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Kori makes a friend in prison who introduces her to a world where sensation rules and pleasure is the first rule of hospitalityKori has spent six months in Janial prison for breaking etiuette and stepping in a puddle It was complicatedWhen she is released from the prison she has to find a job and her friend from inside offers her as much time as she likes on a world where heat and minimal clothing are the standardKori gives in to the new culture and finds herself in the position of being seduced in the name of hospitalityThe small woman with the blue hair and ability to wrap his sister around her little finger intrigues Norod When he touches her skin he is enthralled and wants to explore and there is one way to give him the opportunity He will insist on his duties as host Giving pleasure is his duty and his only window into her bed

10 thoughts on “Jailed (Terran Times, #75)

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    Now that was a bit closer to what I've come to expect from Viola Grace Cute little romance about Terrans and aliens She seems to have sped up her sex scenes a bit but I have no problem with that I'd really like to see some action from this author though Real action like life and death fighting battles and kicking ass That sorta thing I know she can do it I just hope she does it again soon Her Sector Guard and Terran Times series were great She writes female MCs that always come out on top look fabulous while doing it and somehow find a soul mate before the end I kinda miss themThankfully I only have to wait two weeks for the next installment of crazy alien romance

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    3 starsAt least this one had a pretty normal romance

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    I like the character development between the heroine and other characters It was very refreshing to read a heroine that is hardworking and was able to made friends inside a prison The reason of her imprisonment was hilarious and something you wouldn't expect I was also glad that we get to read other characters from the previous books It is always nice getting a glimpse of other characters from the previous book Just like from the Champions of Terrans where we get to have glympses of other characters that meant Terrans weren't completely alone in the vast universe but in Terran Times almost all of the story is that the heroines have only work relationships and rarely have some Terran Friends The one thing that made me like the book so much was getting glimpses and having human interactions in the story and there was such promise of family bonding I seriously love the friendship and relationship in the story

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    It is always interesting to see a character adjusting to freedom again and seeking a new life The romance in this one is very sexy and heroine gives even better than she gets

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    Re read 19115