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Leah is now in the heart of Samizdat the underground league of thinkers writers and artists who publish and distribute illegal books throughout the silo Just as she begins to learn the truth about herself and her family she learns that a revolution is brewing in the silo and she is caught up in the events that might effect human life on earth foreverRENEW is a short story of about 10k words about 60 pages that takes place in the world of Hugh Howey's bestselling WOOL saga It is the third and final part of a three part series that make up The Silo Archipelago Written with Hugh's permission Renew examines the issues of control tyranny and censorship through the lens of history Throughout time dissident writers have used paper and words as weapons of war against both governments and really bad ideas REFUSE RESIST and RENEW in the spirit of A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch and The Gulag Archipelago examine what would happen if there were literary dissidents in the silos of Hugh Howey's WOOL

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    I've ended the Archipelago Series a few days ago but I did not write the review immediately Not for lack of emotions uite the contrary it kept returning to my mind waiting over and overWithout being irrespectful this story could have been written by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn; it represents perfectly a distant or not so distant? future and the struggle for freedom not physical freedom but the freedom to express oneself in one of the most suitable ways to human beings writingWhile reading on my Kindle I found myself thinking how there was a bit of irony in doing that too bad I cannot reveal it here without spoiling too much but I'm sure you'll feel the same

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    A riveting story about a people that love books and recognize the importance of the free exchange of ideas as the foundation of liberty It was uite revealing to find out about the concept of Samizdat especially in a time where many so called free and democratic nations are flirting with notions and motions of totalitarian and fascist inclinations

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    Superb view into another Silo World Well done Herr Bunker