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The Definitive And Dramatic Story Of The Alex Rodriguez And Biogenesis Scandal, Written By The Reporters Who Broke And Covered The StoryOn January Th An Expos ByMiami New Times Reporter Tim Elfrink Set The Sports World On Fire Elfrink Revealed That A Miami Clinic, Biogenesis, Had Been Supplying Illegal Performance Enhancing Drugs PEDs To Many Of The Nation S Top Baseball Stars One Name Stood Out Among All The Others Alex Rodriguez, The Highest Earning Player In The GameOver The Next Year And The Story Would Unravel With Incredible Details About Tanning Salon Robberies, Coded Text Messages, And Furtive Steroid Injections In The Men S Room In Late Alex Rodriguez Would Be Hit With The Longest Suspension In MLB History, Prompting An Ugly Fight Between Him And Top League Brass Fourteen Other Players, Including Superstar Ryan Braun, Were Also Given Shorter Suspensions Tony Bosch, Biogenesis S Founder, Would Appear On Minutes In An Effort To Tell His Side Of The StoryWhat S Already Been Reported In The Press Has Been Fascinating But The Story Behind The Headlines That Elfrink And Newsday Reporter Gus Garcia Roberts Have Unearthed Is Even Dramatic And Full Of New, Shocking Details Using Exclusive Documents, Never Before Reported Records And Interviews With Top Sources, This Book Takes The Reader Inside Drug Deals, Athletes Mansions, And Confidential Suspension Hearings To Tell The True Story Behind The Sport S Continuing PED CrisisBoth News Breaking Sports Journalism And Wild South Florida Noir, Blood Sport Is Simultaneously A Revelatory Record Of The Steroid And PED Era S Continuing Evolution And A Call To Arms For How To End It This Time, For Good

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    Having read several books about the various doping scandals that have beset professional athletics over the past couple of decades, one is forced to wonder who will eventually triumph in this pharmaceutical war over performance enhancing drugs Unfortunately it seems that the cheats for cheats they are are always one step at least ahead of those trying to catch them.Blood Sport is ostensibly about Rodriguez but also tells this tale in the light of Anthony Bosch and Biogenesis and therefore encompasses many other baseball stars such as Ryan Braun It is, as usual with this subject, a tawdry tale of lies, deceit, threats and violence from the perpetrators on both sides, including MLB It is a wide ranging approach to this topic that I thoroughly enjoyed It is detailed and covers the facts as they are known and speculation as to the most likely turn of events where such facts are less clear.What is touched upon, and bears further analysis, is the role of Bud Selig and how he attempted to change his image from that of a commissioner turning a blind eye to, and tacitly supporting the use of PEDs to a man whose legacy would be one lauding him for ridding this sport of such callow cheating That is a theme sometimes referenced here and his zeal for that legacy, led MLB to some questionable and shady practices themselves There are so many nuances in this story from the duplicity and illegality of Bosch, to the shocking and appalling policies of the Florida Governor who allows such activities euphemistically termed anti aging to proceed unchecked The corruption and outrageous behavior of our elected officials apparently taking place quite unchecked.So there are a lot of strands to this story and nobody really emerges with much credit from this telling Certainly not Rodriguez whose behavior throughout is boorish and duplicitous To that end he reminds me of Lance Armstrong in a similar discussion of his doping career.As a lover of sports, I am saddened and angered by PED cheating and I applaud those trying to stamp it out no matter how late they come to the party I would favor lifetime bans and appropriation of earnings for those convicted but I am torn since I understand the pull to use them from those who would otherwise be unable to make it This doesn t apply to elite athletes who are at the top of their sports anyway, such as AR and Armstrong.Detailed, well told and very well researched, this is an all too familiar tale and I suspect we will see whenever not if the next PED scandal breaks.

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    Wow This book is fantastic Talk about taking a complex topic and making it accessible.

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    The A Rod Bosch Biogenesis scandal reached much farther than the professional athletes like Rodgiguez who cheated for years to achieve their on the field feats It trickled down into players at the university and even high school levels Baseball and commissioner Selig dragged their feet on the PED issue until it became so widespread and spilled into the halls of Congress and it could no longer be ignored The story goes well beyond just athletes gaining an edge, it is a tale of widespread criminality involving a cast of shady characters with the manipulative and deceitful at the heart of the saga The shameful Ryan Braun episode is also covered in great detail Ultimately, as Braun, Rodriguez et al would demonstrate, the mild suspensions made and make the incentives to cheat all the attractive The A Rod suspension is hardly the end of the matter It is a hiatus until the next snake oil salesman comes along promoting his Fountain of Youth formula and the testing systems lag behind.

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    An entertaining read with some interesting new info Unfortunately, rather than writing a factually grounded work where the reader can determine their own heroes and villains, they take a heavy handed approach and regularly characterize each player with derogatory slams At times I felt like I was reading a National Enquirer while other times I felt like I was reading a well researched and meticulously documented timeline of events The authors should have kept with the later tone as it would have made the read much enjoyable.

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    Major League Baseball used thuggery to nail Alex Rodriguez But, this is not what Blood Sport is about The themes are Shakesperean money ego.The players so to speak MLB, the drug dealers, the agents, the union, the cottage industry of ARod, and the pawns, the bit players over whom the other entities fight and bid.You don t have to be a physician to appreciate this work, but it would help If you are an organized crime and baseball fan, this is for you.

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    Well reported and even handed A must read for anyone interested in the subject matter.

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    If you re a dyed in the wool baseball fan rather than an occasional spectator or even otherwise uninterested in the game you might not enjoy this book Indifferent to the baseball, but interested in what makes sports cheaters tick, I liked the book rather much The research was intense and obviously meticulous many pages of notes and an index are included The story captivates with a tale that is murky, contorted, full of intrigue, and above all true The plotting and slight deviations in chronology, I found to be well placed and alluring However, not all people appreciate this handling of time and story, so if you like your facts laid out in logbook reckoning, you might not appreciate a couple of the cliffhanger chapter ends.While this book lacked the sluggishness often occurring at the three quarter mark in non fiction books and good editing either by the authors, one a journalist or a professional was apparent also in stylistics, a good proofreader would have been nice Many typos, a grammatical error or two, and some clunky or ambiguous sentence structures led to some long, judgmental pauses on my part when reading this book aloud to my husband Another negative point was the credulous ending suggesting that MLB is truly motivated to end drugs in sports, seemingly missing opportunities to follow the money, and an avoidance of detailing obvious reasons for why Bud Selig chose the moment he did to catch doping cheaters The epilogue s description of advancing testing science to catch dopers felt naive and like a dodge at upsetting fans, as if the book was holding out the promise of a clean sportuntil the next scandal It demonstrates the ineffectiveness of non fiction and journalism from being either truly informing or affecting change although, I will concede that that neither were likely motivators for this book.

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    Fantastic investigative reporting coupled with fleshed out storylines makes up the 2014 book Blood Sport Alex Rodriguez, Biogenesis, and the Quest to End Baseball s Steroid Era Along with the BALCO tell all book, this work does an incredible job in documenting the endless cheat to win mentality in professional baseball, centered this time on premier slugger Alex Rodriguez This book proved once again how newspaper journalists are indeed capable of producing feature length pieces if they re allocated with the proper resources and opportunity in the case of the Biogenesis scandal, a full length book was surely necessary to illustrate the complete scope of the second major performance enhancing drug conspiracy in recent baseball history Who would ve known to the extent MLB went in gathering evidence in order to justify such lengthy suspensions for so many of their superstars Hopefully with advancements in scientific testing, increased punishment, and support by the players union in a stricter banned drug program, another major PED ring will not occur, or at least be stifled before it gains much notoriety.

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    This book was a passed on gift from an associate who neither liked baseball nor books I enjoyed those portions of the book that dealt with the history of steroid abuse in baseball, the pre Jose Canseco years I think the analogy of steroid abuse and amphetamine abuse in baseball is also apt athletes have forever been looking for an advantage and steroids and human growth hormones are but the latest fad It was also good that they addressed the youth and steroids issue, that steroids are a problem with the adolescent athlete as well I did not enjoy the Alex Rodriguez portions of the book as much I know that A Rod was baseball s biggest star but I neither enjoyed his on the field accomplishments not even as a Texas Ranger nor his ego A Rod is as fake as an athlete celebrity can be The A Rod sections, though extensive, I probably skimmed as much as read.

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    Well researched as is expected from a journalist If these types of books are meant simply to inform, great However, if they are meant to bring athletes down, it seldom works A Rod, Ryan Braun, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens, the list goes on, are still venerated as the best of their generation and some as the best in history In any event a must read for any baseball fan Learning of A Rod s hired posse antics is worth the price.