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Genre Erotic Romance Short Scene told from Zane’s point of view This story is intended for mature audiences It contains graphic sex violence and language that may be unsuitable for those under 18 Summary We know what Cadence thought the moment she first met John Zane but what did Zane think of Cadence You’re about to find out And be prepared Zane has a deliciously dirty mind Other Books By Breena Wilde Blurred Lines Distorted Lines Crossed Lines Dirty Lines Irresistible Lines Twisted Lines False Lines Gratifying Lines Christmas Pleasures Frosted Midnight Haunted Halloween

10 thoughts on “The Blue Room

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    I liked reading what Zane thought of Cadence when they first met and their first time Brought back many great memories of that room and their time spent together I wish the story was longer over too soon

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    It's always nice to get to see certain events from books in another characters perspective personally I loved Zanes character and really didn't know this book existed until I was browsing one day and BAM I come across this definitely did not take long for me to one click this one

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    I always love seeing the other point of view but this was way too short for the money

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    The content was brilliant but it was just far too short I need Zane

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    way too short but it is just a scene I love it when an author releases different pov's of the same story it creates depth I just wish it was a full length novel

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    Could have easily been longer but nice to see Zane's point of view

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    Too short