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I am reviewing Soldier Hill because I recieved a free copy of the book from the author.Soldier Hill was difficult to get through I don t think I ve ever had to struggle so much to finish a book Here are a few reasons why Soldier Hill disappointed me Firstly, I d like to make a note of the grammar There are misspelled words, incorrect punctuation, an endless amount of fragment sentences The latter was probably the most annoying Normally, I don t have any problem with fragment sentences In fact, I think they can be helpful in adding to the atmosphere and tone of a book However, in Soldier Hill, there were fragment sentences than complete ones It became difficult to read and I found myself constantly wondering what was going on because I couldn t understand it Secondly, and this is again about the writing, the terminology used wasI m gonna say strange There was a gratuitous abundance of slang words and phrases so much that, paired with the fragment sentences, I barely knew where the story was going I felt I was reading a foreign language Yes, I understand, you want to make it so that the characters seem real and relatable But when it comes to the point that the reader can barely deduce what you mean to say, I think it s time to lay off on the experimental writing techniques.Thirdly, this is a YA book that takes place in the 80 s It was written in 2012 I see somewhat of a problem there You don t Let me explain YA novels are written for and geared towards teenagers Ages 13 18 If it was written in 2012, then the earliest a member from the projected audience could have been born is 94 Simply put, I m 14 and didn t grow up in the 80 s, therefore the 80 s references are lost on me I m sure kids of the 80 s would have gotten them, but they are all adults now I m not saying that this book shouldn t have been written all I just think the author should have kept his readers approximate ages in mind Fourthly, I thought the plot jumped around too much, or rather, it didn t stay on the topic of the fallen soldier We read about Higgs s paper route, his obsession with cars, talking with neighbors, etc For the most part, though, I felt that the fallen soldier aspect of the story was very neglected.Lastly, and this is, believe it or not, a positive comment, I found that subject of the story to be both simple and unique The author didn t need to concoct a huge fantasy world with mythical creatures and a whole new set of physical laws It s a simple plot, and I appreciate that If it had been executed better, I feel that much of the story s potential could have been drawn out. MY REVIEWI was given the e copy of this book by the Author Phil Rossi in exchange for my honest,unbiased opinion.So the cover, I would say it would attract boys and men but perhaps put off the females a little The cover is representative of the fallen soldier being honored than the other characters in the book In my opinion the blurb really doesn t do the book justice, and perhaps isn t drawing as many readers to this book as it could or should The book is fairly sort and I read it all in one go So its the ideal length for a cup of tea afternoon read.My first instinct was that this book was going to be a Blokey mans book, but it really isn t It s the story of a couple of young lads who the school system and it seems everyone around them has written off as layabouts and never do wells They aren t the popular guys, in fact they are belonging to the misfit s crowd, who get bullied by the popular well off kids Both the boys David and Eddie come from a working class background and have paper rounds That s how Eddie meets the man whose son is the soldier honored by the tree planted at their school The story revolves around the tree The school is having an extension built and the tree is taken out and just laid aside, discarded unceremoniously on the ground I don t want to tell you the whole story, as you should read it for yourself It s quite unusual what the boys decide to do and there s a surprise twist or turn here and there too.So what did I think The first part of the story seemed slightly wordy, and a little over described in places The plot was a little slow starting Then when you realize certain things come together like a jigsaw and make sense When you have finished the book you can t help but smile In our era of soldiers being away on duty makes the story all the poignant really.Did I enjoy the book After the first third of it yes I did Would I recommend it I think perhaps it is something that could be read in schools to promote respect for soldiers, and each other As well as reinforcing the lest we forget message of Remembrance Day Would I read by this author Yes I would give other books by him a go. Soldier Hill is a touching story celebrating the lives of soldiers who have fought for their country Eddie is a high school kid He doesn t do well in school, and he doesn t know what he wants to do with his life His guidance counselor doesn t think he is going anywhere with his life Aside from all of this, Eddie shows how big of a heart he has.When Eddie discovers a tablet honoring a boy named Billy on his school grounds, he decides to find out about him Having someone die who lived so close to him really hit home He felt a connection to Billy and wasn t sure why With the Vietnam War taking too many young people and affecting families all over the country, Eddie was determined to find out who Billy was, where he came from and who his family is.This book follows Eddie is his adventure from researching at the library to asking around town Joe is a lonely old man in town that everyone talks about They spread nasty rumors about him being crazy and even a little creepy There is a room in his house that is closed and locked so no one can venture in When Eddie becomes friends with Joe despite everyone s warnings, he uncovers all of the answers he needs When the tribute to Billy is then threatened to be destroyed by contractors taking down the trees around the school, Eddie enlists the help of his good friend Dave to save the tree and the tablet in order to protect the memory and tribute to Billy Through much hard work and determination they preserve the memorial, even if it means moving it to a different park This is a wonderful story about being selfless and honoring those who sacrifice so much their country It is touching and memorable for being just a short novella I really enjoyed the writing style as well A lot of times with historical fiction, okay, it isn t THAT far back in history, but stick with me authors tend to try too hard to make it authentic, and it just ends up being boring and having no good flow to it I was pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case with this one It had a nice flow to it, and I didn t find myself bored at any part of the story I did find myself wondering why there was so much focus on the crazy old man, but it all comes full circle and makes sense at the end The story is sweet, the writing is on point, and it is easy to get through 5 5 stars from me I did really enjoy it. Soldier Hill by Phil RossiI received this book from the author for a fair and honest review.In all honesty, I had a very hard time reading this book The vernacular was foreign to me, whether it is American speech and not written word, 80 s street lingo, or simply a closely knit dialect I can t say.But the vernacular used, being foreign to me made me struggle with the book and had me a bit frustrated The boy in the story, Eddie or Higgs as he is known is a character most of us can and will relate to He has no idea what his future will bring but he knows he wants a car and not only a car, THE car But Eddie has no plans for his future, he would rather cut class than study, he is not a bully but has to tread carefully Eddie is the boy next door.Then one day Eddie notice a small struggling tree at his school The tree is dedicated to Billy, a Vietnam War veteran who sacrificed his life for his country A war veteran with no surname, nothing to identify him and who died a boy, although a hero, still a boy.So begins Higg s story One in which he tries to find out who Billy is, how come nobody really talks about the war And so begins the struggle to save the tree, the one thing still standing as a testimony towards the brave act of a boy dying for the liberty of his country.The I read of the book, the I became accustomed to the colloquial speech, writing style With ease of reading returning I got invested in the book By the end of the story, after struggle, camaraderie and small acts of kindness Higg s does one thing possibly important than ever obtaining a white collar job He makes an unintended difference This is my first ever 10 review I am almost certain that if you start the book on my recommendation you will remember this 10 and wonder what I was thinking But it is ok I am not losing my marbles By the last five pages in this book I experienced that very odd and uncomfortable feeling You know the one it starts from your stomach and moves up until your eyes over flows by itself It is not in actual fact crying, it is past that, it is the feeling of being moved and knowing you will never forget the story that moved you such Ironically not being a US citizen I finished this book on the 4Th of July And I need to say, happy Independence day, it was bought for in blood Make it count. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.It s only a short novella focused around a teenage boy not sure what to do with his life He s being pushed in all sorts of directions and doesn t feel a desire to follow any of them The one thing that does strike a chord with him is a tree in the school grounds destined to be uprooted as building work happens around the school Upon further investigation, he finds out that the tree was planted as a memorial to a soldier a young man from their town who died in Vietnam He then goes on a mission to rescue the tree from being destroyed I enjoyed reading this for the plot However, I found the language incredibly difficult to get to grips with Set in what I think is 1980 s America, a lot of the language is slang Simply incomprehensible slang Being neither from the 1980s nor the U.S I was lost throughout much of the book I had to keep reading sentences over and over again and there are still some parts where I completely zoned out because it was like reading a foreign language For example I sprang the chopper from the grove as they passed I lunged from the banana seat, pumping madly It was one thing to drive young, and one notch over an empty parking lot The Boulevard s a live street, pushing this gig off the chain Dave crashed the wild, kicking beaucoup ass From that, I gather somebody got a bike or motorbike maybe and drove it somewhere busy Then maybe crashed But the next paragraph suggests not so I have literally no idea If you can handle that kind of slang, this is a nice heartwarming little story about appreciating honour and sacrifice But personally, I just couldn t get past the language. I was given a copy of this book for a fair and honest review.First and foremost, I have to mention what came to me as soon as I started reading this novella I found the language incredibly difficult to get through and, at times, alienating It is written, I guess, in 1980s US slang And being someone who was neither a teenager the age of the main characters in the novella , nor from the US, at times I had to read lines three or four times just to work out what on earth was going on It also felt very definitely that it was aimed at a male audience again, something I am not.That said, whilst it limited the works accessibility for me, I don t think that the language is necessarily a bad point It just means that I am not the target audience Once I got through the language, I found Soldier Hill an interesting, if at times slow and meandering, read I felt that the story lacked some focus at times wandering off from the main topic of the search for and protection of the fallen soldier known for a lot of the time only as Billy into talk of paper rounds and the other miscellany of life Yet, this, again, was a true reflection of teenage existence of any age.It was a sweet, at times poignant little tale There were some nice parts with commentary about other who had given their lives for their country Honestly, I would have liked to see of that With a tale as meandering as this, it would have been good to have learning about the history of things, and some further character growth, which I think there was room for In places, it felt as if there were lost opportunities That all said, I feel that for the right people, this would be a very rewarding story. I received this book to give an honest review.This was a decent read, but I really did not get into like I thought I would The blurb does not really give the book justice It take me a while to really get into the story, and truly understand what was going on Eddie embarks on a journey with his friend Dave to find out why there is a tree planted there with the remembrance of a soldier Why does no one in the school or in town speak of it Or speak of the person Eddie finds out the story behind the soldier and finds out who his father is.All in all it was a good book, but there were some things that did bother me.I found the fight scene where the word kidney was used repeatedly was just ridiculous, he could have used another word Also I kept going back to find out what the author meant by kidney There was slang that just really was hard to understand I guess being a young adult I didn t use any of the slang growing up I do have to the story did turn out pretty good, being as it helps you remember our soldiers back then and even now At the end where there was a memorial put in remembrance to Billy and other soldier s I thought that was really sweet and caring Especially with the change that was going on around in the town. Soldier Hill by Phil RossiThis novella begins with a young boy who is in hish school and being pressured to decide what he is going to do with the rest of his life He just doesn t know He is a paperboy and meets people that he treats as he is being treated he does not understand some of the reasoning behind the gossip and inuendos.This is a typical young man who is yet able to legally drive and rides his bike.As constructions starts at his school he finds a plaque at a tree that is going to be removed That plaque honors a Vietnam Veteran Who was that veteran and what is he being remembered for That is the young man s quest Can he save that tree and plaque This story is filled with the questions and attempts to understand life It is told from a young man s perspective The typical youngster who can describe a bike like it was the one Evil Knievel jumped Snake River Canyon wiith or a car like the one that won the Indy 500 I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 12 adults included.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. During The Vietnam Fallout Of The S, A High School Boy Sets Out To Discover And Preserve The Identity Of A Fallen Soldier From The Vietnam War When A Local Soldier Is Killed In The Vietnam War, A Memorial Was Created To Honor His Sacrifice Years Later, The Memorial Faces Removal And Demolition Eddie Is A High School Sopho Who Devises A Scheme To Save The Memorial In Order To Succeed, Eddie Must Break The Law Will Eddie Find The Courage To Go Through On The Plan If Not, A Soldier S Sacrifice Will Be Forgotten Revised Edition March Eddie and Dave are two young friends, both coming from working class families They don t have goals in life and they are treated poorly by some of the wealthier kids Nonetheless, when there is some expansion and remodeling done at the high school, Eddie takes an interest in a small tree It was planted in honor of a fallen soldier and Eddie wants to know who and why it s not discussed at the school.So embarks his and Dave s journey in determining who the Soldier was and they eventually do find the father of the fallen boy It s a unique story with a great concept Good for adults to read but also a fabulous coming of age story There are some twists and turns that I didn t expect, but it is a short novel The only thing I had a problem adjusting to was the language I m not very good with slang, so it took me a bit to catch onto the lingo But once I did, I found myself turning the pages, immersed in the story The cover is a big manly for my taste and suggest a male driven book, but it really is written to be enjoyed by all Great story