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高校生の森崎は、ほんの出来心でしてしまった初めての万引き現場を社会人の羽良多に写メで撮られてしまう。秘密にしてほしいと嘆願する森崎に、「僕の言うことを聞いて、暇潰しに付き合ってくれるならいいよ」と羽良多がゆすりをかけてきて?生きることに無気力な羽良多と、小さな罪を犯してしまった森崎。うまく社会に適合できない二人の逃避行の終着地とは――High School student Morisaki did something unfortunate based on just the slightest passing fancy For the first time in his life he shoplifted However it was caught on camera by a decent member of society named Harata After Morisaki pleads with him to keep it a secret Harata attempts to extort Morisaki If you keep me company so I can kill some time I'll keep your secretThus we have Harata a man totally apathetic towards life and Morisaki the perpetrator of a petty crime The final stop on this journey for two misfits of society will be

10 thoughts on “悪玉

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    Read this pretty uickly I thought it would be deeper than it was so it didn't surprise me much The main story is about a High School student who was caught shoplifting by a man who took pictures of him and blackmailed him into making him company to keep his shoplift a secret Just don't expect much

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    The second story was good The first was okay nothing special

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    the main story was sort of blah but the second story Nonfiction was really good

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    That ending just made me go awww This was terribly cute and it felt a bit short but I still enjoyed it

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    The first story of the book was pretty much garbage but Non Fiction was ok I don't really recommend it

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