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A healer with unnatural gifts Valerian Bright lives with her aunt and pet raven in a cottage in the woods shunned by the villagers of nearby Greyfriars Nathaniel Warrington was the new Baron Ravenall a man of dark secrets aand strong passions and when he finds Valerian he believes he finds as well the key to his own redemption

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    The hero has been banished to a country estate after a very public scandal involving a dead lover and a bastard child Overall he's a kind natured man but honestly a tad selfish as well He doesn't think so much about the conseuences his actions wrought and repeats past mistakes by taking a lover of lower rank with no intention to marry them The heroine is a local witch that the villagers somewhat rely on because of her healing abilities but never trust They are very uick to accuse her of all sorts of heinous crimes and try to kill her by drowning in the lake The hero never judged her as others had not even when he witnesses her magic first hand He honestly didn't know he loved her until the end but it's very apparent throughout the book that he cares for her and finds a bonding between them via their eual loneliness It was a nice book and I always recommend Lisa Cach as a marvelous author

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    When I first picked up this book I confess that I thought it was going to be a simple guilty pleasure romance novel In its own way it kind of was however in addition to the romance there were many other deeper elements that made this book impossible to put down Social classes witch hunts and all the other drama that went along with life in late 16th century England make this a book that while not exactly great literature a very compelling read

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    uirky enjoyable emotional I uite liked it And I adored the raven I never knew they could talk Cue YouTube playlist of video after video of talking ravens Curse you book I swear that diversion almost took time than reading the darn thingLines I like “She was too cautious of his affection to risk putting another load upon it” “She knew everything that had happened today but it was as if the connection between that knowledge and her heart had been blocked She could summon no emotion no thought for the future no care for where she was or was not “Valerian She heard her name and turned her gaze from the flamesNathaniel sat across from her his muddy knees not four inches from her own There was distress showing in his eyes though he was trying to keep his face calm She vaguely wondered how he could summon so much feelingYour breeches are dirty You should change them she saidHe glanced down then back at her the distress in his eyes deepening and then dissipating his face relaxing She could see his emotions so clearly Perhaps he had taken on hers for the time being and that was why she could not feel “She tried to smile at his jest I am not used to being the princess who stands aside to watchNo you are the sort of princess who would think of giving the dragon an herbal enema and would probably ask me to hold his tail up while you administered the foul concoctionThe corner of her mouth pulled up in a lopsided smile I am sorry that I have made such a poor companion these last days”

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    ereader ebook

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    Interesting story witchcraft and healing mixed in people's mind heroine was a lovely character hero not that interesting