionally, but it was still full of smiles and aww moments There s also a good dose of humour thrown in.I did have a few, albeit small, gripes This may sound like a weird one at first, but sometimes, it felt as if it was too much about the romance And I mean, all the time We couldn t read even one paragraph without it being about them two no matter the perspective, there was never any side joke or comment that were not all about Gabe and Lea It was obsessive like Some voices were also realistic than others Victor, for instance, was inconsistent, and he was a character used for convenience, when needed Lastly, Gabe was built as a bit of a mysterious character with some kind of secret One that affected his daily life and self confidence, that much was obvious What it ended up being was a tad underwhelming I felt as if he made a huge deal out of nothing Maybe getting to know him and how he personally felt about it all would have helped, but seeing as it was fixed so easily and invisibly , I don t get why he waited so long.Whenever you re in the mood for a cute, short, and happy read, A Little Something Different is the perfect lighthearted book It s full of romance and teen awkwardness, and the writing style promises a fun and original reading experience An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads