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I love him from the instant I set eyes on him when I was just 11 years old I have loved him and nothing will ever change that he owns me he owns my heart and he owns my body and no matter how many lies are told no matter how many people conspire to keep us apart despite the fame and the distance we will find a way Georgia Rae when we made love you used to cry He waits for me to sing my bit I try to swallow down a sob but I just end up singing through itI said I love you like the stars above I'll love you till I dieCarnage is an edgy coming of age love story that breaks all the rules and transcends the decades Georgia and Sean's story will stay with you long after you read the final word An emotional smoking hot gut wrenching readNOTE This is part #1 of a 2 part story but can be read as a stand alone

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    This book gave me a catastrophic sodding headacheBEWARE OF SPOILERS You have been warnedThis story rubbed me the wrong way something awfulI HATE DOUBLE STANDARDSTo get my rant you will have to read the novel first because I won't get into too much detail simply the one that bugged me mostWhen Sean cheated on Gia we were all supposed to boo and hiss right? Especially because he put her trough hell on earth that lasted four long years Yet when she cheated on Cam we were supposed to say what exactly? Awww finally they are back together The one true unstoppable love that's bigger then life itself Well I call bullshit on that oneNo matter who you love or how hard nothing gives you the right to treat people around you like shit especially if those people only cared about you and helped you Example I adore my husband He is the love of MY life Still I don't find myself walking around expecting the world to bow down and owe me favors just because i woke up in it Sure he isn't the lead singer of Carnage but he did a Take That tribute once xD He was Gary Barlow so in your face For the first half of the novel I was riveted until I saw just how Gia treated Cam Yesyes I know Before you even go down the road 'but Gia told Cam that it will always be Sean for her' please be reminded that Gia also told Cam that as long as they are together they will not fuck other people The author dragged us trough a gutter of emotional turmoil and angst just to slap us in the face with the same behavior we were expected to condemn and abhor in the first half of the storyI don't like being slapped makes me want to slap backGia is just as bad as Sean No scratch that Sean was high and drunk not much of an excuse but there it is Gia was simply selfish and didn't give a rat's arse about the man that dragged her out of the deep dark pit Sean tossed her into The only thing she thought about was herself when she cheated lied took Sean back to her place and fucked him again in the bed that was still warm from Cam's bodacious bodLove this uote “I’m sorry Kitten did I wake you?” For some reason guilt washes over me as I hear Cam’s voice I look down at my naked self and think about all the different ways Sean fucked me in my bed last night'For some reason'riiiiiiiiiiiiight I wonder what that could be you hypocritical skankAfter Sean broke her in million pieces by cheating on her you might think that she would have had strong feelings about the subject Guess that road is a one way streetThe double standard is clearly visible here Sean did a no no and that's bad but Gia had a valid excuse because the author said that Sean is the love of her life and not just that Cam isn't pissedhe's so devastated people are afraid he will off himself because of her cuz she's speshul and has big tits Btch puhleaseCam my advice to you is GTFO and find someone else anyone else I don't care how big her tits are she a ho Leave those two assholes they deserve each other

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    WOW WOW WOWWhat a beautiful gut wrenching and epic love story This was a non stop edgy passionate and emotional roller coaster ride from start to finish and I LOVED IT It made me feel everything It consumed me It took over my life I couldn't put it down didn't want to stop reading and I know that I will never forget this storyBut please note that this is not your typical romance story It completely shattered all my book rules but my love for this story makes it an exception to my rules and this is without a doubt one of my top favorites now I know I'll be re reading it for years to come but just please go into it with a very very open mindSo what's the story about? I'm going to tell you as little as possible because this is truly the kind of story that you should just experience for yourselves but here's what the story is about I was eleven years old but I knew without a shadow of a doubt I was staring into the eyes of the boy I was going to love forever then that boy grew up to be a world famous rock star Carnage tells a story that spans two decades We see Gia and Sean grow up together and fall in love True unchanging unwavering forever LOVE I'll love you forever G wherever I am in the world whatever I'm doing it will always be you I'm torn about how much to tell you about the story If you genuinely want to know nothing just skip down the review past the part with all the uotes and just read the stuff I wrote after them but here's a little bit if you want to have an idea of what you're getting intoThis author has an incredible writing style that puts you right into the characters' hearts I loved the innocence of their teenage love They were so full of hopes and dreams and plans I'm fifteen years old he's seventeen and there's nothing we don't know about love and life we have it all worked out We have a connection that no one else understands we know that other people think we're just a couple of kids and we know how wrong they are But as Sean's band grows in popularity things change To the world he was a rock god To her he was just the boy she'd been in love with since she was a kid I don't want to give away too much but I want to share this one line because it's just such an epic moment Here's this guy with a world of fame women drugs and scandals thrown in his face and he gets up on stage and this is what he says All you ladies in the crowd tonight have gotta appreciate the fact that I'm a one woman type of bloke and I love my girl I've love my girl since the very first day I set eyes on her and back then she was just a girl but I've had the pleasure these past few years of watching her grow into an absolutely beautiful young woman and as much as I love touring and playing in front of you lot every night I'm counting down the days till I'm back in England and in her arms The intensity of their love for each other doesn't change but there are outside influences that tear them apart and I feel that you should know that a part of this book is a second chance romance They are torn apart for a few years and even though their love for each other always is the most important thing in their hearts there is a love triangle of sorts It's probably not what you're thinking though because it certainly wasn't what I expected Just like the rest of the book it was totally unconventional and I honestly thought the way the author portrayed it was brilliant Such sad eyes Who hurt you Georgia? Who took the light out of those pretty blue eyes eh? At the lowest point in her life Cam helps her heal and slowly brings her back to life even knowing that her heart will forever belong to Sean And I don't want to give things away but I'll just say that please be understanding as you read all is not as it seems Cam I really do like you but you need to know you need to understand There's only him it will always be him there's no room for anyone else Wherever we go with this you need to understand that my heart is sealed and there's only him that's locked inside SniffLove is messyMy heart hurt so much It's like the worst kind of romantic pain when the heart has been broken enough to cause emotional devastation but not enough to make you stop loving that person with every fiber of your being So you love and you hate and you hurt so much because you still love that person with all your heart and always will It's ugly raw and devastating But it's real I loved this book because it portrays a kind of forever love I believe in so stronglyEven though there is separation though it's not forever and we do see an absolutely epic beautiful reunion The thing is that even though I loved Cam Gia's heart belonged to Sean and always would There's no one else There never was It's still only ever you it's suddenly all too much he cries I cry we cling to each other and everything is just as it should be Sean and Georgia Georgia and Sean Us against the world Gah I can't even read that without cryingThere is so much that happens but I'm going to stop here because I hope I've told you enough to make you want to discover the rest for yourselves This is the kind of story you just need to be brave about dive in and let it take overGuys throughout the entire story my heart was pounding fluttering melting breaking There were no lulls The intensity poured off of every single page You know that feeling you get where you're almost breathless with how much you care for the story?? Where you have tears in your eyes just because you are feeling so much?? That was what I felt like from start to finish This story will give you ALL THE FEELSI know so many of you are curious about the ending and I refuse to spoil it but I will say this I can totally understand why someone would hate the ending and I can also totally understand why readers are completely in love with this book The story ends at a place that makes perfect sense given the events that occur but there will be a seuel coming out this summer Given the events that happened I think I need the emotional separation between these 2 phases in the story so I don’t regret reading this book now even though I’ll be looking forward to the seuel BUT just please remember that this is an atypical romance with an unconventional “romance” ending It breaks all the rules and is not what we’re used to so just go in with a very open mind It’s beautiful and devastating at the same timeThis was my status update when I finished the book I hate that I loved this book so much But I did love it even though right now I hate it Even though the story was entirely uniue the closest in feeling only that I can come to is actually Thoughtless ish  The love of this girl's life becomes a rock star and gets sucked into the uglier side of that world drugs women scandals fame etc but they just have this kind of passionate love that defies everything life throws at it and just doesn't let go Gah it's very painful and messy and there are elements to this story that would sometimes send me running for the hills in some books but with the way it was written I just loved itLOVED ITI also want to note that this book is currently in the process of being professionally edited and a free upgrade will be available as soon as that is complete Right now there are a fair number of errors in the book spelling grammar misused words incorrect punctuation etc BUT  I loved the story enough that I totally overlooked this element of it so please don't let it stop you from reading it just be aware and forgiving as you read Oh also there's this one recurring line in the book that I still really don't like but I think it's just a personal thing and it didn't make me love the story any less but I figure in the interest of full honesty I'll just mention that it exists PS don't wait for the corrected version to start just dive in now It's worth itI finished reading this book a day ago and I'm still sitting here feeling overwhelmed with the emotions from it It still feels like I literally just finished reading The kind of emotions it evokes are so raw and powerful that they just don't let go I love that this book was so different I love that it broke all the rules And I love that I loved it despite the fact that it broke all the rules But most of all I am so grateful to have experienced this epic love story I know I'll never forget it I know I'll re read it over and over again And I know it'll always be in my heart5 STARS An unconventional atypical epic love storyPS Bring tissuesCasting see above too For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter

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    5 'ShOw Us YoUr TiTs' StArSI'm declaring this book my most favourite book of 2014'how can you be so sure' I hear you askingsimple It WAS BRILLIANT And it was this one line that done it for me Show us your tits? I swear I'm smiling like a frickin goblin right now thinking about itWhat I loved most about it was all the emotions it induced in meI smiled I smirked I laughed I cried I sobbed and it smashed my heart But most of all it had me skipping down memory lane Hanging from the Monkey bars flashing my knickers Monkey Boots Adam Ant and so many memories it just felt like Home And of course it is literally set in my back yardyes here in Essex When I started this I was instantly swept away by not only the characters but the descriptions They were so vivid that I could picture every bit of this amazing love storyThe story centres around the Family of Frank and Bernie and their children sons Bailey Lennon Marley and daughter Georgia Rae Georgia Rae a very young 11 year old girl who meets and falls in love with Sean one of her brothers best friends They instantly have an undeniable connection at a young age and develop the most endearing friendship A friendship that eventually turns into a deep passionate love as teenagers I love him from the instant I set eyes on him when I was just 11 years old I have loved him and nothing will ever change that he owns me he owns my heart Gia is ballsy and comical always getting up to mischief and into trouble with her best friend JimmieGIASean is Marley's best friendand has now been recruited to be lead guitarist and singer in Gia's brothers band Carnage Sean is hot sexy cheeky and darn well adorable I'm smiling as I write this just thinking about him SEAN The intensity of Gia and Sean's love took my breath away at times Georgia Rae when we made love you used to cry He waits for me to sing my bit I try to swallow down a sob but I just end up singing through itI said I love you like the stars above I'll love you till I die As the band becomes and successful and they follow their dreams they become famous Rock Stars with international fame But along with the fame also comes heartache loss betrayal and secrets that test the strength of the family and importantly Gia's and Sean's loveAnd after such a betrayal that has left her heartbroken and depressed and which Gia finds so hard to get pastshe slowly very slowly tries to mend which is when Cam comes along Mr TDH CAMCam is a sucessfull business manTall Dark Handsome and dangerous God I loved Cam he left me in an orgasmic puddle just listening to his commanding voice he was so swoon worthy He affectionately called Gia Kitten I loved Sean with all my heart but also I loved CamYou have to read this UTTERLY MAGNIFICENT book It has left me Overwhelmed Blown away and Speechless mainly because I was cryingboy did I cry big ugly tears My poor battered bruised heart It took a beatingEverything was amazing about this book the characters the plot and the writingI have to say a special thank you to my friend Lucy who recommended this little gem to me Mawh Lesley Jones you are a brilliant author and I thank you for taking me on a trip down memory lane

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    “I was eleven years old but I knew without a shadow of a doubt I was staring into the eyes of the boy I was going to love forever Sex drugs rock n roll mobsters cheating psychos pregnancy heartbreak loss deceptions etc etcGeorgia was annoying and mostly unlikable I spent a majority of the book frustrated with her yet every guy she meets falls head over heels in love with her I don't think she deserved either one she was a whiny selfish hypocrite What she needed was a good punch in the ovaryThe ending was similar to big spoiler view spoilerEmi Lost and Found hide spoiler

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    Book – Carnage Book #1 The Story of UsAuthor – Lesley JonesPublication Date – February 14 2014Type – Book #1 of 2Genre –RomanceRating – 4 12 out of 5 StarsBook provided by Author part of Release Blitz in exchange for an honest reviewReviewI am completely gutted right nowthe tears are streaming down my face as I try to put my thoughts on paper and I continue to have that ending play over and over in my heart and in my head  I was going to wait to do the review until I had a chance to let it all settle down but I just couldn't – the thoughts are raw they are fresh and they are heart felt This book had a very slow beginning but don’t give up on itbecause once it picks up – the story flows with happiness heartbreak angst and true love  Oh My GodI’m crying againMy heart is torn because half way through – I was so against Sean see status update – I wanted G with Cam because what he felt for her was REAL – Now I’m not saying what Sean felt was any different or less but at that moment – I was Team CamAs the story progressed – I fell in love with Sean all over again and wanted a HEA for him and Gia  I felt it through my soul that they were meant to be together no matter what obstacles life had to throw at themSaying that I honestly believe that Ms Jones is a very talented authorher ability to make you love a character hate a character and then fall back in love with that same one over and over again is amazing  The connection she wrote about between Gia and Sean and G and Cam was above and beyond simple – it was an intricate web of friendship love lies sadness and just plain lifeSo I know you want to ask me “Why not a 5 Star rating?” – Well some of the story was hard to understand with the dialect and words used overseas that had me scratching my head at times or going back to re read a paragraph to understand the culture difference of slang  Another reason was the slow beginning and then it kind of slowed up a bit about 70% infew grammatical errors but didn’t count that since this was a pre edited ARCPlease please – I beg you Ms Jones – don’t make me wait long for the 2nd book – I know the ending isn’t really a cliffhanger – it could end this way but don’t leave me in this state of depression I don’t know what else to say right now – maybe I will add once the pain in my heart subsides a bitRe CapWhen Georgia was only 11 years old she met her future husband – the love of her life  Sean is the lead singer of Carnage but never uestions his attraction and love for Gia but being in a band that is rising to the top of the world – he makes a mistake that will cost him his happinessGeorgia stays in a state of depression and heart break for 4 years until finally she meets a man who stirs than just lust – meet Cam  Kitten and Cam make a go at it and just when it seems that she can put the past hurts behind herwho does she run into?Well my little loveliesI’m not giving the story away  Pick up this book and find out for yourself what gutted me what made me have to walk away for a few hours in order to calm down and what made me ready to go beat down Ms Jones’ door and hold her hostage till #2 is writtenWrap UpThere are no words to describe the impact this story will have on you  “Feelings” so many feelings wrapped up in a few hundred pages – just waiting to share them with youTake the timecurl up with your e reader and live the life through Georgia’s eyes and heartTour Date February 15 2014For reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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    Romeo ad Juliet Bonnie and Clyde Sandy and Danny even Baby and Jonny they can't touch us They couldn't write our story what we have there aren't even words invented yet to describe it This book has young teen sex cheating an extremely unlikable heroine a mushy speaking rockstar one seriously hot gangster pregnancies an evil groupie tantrums a ten year time jump devastating heartbreak and an open ending image error

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    This book has gutted meWhywhywhyWHY ME I can read almost ANYTHINGnote that ALMOST back therethere's only 2 things that bother when reading1 Non hea2 And what happened in this book Cheating triangles erotica ya NA LGBT PNR angst first third present and sideways tense doesn't bother metypos don't even bother me if I like the book So with my 2 hard limits I pick up a book with 1 12 of my hates in itREALLY people love to put spoilers in every thing and I thought I did my research well but NO I never saw ANY about thisby the way BRAVO ON THAT PEOPLE I think it's a firstI'm not going to tell you what number 2 is because now I don't want to be a spoiler and spoil all the fun for you readers I will say though that some people may not even care and may enjoy this type of thing I know of a few books many people read and loved that this happened in it I myself choose not to read those books because I HATE that type of bookbut that's just me Back to the bookI completely enjoyed all the characters and loved how the book developedhonestly I completely enjoyed this book UNTIL around 90%ish I'm not going back into that because I've already covered it above However I DO think a lot of people would love this book It's based on your first lovethat boy you meet when you are young and become innocent friends with and then grow to love in a different way My husband and I meet as childhood friends so this story line does have a special place in my heart The characters are young at first they make mistakes some tragicsome heart breakingbut it shapes you as a person This aspect of the book I LOVED This book also had ALOT of British slang in it which is fine a lot of my friends are British so they will have no problems understanding but as a non Brit I didn't know what many of them meant A few were easy to figure out so no big deal This isn't really a major issue and it definitely didn't make me want to stop reading by any meansSo people give Georgia Maca Cam and the whole Carnage crew a chance YOU might love itOne last notebooks like this they stick with you that's one reason I gave it 4 stars because I will be thinking about this for DAYS to come Grrrrrrrrrrr

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    Meet Frank and Bernie and their familySet in the 80s and 90s in Essex England Frank is a face in Essex and he and his wife have a good lifeBailey Lennon Marley and Georgia Rae are his childrenThe brothers are starting a band and hoping to make it bigWhen Georgia meets Sean for the first time she knows even at 11 that he is the only boy she will ever loveSean is her brother Marley's best friend and he has joined the band as their singerWhat begins as a friendship because of their ages slowly develops uickly into a deep consuming relationship But with the boys band Carnage about to hit the big time will this relationship be able to surviveCameron Kingoh yes please he's dominate rich and bad but at the same time sexy as fuckand he wants Georgia Will she be able to give her heart to him and let go of the only boy she has ever lovedThis is a story of love betrayal and hopeMy thoughtsReally enjoyed this story it spans over 20 years both Sean and Cam were addictive This can be read as a stand alone but the author Lesley Jones is now writing book 2

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    2 25 ★'sSean and Georgia met when they are thirteen and eleven respectively and they both just know the other person is it for them And throughout the years their feelings never waver only getting stronger until something stupid happensSo again I was drawn to the book for the emotional aspect and for most of the book I was okay with how things were progressing There is drama and some of it was over the top What I was NOT prepared for was the freaking last chapterWTH? It's hard to explain without spoilers but let's just say that the author doesn't pull any punches Unfortunately for me it was just too much and definitely dropped my star rating Of course you know exactly why the author did what she didand there's a second book to prove it However I've read the reviews for that book and I just don't know if I can suffer it Yes suffer But it's taunting me I have a mighty need to find out what happens but I just don't know I've never been this torn about a book ETA I cavedAnd the other problem was the run on sentences Even with the or ; or my brain just couldn't take it and this is coming from someone who is in love with So there are some good parts Sean and Georgia are really sweet together and try to figure out how to make things work It starts out with him being in an up and coming band so there's the whole fame drugs and groupies to deal with I really would've loved Sean's POV The stupid thing happens and they are apart Unfortunately not everyone is in their corner and there are other people Georgia's just happens to be someone intimate and there were some oh no moments And that freaking endingI don't think I will ever get over that Maybe I just need some time and then I'll see Just know that if you're interested at all be prepared to have your heart stomped on The next book is The Story of Me and it's already outthank goodness Favorite uote ♥ “Georgia Rae when we made love you used to cry ” “I said I love you like the stars above I’ll love you till I die”

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    I wish to have a magic way with the words and pour my heart hereBut I definitely don't haveI can only say that reading this book was painful I have this massive lump on my throat and I really want to cryWhat the hell I just read?