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4.5 StarsI adored this story I can t believe I waited so long to meet bossy and broody, Drew Runous a sexy, outdoorsy, alpha male type, who also quotes Nietzsche, bakes pies and writes poetry Yes, I did quiet a bit of swooningHe was the bodice ripper, Scottish highlander or Viking conqueror, historical romance kind an unshaven, lion wrestling, mountain man recluse, toss you over his shoulder and plunder your goodies kind of handsome He was both scary and swoony I wanted to braid his beard I also wanted to run away Ashley Winston is a fun, caring, and relatable heroine Growing up with 6 brothers was tough, they were rowdy and did not make her life easy Now after being away for 8 years, a family crisis has her heading back to the Tennessee mountains, but things have changed One of my favorite things about this story was Ashley s interactions with her family, it was heartwarming and made this romantic comedy even specialI was someone who could hold her own in any situation, be it a discussion on post modernism or Japanese art as an influence on Van Gogh or standing up to four bearded masturbators obsessed with schedules, no less in the upstairs bathroom of my momma s house Drew and Ashley circle around each other, but when they finally come to come together, there is a lot of butter melting going on Beauty and the Mustache was a wonderful read, filled with endearing characters who will have you laughing, swooning and possibly shedding a few tears I can t wait to jump into Truth or Beard and spend some time with the Winston Brothers. There Are Three Things You Need To Know About Ashley Winston She Has Six Brothers And They All Have Beards, She Is A Reader, And She Knows How To Knit Former Beauty Queen, Ashley Winston S Preferred Coping Strategy Is Escapism She Escaped Her Tennessee Small Town, Loathsome Father, And Six Brothers Eight Years Ago Now She Escapes Life Daily Via Her Kindle One Click Addiction However, When A Family Tragedy Forces Her To Return Home, Ashley Can T Escape The Notice Of Drew Runous Local Game Warden, Reclusive Mountain Man, Bear Wrestler, Philosopher, And Everyone S Favorite Guy Drew S Irksome Philosophizing In Particular Makes Ashley Want To Run For The Skyscrapers, Especially Since He Can T Seem To Keep His Exasperating Opinions Or His Soulful Poetry, Steadfast Support, And Delightful Hands To Himself Pretty Soon The Girl Who Wanted Nothing Than The Escape Of The Big City Finds She S Lost Her Heart In Small Town Tennessee This Is A Full Length Novel, Can Be Read As A Standalone, And Is The Fourth Book In The Knitting In The City Series 5 Only Penny Reid StarsIn Kindle Unlimited The Whole Series FREE Spoiler FreeI am at a loss I cannot address all of the things I feel about this book without taking away your personal experience of it So I won t.What I will share is the gift this book is in so many ways She gives us amazing characters humor, banter, and just plain goodness throughout every chapterreal dialogue and thoughts things every day people think about and doassumptions siblings make and she does it all with intelligence which just makes me feel smarter while reading it This is nothing newshe has done it with all of her previous books In this book, Ms Reid addresses some of the ultimate experiences in life firstDeathShe presents it gently, lovingly She gives us a family which has been separated for than 8 yearsand with this focal point this family transitions into what the mother and children wished it could have been all along This part of the story is handled in the best possible way there is a grace to how it is done it felt very sincere and nonmanipulative Having both my parents pass I may have been in tune to the feelings expressed so well Each person s emotions were expressed in a valid way and my heart was open during all of it.SecondLovea love so intense and staggeringthere were moments I found myself holding my breath Not all of us go about loving each other the same we demonstrate it so uniquely it may not be seen at first Our main character, Drew, marched to his own drum really was one of those people you can describe as comfortable in his skin he knew who he was what he wanted and what he needed to do in the situation he was in Ashley was strongeven when her world was turned upside down She found her center and through it all, I felt for her.All I will say about this love story is Ashley and Drew must be experienced what happens between them the way they connect work through all the layers of what has been presented really just magnificent.There is an added bonus to Ms Reid s writing she gives you amazing quotes from authors and others things which set the tone for each chapter and then on top of that she gives you her own heart you will find it on the pages sometimes through Drew sometimes through the descriptions of her love of Tennessee it is plastered everywhere So as I usually say when I am overwhelmed by books and authors I love look to other reviews if you have the need to know There are so many great ones but if you are someone who is ok to go in blind and not know a whole lot about a book then please go and experience it you can read it without knowing all the other characters I would tell if you did Penny Reid decided to gift us with a series all about the Winston Brothers Yay Here they are Beauty and the Mustache Knitting in the City4 Winston Brothers, 0.5 Truth or Beard Winston Brothers, 1 Grin and Beard It Winston Brothers 2 Beard Science Winston Brothers 3 Beard in Mind Winston Brothers, 4 Dr Strange Beard Winston Brothers, 5 Beard with Me Winston Brothers, 5.5 Beard Necessities Winston Brothers, 6 the series that started it all Neanderthal Seeks Human Knitting in the City, 1 Neanderthal Marries Human Knitting in the City 1.5 Friends Without Benefits Knitting in the City 2 Love Hacked Knitting in the City, 3 and the Mustache Knitting in the City, 4 Winston Brothers, 0.5 Happily Ever Ninja Knitting in the City, 5 Dating ish Knitting in the City, 6 Marriage of Inconvenience Knitting in the City 7 For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways WHOOOT IT S LIVE COME ON YOU ONE CLICK ADDICTS, IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO MEET DREW RUNOUS 5 Sexy, Sexy, Viking StarsFrom which stars have we fallen to meet each other here Friedrich Nietzsche Penny Reid is really amazing From the first chapter, her words and writing style holds a promise that what your about to read will be FANTASTIC Batm was fantastic It was amazing It was sexy It was funny And the cherry on top of all that was Drew Runous I ll get to him a little later in my review Without doubt, this is my favorite of the Knitting in the City series With each of these books we get such wonderful characters, lots of funny and enjoyable moments and sexy and swoon worthy moments too But in BatM Penny gave us a little For me, there was beauty in Ashley and Drew s story I found their story heartwarming and inspiring I enjoyed them separately and I LOVED them together What readers will find when they pick up BatM is that this story is very relatable on one level or another One thing that was relatable for me was her brothers She had six of them Crazy huh, but I also grew up in a large family, 4 brothers and 3 sisters I knew what it felt like to deal with some of the craziness and have the desire to run away I also knew what it was like to have their unconditional love too My Drew, my Ashley and a bit about the story If you have already read BatM then I am sure you will be nodding your head as you read this and if you haven t then you will see what you re missing out on I am about to gush so you have been warned Drew was exquisite IMO He was such a beautiful man There was beauty in his words, his actions, his being and the best part was he was selfless I think I have found my most favorite book boyfriend Penny has given us a special gift in Drew Runous Oh waithow could i forget, he is a poet too sighHis voice lilting and soothing He was epically dreamy and tremendously gorgeous But much than that, his compassion Ashley I loved meeting her She was really refreshing and so easy to love Like Drew she had an outer beauty that equaled her inner beauty But what was special about her is that she didn t realize it She didn t always see the sweetness and the kindness she had in her heart She was witty too and I loved the new relationships she formed with all of her brothersSo, other than her goodness, sweetness, gracefulness, and wit, what I like about AshleyWinston shouldn t be discussed with Ashley Winston s mother Drew The story Ashley has been away from her family for eight years She left home to make a life of her own in Chicago But after she receives some unsettling news, she returns home Returning home brings about sadness for Ashley but it also brings about happiness and love Growing up Ashely didn t always have things easy Dealing with 6 rotten and sometimes hateful brothers took its toll on her and her relationship with her dad was nonexistent The one she always found love and comfort with was her momma Then she meets Drew When they meet, we get the first dose of funniness in the book, but it also leaves us with a hint of what was to come And what follows with these two was WOW..just wow Drew and Ashley s relationship was one that I would say is a slow burn and I savored every minute of it The push and pull with these two was crazy Ashley s had a lot going on with her family and really didn t know what do with Drew and her growing feelings for him Her heart was telling her one thing and her head was telling her another She really needed to do some soul searching to figure out where she really belonged Was her home in Chicago where things were predictable or was it back in Tennessee surrounded by her momma, brothers and Drew I m going to stop there because it is hard for me to say much about the plot without giving away things that I would rather not If you love Penny s books then you will love this one You get to see Sandra, Janie, Elizabeth, Alex, Quinn, and Nico again You will be laughing in no time You get to meet her brothers Jethro, Billy, Cletus, Beauford, Duane and Roscoe I have to say all of them are pretty damn sweet You get to meet Momma who will make you laugh and cry Maybe I am just a reader easy to please but I just loved this book and I think Penny Reid did a sensational job with this one I ll leave you with this last quote from Ashley that I lovedDrew melted my butter He melted it standing, sitting, crouching, leaning, reading, smiling, hugging, laughing, frowning, writing, changing a light bulb, milking a cow basically, if it was a verb and he was doing it, my butter was going to be melted Ashley ARC so kindly provided by the author. FREE ON 7 21 17http amzn.to 2tnjbY84.25 starsWith you there are only two distances that matter Here Not here You are not hereAshley Winston is a former beauty queen who left home as a teenager for college and 8 years later never returned Tormented by her 6 goofy brothers, she distanced herself from everyone in her family except her mother Ashley receives news that her mother is in the hospital and will not see anyone, so she rushes home from Chicago to Tennessee to see what is wrong.Upon returning home Ashley discovers that her brothers have changed from rambunctious irresponsible young men into hard working and loving men Among her brothers is a stranger, Drew, who has become a friend of the family in her absence Soon Ashley s world comes crashing down around her, and it s up to her brothers and Drew to keep her afloat I really enjoyed this book in the Knitting series After having so many friends who loved it I was excited to meet Ashley and Drew and the ever famous Winston brothers I also like that this book took us out of Chicago and into rural Tennessee, a place I ve never been to physically, but after reading this book I felt as if I had visited there Ashley as a heroine is someone I admired, she worked hard to be where she was at in her life, and despite her reservations her love for her brothers was strong She wanted to be valued for who she was and not what she looked likeNo Since I first saw you Since I first laid eyes on you and felt sorry for every beautiful thing that was made no longer resplendent nullified by your beingDrew was a hot viking man that makes another great addition to my book boyfriend collection, and I wouldn t mind staying with him in his secluded cabin and not leaving for weeks, months, years He was a little bit too stoic for my reader tastes at some points, and near the end I was a bit shocked by his actions so his lack of actions and alas I was hoping for a bit from him.For me the best part of this book was the family dynamics between Ashley and her brothers Being an only child I always dreamed of having brothers, and this book only made me wish for them While not perfect, Ashley s brothers were a strong support system and a little bit naughty I cannot wait to read their seriesApathy between family members makes the blood they share turn to waterThis is a romance I would highly recommend to EVERYONE Honestly I cannot think of a single friend who would not enjoy it at least a little bitWhen you cried, I learned what helplessness tastes like Because all I could do was swallow 6 philosophical STARSWe are most awake to the world and to our own longings and desires when we sufferI m legit speechless This book was absolutely perfect to me from beginning to the end I can only warn you, this is going to turn into a huge gush fest It took me a week to put my thoughts in order and write this review and still I don t feel I can do this book justice in any way I m just going to say it, and it s already November, so it s not such a far leap Beauty and the Mustache was my favorite book I read all year I laughed, I cried, I had a stupid grin on my face even when I wanted bawl my eyes out I was so moved, it made me think and in the end I m just so happy I honestly just love this book Starting with my favourite Winston brothers, a kick ass non annoying heroine, a silent type slightly grumpy hero And of course knitting, bear and raccoon attacks, oh and not to forget bathroom schedules If you want to find out what that means, I suggest you pick it up It s been eight years since Ashley Winston last went home to Tennessee to see her six brothers and her mother In fact she has been avoiding it Once she had the chance to go to college she was out of there never to be seen again, save for the daily phone calls with her mother Now she is pediatric nurse, living in Chicago, but a strange phone call forces her to make the trip home Her mother is in the hospital and she only wants to talk to Ash Time to take care of the family and find out what is wrong with her mother.I love Ashley as a character She is a tough chick, mostly thanks to the hellraising brothers who made her life a bit of a nightmare growing up and helped her develop a thick skin dealing with their antics The whole Winston household is a comedic goldmine The boys are so lovable and weird in the most adorable way Getting to know them and Ashley starting to really see the men they are today and not the boys they were was just beautiful and heartwarming Family is the best thing about the book and they really come together here Well family is one of the best things, there is also this guyHe was the bodice ripper, Scottish highlander or Viking conqueror, historical romance kind an unshaven, lion wrestling, mountain man recluse, toss you over his shoulder and plunder your goodies kind of handsome He was both scary and swoony I wanted to braid his beard I also wanted to run awayCompletely exhausted after travelling all day and night, Ashley promptly has a run in with non other than Drew Runous Spoiler alert he is the romantic interest and he is best described in the quote above There really is very little to add D He is a game warden and Jethro s boss, and for some strange reason has a very deep connection with Ash s mother and her brothers No escaping the stoic and mysterious man.The instant attraction between Ash and Drew, that is irritation than love is what makes this couple the best for me Circumstances force them to work together and it s a battle of wills most of the time Drew has a way of getting under Ash s skin and riling her up with Nietzsche quotes is just one weapon in his arsenal He is highly intelligent, very unconventional and he loves poetry I really can t stress enough that you need to meet this guyYou underestimate how deeply you cut when your intentions carry no knivesFor people who follow my reviews it comes with no surprise that I love Ms Reid and her quirky heroines The Knitting in the City series in particular is one of my favorite light hearted, feel good, funny escapes While I absolutely adored the first book The second and third were only ok reads for me I was entertained but the wow effect was missing Now with this installment she knocked it right out of the park I was hooked from the first page Partially because I was already invested in the girls from the knitting group, but also because I read Truth or Beard before and I was familiar with the Winston brothers There was no warming up period for me I knew everyone and could jump right into the fun.The writing was a little unlike her usual style It was a lot poetic and lyrical It s almost as if Ms Reid has the ability to really embody her protagonists Every book has a distinct voice and recall value Of course just like the books before it a very clever book, that makes you laugh out loud and introduces some rather brilliant and equally unique characters, but it also is a lot existential in its themes Death and family play a big part and it creates a certain mood that makes the book reflective and thoughtful I read Beaty and the Mustache in pretty much one sitting And not necessarily because I wanted to know what happens next, but because the writing and the characters captured me It really is the best book in the Knitting series so far I can t wait to read some , but also go back and re read this gem.Now, just out of curiositydoes anyone know why the ketamine is under Drew s sink P 5 Bless itStarsFear don t count if you really want something Let me start by saying this is one of the most beautiful, well written stories I have ever read From the very beginning I was hooked and it wasn t because there was a crazy twist or suspenseful plot, no it is because Ms Reid had me falling in love with her characters A little bit about me I actually live near where this book is set My dad was in the military so I grew up all over the place, but since my dad retired in my teens I have lived in Knoxville, Tennessee This book is actually set an hour outside of Knoxville near The Great Smoky Mountain National Park So I thoroughly enjoyed and was able to relate to all the Southern references, lingo, and descriptions We first meet Ashley Winston when she is on her way to Tennessee due to a family tragedy Ashley is one of seven children and the only daughter She left home as soon as she graduated high school hellbent on overcoming her raising Ashley grew up in a backwoods hollar, yes that is how we say hollow here in Tennessee, in a place where everyone knew you and your business Now that isn t always a bad thing, but when you are constantly running from a stereotype it can be unbearable Ashley s mother is a wonderful person and loved by everyone, but her father is a con artist who is constantly leaving damage in his wake Ashley is beautiful like her dad, but she is also caring, intelligent and compassionate In her opinion people only see a piece of trash with a pretty face.Since leaving Tennessee Ashley has worked to prove she is than what meets the eye She has built a terrific life for herself in Chicago, has a great job and friends, but still doubts people see her as than a hot piece of ass Regardless of all her success she has isolated herself from her family She still has daily chats and takes vacations with mother, but hasn t been back to Tennessee since she left.Coming home is never easy, especially to six brothers When Ashley arrives back home she is immediately submerged back in her old life Within hours of arriving she is woken by a loud engine roaring With only a few hours of sleep she storms out the house to face down her brothers That is when she meets Dr Andrew Runous Drew is her brother Jethro s boss and a family friend The meeting between Ashley and Drew is humiliating for Ashley and had me laughing out loud at her antics and inner monologue From this moment on I was completely sold First, I loved how Ashley and Drew s relationship started This is not a case where two people were at the right place and right time and fell in love, no this relationship took time The developed a relationship where she could trust, rely on and be herself with Drew Drew and Ashley know their time together is temporary since Ash will be returning to Chicago eventually However, he just wants to be there for her and take care of her Seeing the two of them fight what they think is right and their desires is heart wrenching This isn t a case of someone not manning up, it is about someone sacrificing their happiness for someone else The love story of Ashley and Drew will always be one of my favorites Their love for each other was selfless, protective, and passionate Their conversations where intelligent and witty Drew saw the real Ash and was impressed with her He didn t want to change her, he loved her independence, quirkiness and spunk This story is so unique because as I much as I loved the story of Ash and Drew, I also loved the story of her and her brothers catching up and redeveloping their relationships I loved the moments Ash shared with her mother, and her words of wisdom The Beauty and the Mustache broke my heart, made me laugh, and swoon So this year I read 330 something books There is no way I could rank them all, but this book is definitely in my top 10 for 2014 I highly recommend it 5 STARS I must begin this review by apologizing to Penny Reid.For I received this arc in august and I read it not too long after it landed on my kindle app Unfortunately, or quite the contrary actually, this book struck me deeply emotionally and I wasn t expecting it I was in a fragile space at the time, personally, due to family matters and the subject treated in your book was both linked to this and my personal situation in regard of view spoiler cancer hide spoiler FREE today on Why did I ever wait so long to read this author I loved this book It was funny, sweet, romantic, emotional, poetic, and sexy The whole package Drew and Ash meet after he wakes her up by revving an engine and she retaliates as she would any of her 6 brothers There s a reluctant attraction on either side but Drew seems to feel strongly about resisting the allure than Ash does Drew is actually friends with Ash s mom too and things get complicated as a family situation puts Drew right in the middle and every day for the duration Drew is a dude that looks like a lumberjack Viking and has the heart and soul of a poet I mean that quite literally, he actually recites poetry to Ash swoon Ash hasn t been around her family in years and is taking in the changes along with a very serious situation How this story still manages to insert funny into a plot that is anything but, is what I enjoyed best The romance was a slow burn sexually but it had enough tension to keep us warmed up and gushing about Drew I loved the friendships and family support and even though I started with book 4, I am very much going to go back and read about all those awesome characters So if you can t tell, I loved this story and am glad that my friends kept making it pop up on my feed p Ya ll have great taste 3 Safety No OW OM Sharing An ex of the h comes sniffing around but nothing happens Neither are Vs They use condoms until they decide together not to No rape abuse There is pushing away.