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Would you risk everything for love? Life has held nothing but hardships for Hunter Bane Growing up with a learning disability wasn’t easy especially when you’re poor With only his brother to support him Hunter clings to the short moments of happiness in life Like when he meets Autumn BlakewoodAutumn Blakewood is a geek at heart Reading is her passion and she can’t spend one day without her books She’s always locked up in her room studying trying to avoid trouble Until Hunter comes into her lifeHunter can’t resist the temptation to get closer to Autumn She is his complete opposite and yet he’s drawn to her in ways he can’t explain But when his brother is caught dealing drugs and sent to prison Hunter’s world shattersTo save his brother Hunter has to join the gang he’s feared his entire life Now he’s forced to choose between his family and the one girl he loves Fighting for both his fury is all he needs

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    AWESOME MALE POVYou meet Hunter and Autumn in Fierce which is entirely from Autumn's POV Fury is from Hunter's POV I really liked Fierce but let me tell you I love Fury I have to be honest and say I liked Hunter's side of the story better His side of the story answers some uestions you may have had after reading FierceI loved being inside Hunter's head when it came to his feelings for Leafy and how much he wanted to protect her The passion between the two was so much hotter hearing it from Hunter You learn about the specifics of the deal he made to get his brother out of jail In Fierce you learn about his learning disability but you truly see how much it effects every aspect of his life in this book I was kind of blown away by it To see how Hunter deals with the situations with the gang and the dealings just made me love him even After reading Hunter's side I have so much respect for him After all the crap he has had to deal with in his life and how he overcomes it you can't help but to admire him Tell me what you want What you really need Do you want me to let you go? Do you want me to stop hunting for you? HunterI think Clarissa did an amazing job writing Fury I have read male POVs before that seemed like I was rereading the first book and this one felt as if I was reading an entirely different story If you liked reading Fierce you will love Fury I would recommend reading Fierce before diving into Fury I can't wait to read about Autumn and Hunter in book 2Received ARC for an exchange for an honest review

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    I received an ARC for an honest review This book is 15 in the Fierce series by Clarissa Wild The first one in the series is called Fierce This book is the same story but told from Hunters POV instead of Autumn’s I absolutely loved it I Defintely recommend reading Fierce first Fury was alot emotional for me because you get to be inside of Hunters head You get to see all his insecurities what he goes through trying to fight what he feels for Autumn how he feels about his brother and his selfAutumn and Hunter start to spending time together she helps him study and he teaches her self defense Autumn is starting to fall in love with him but the she tries to get to know him the he pushes her away to keep her safeAutumn knows Hunter is keeping secrets and she is risking her life by trying to find out what is going on Drugs fighting death friendship and an almost rape are a few of the obstacles in this roller coaster ride Does Hunters secret break them apart? Does Hunter helping make things worse? Find out5 out of 5 stars LOVED being in Hunters head

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    COMPLIMENTARY COPY PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEWMAD LOVE RATING 4 HEARTSLately I have taken as procedure not to read the synopsis of any of the books I am about to read I go by the name and the cover and if it catches my attention I go for it I have found that this way the experience with the author the characters the story are completely exited The unknown and the WOW factor makes the expectation appealing and the anticipationbrutalWhen I started reading this book It gave me the feeling this was going to be another fighter story I mean come on They are so THE topic lately and are in such a fad mode that it seems as if we are living inside a ring I kid you not I have read than enough fighters' stories that unfortunately I am not a fan any However since the author sent me an advance copy for my assessment I decided to read it and review it in an unbiased manner but Ooooh boy Did the author put my foot in my mouth?FURY was an almost religious experience in which many factors came to life and turned this story into an all inclusive package You have the good the bad and the ugly You have the teenagers college first love and many first times You have the bad boy the macho the temperamental caveman the whole new experience in becoming a brand new MAN and everything that entails And then you have the drugs the gang the illegal trade and the clandestine underground fights and of course the conseuencesI'd tell you the story really begins in a way that definitely gives you the impression it was going to be merely about underground fights Hunter was abandoned by his parents living with his older brother who does everything humanly possible to make money put food on the table and support his younger brother in going to college and giving him a better life the one he could not have The brother gets involved with the wrong crowd with the wrong job and the wrong gang ending up incarcerated by the authorities When Hunter learns of the situation and the terrible predicament his brother is in to he mans up and vows to help his brother at all costs subseuently becoming everything and all his brother was trying to keep him away fromOn the other hand at college there is autumnwho is intelligent and innocent at the same time She reluctantly accepts to help Hunter with his grades and homework As the days goes by they develop and attraction and desire for one another Later Autumn gets targeted by the gang and Hunter makes her his second prioritykeeping her safe no matter whatIt could appear at first that this story has been told but do not be mistaken by the beginning of the book because it happened to me and this is the reason why I am pointing it out As the story progresses it will turn many corners and many dilemmas the characters will have to faceAt some point it felt as if I was reading a 21st century version of The Beauty and the Beast Autumn giving the impression of being fragile simple shyuhum yeah right Hunter all male full throttle non BS demeanor fighting with everyone and everything to protect her But not only that the story takes you to the center of all the insecurities faced as young adults New behaviors physical attraction managing jealousy sex for the first time and how all this affects their first true love relationship Further their tenacity and how they endure to find the ability to overcome all the adversities that comes their wayThe transition from FIERCE to FURY is remarkable The characters are strong and defined I believe the author has been leading us to the cusp of a story in which their characters have taken on a path to destruction but will soon take us to the salvation and the much anticipated end of this great storyA round of applause to the author And DEFINITELY looking forward to the finale of Hunter and autumn's journey

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    Looking through the eyes of Hunter gave me a new perspective on this series I was a fan of his in the first book but I didn't wholly understand his actions and motivations This book sheds a lot of light on it and I am glad I read it This review is in exchange for the gifted copy I received from the AuthorHunter Bane's life held nothing but sorrow and hardship Being less than well off and a severe learning disability to boot attracted the attention of the school bullies forcing Hunter to learn at an early age to defend himself His brother is his only support system and his world is shaken the day he is taken away “Your brother just wants the best for you He’s in it so you won’t have to be” Jaret saysI look down at the ground feeling guilty knowing full well why my brother is in this mess He cares so much about me that he risks his life for itI’m grateful yet I can’t stop feeling incredibly angry There’s this uncontrollable fury raging inside me and I don’t know what to do with it”Autumn Blakewood the shy nerdy girl who stole his breath is his only anchor to reality Carrying the burden of saving his brother alone was proving to be to much and without Autumn's soft touch and tenderness he would have unraveled at the seams But he didn't feel worthy of her and wanted to be a better person This is Hunter's story and how he overcomes his anger and fear to be someone he can face in the mirror and the man Autumn deserves “Looking up I stare right at her Leafy Her round watery eyes are piercing my soul and I can’t help but glare right back at her I want her to see me To see the misery inside my heart my head My anger My pain I want her to see it allI want her to fear it”

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    How often do we as readers uestion what the guy is thinking and ask ourselves why in the world they did something? I seem to always been shaking my fist in the air at something one of my book boyfriends does Well ladies we get the million dollar uestion answered when it comes to Hunter Bane from Fierce by Clarissa Wild in her newest release Fury In the follow up book we get to see the series events from Hunter's point of view and learn what really leads to his secrets and master mind planning These types of books can be tricky when it comes to keeping me hooked since as a reader I already know how the story ends but Clarissa Wild does an impeccable job at adding depth to the already known events Hunter is like an onion and I kept finding new layers to peel back from him to get to the core With fierce loyalty anger issues and an unmatched sex appeal Hunter will keep you turning the pages Autumn still plays a major role in the book but I actually loved how Hunter seemed to dominate every scene just the same way he dominated Autumns life I thoroughly enjoyed this retelling from the guy's point of view and think Clarissa did a remarkable job with writing from a guy’s perspective I would recommended to read each of these books one after the other since I felt it gave a sense of completion for this chapter in their story Overall both books are a fantastic read and I am looking forward to the next book in the series and to see where these two go in life

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    This book was a gift and I entitle this Amazing because this installment is exactly that It is a well told story from Hunter's POV and he is so honest about his feelings hopes and fears that I couldn't help but feel those things with him Both Hunter and Autumn Leafy were perfect for each other even though Hunter kind of fought it at first because he felt like he wasn't good enough for her and then because he was trying to protect her and all the time trying to hide his learning disability This poor boy had it rough from the word go and and as he came into adulthood it wasn't looking any better or easier for him His older brother wanted for Hunter and got in with some really stuff to try and make enough money so Hunter could go to college and have a better chance to do something with his life and get out of the getto Too late he finds out that he was set up to take a fall for the gangdrug dealers he is working for and ends up in jail Hunter goes under cover to expose the leader as per a deal with the lead detective on the case What Hunter goes through is something nightmares are made of I was so caught up in the action and worrying about him and Autumn I just couldn't put it down til the end this is a seriously well written story and I would recommend this to adults who like a fast paced action packed and HOT romance

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    I loved this book even than the first one Reading a book from the male point of view is so interesting and I find much introspective than the female's side You really get to know the character and realize what makes them tick but also what makes them do the things that they doEven though I knew what was going to happen it was not repetitive I was not skipping parts to see what was going to happen next I fell in love with Hunter At such a young age he had things figured out than most men in their 30's and older Wild does a great job in writing from the male point of view and he does not seem cheesy or fakeIn this book you see the characters in a different way They are polished and well rounded I think this is why I enjoyed Fury than Fierce I enjoyed the characters I grew to love them and want to route for them With Fierce you get an outsider's view of the gang that Hunter is a part of Whereas in Fury you get to see of an insider view It was interesting to me to read about the intricacies of how the gang worked I now wait not so patiently for the second book in the series A five star book for Fury Very well written and kept me captivated from the very first wordReviewed by Aubrey

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    Hunter Hunter Mtherfcking Bane Enough said Just kiddingthere is plenty to say about this SUPER HOT man FURY is the seuel to FIERCE by Clarissa Wild Fury is written in Hunter’s POV and I gotta say it’s way hot I do believe I liked it better than the first Getting the insight from the male point of view is just so fun to read especially when it’s written well like in this caseHunter and Autumn are in college and Hunter has a few secrets that affect his daily life This is a NA novel however there are some very serious incidents that occur that keep both the relationship life event drama high It was a true page turner I finished it all in one sitting I highly recommend reading the first novel Fierce before reading this oneI really loved the complexity of Hunter’s character and the development of his feelings for Autumn His passion for her came through so strongly His number one characteristic is his furious love and protectiveness for both Autumn and his brother Jessie It was wonderful to see those relationships through his eyesI loved Fury and hope there is much from Hunter and Autumn5 big smoochesNicole

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    I was given the book is exchange for an honest reviewThis is 15 in the Fierce series by Clarissa Wild The first one in the series is Called Fierce This is book is the same story but told from Hunters POV instead of Autumn’s I think I liked this book than the first one You get to read Hunter’s take on everything I especially liked getting to find out all that he went through and about how his brother joined the gang For me the story was so much powerful from Hunter’s POV You find out just how much he tried to stay away from Autumn How much he goes through trying to fight what he feels for her to protect her How little he thinks of himself Also how much Autumn means to him how much better she makes him feel about himself Most book you only get the girls take on things I love when books are from the guys POV I think it makes the book so much better You rarely get to know how much the guy truly feels about the girl in the book I can’t wait for the next one in this series to come out

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    I read Fierce first and while it was a good book this one just blew it out of the water I really loved that it was from Hunter's perspective and I felt that I really knew the character and understood him I thought that it gave me all of the information I felt was lacking in Fierce about him and then some I felt that the story evolved much better so I was drawn in much uicker than I was with Fierce It still had those hot moments but I personally thought that the romance was what I hope for when I read a romance novel There is nothing like the bad boy turned knight in shinning armor to romantic all rolled into one character to suck me into the story I could see myself reading this story repeatedly