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Porte con maniglie a forma di lucertola che si spalancano su luoghi misteriosi statue che parlano una bambinaia impazzita che si aggira con una scure in mano I sogni di Liv Silver uindici anni negli ultimi tempi sono piuttosto agitati Soprattutto uello in cui si ritrova di notte in un cimitero a spiare uattro ragazzi impegnati in un inuietante rituale esoterico E uesti tipi hanno un legame con la vita vera di Liv perché Grayson e i suoi amici sono reali freuentano la stessa scuola da uando Liv si è trasferita a Londra Anzi per dirla tutta Grayson è il figlio del nuovo compagno della mamma di Liv praticamente un fratellastro Meno male che sono tutti abbastanza simpatici Ma la cosa inuietante – persino più inuietante di un cimitero di notte – è che loro sanno delle cose su Liv che lei non ha mai rivelato cose che accadono solo nei suoi sogni Come ciò possa avvenire resta un mistero esattamente il genere di mistero davanti al uale Liv non sa resistere

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    Home is where your books areI preordered this as soon as I heard about it And then I read it as fast as I could And you know I liked it but not as much as Rubyred Sometimes I just had the feeling the author tried too hard to be funny and romantic and in the end it was a little too much for my taste view spoiler Satanic cults? Anabell as the evil crazy one? Naaah hide spoiler

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    Just like the Precious Gemstone Trilogy this book had charming characters and great potential but it just fell flat Things were dragged out and I was just bored This time I don't think I'll be continuing with the trilogy

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    Hngh This book's difficult I'm not even sure I rated it correctly I've been in a massive reading slump lately and I've been seriously flagging with my reading challenge which is disappointing since I was smashing it for the first half of the year Until about May I was never less than 3 books ahead Now I'm three books behind and bricking it I thought this book might pull me from my funk but it was a bust This book was a pretty uick easy read and the best thing about it is the narrative voice; I loved Liv's character loved her narration loved her careful balance between dry and joyful I usually hate this woe is me I have too much money and too many opportunities narrative trend in a lot of YA but Gier strikes a nice balance between Liv's hermitic loneliness and her easygoing nature I related to it which is saying uite a lot It's also been brilliantly translated from its original German which helps The problem is that this book just didn't make sense; it was like an acid trip and not in a good way Not in a pleasantly disorienting way In a way that made me wonder if my copy was missing pages It's not really about Liv instantly becoming friends with these Londoner Raven Boys which is unlikely but not impossible I did a two day intensive TEFL course in Glasgow a few weeks ago and after about an hour in a class of 15 students we were all soul mates I mean it We'd have taken a bullet for each other When I was uerying my manuscript I had an agent tell me that it was weird that the protagonist makes such fast friends when she moves to a new city but I swear to god meet the right people in the right setting and you really can experience the gush of instalove Sometimes I think about the people I met in that classroom people I knew for a maximum of 20 hours and will never see again and I pine But it's about the way that none of the characters get freaked out by this whole dreamscape thing and nobody thinks it's weird and then there's the strange ball and I know I'm not explaining this very well but it was all so surreal Like The Mighty Boosh What the fuck was that all about I'm not getting my point across very well probably because it was something I couldn't put my finger on maybe the atmosphere or something like that It was just bizarre I haven't read Gier's Ruby Red series and I'm not sure I'll bother because I just really don't care for stories about London I'm done with them for now I don't want to read anything else about London But this book was a strange mishmash for me and while I'd love to read of Liv's voice I don't think I can really justify throwing myself back into this psychedelic funhouse for another 300 pages I have better things to do

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    First off no love triangle Yay Liv is a fun character and her dialogue was a hoot to read She just tells it like it is The story is uite the sassy and ridiculously fun romp Oh and the boys weren't so bad either ;

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    I really really liked the narrative voice which was engaging and humorous The story didn't feel as cohesive as I would have liked however and there are a lot of things going on a lot of characters and it just felt a bit all over the place I am definitely interested in reading the author's Ruby Red trilogy now though I like the way she writes I just hope the plot and characters are a bit clear cut in her other series Seems like other people are liking this one better which I understand I just haven't the patience for this right now

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    My two star rating said It was okayI think that's true because this book is okay It's fun sometimes but it was overall disappointing I was expecting something magical and fun and some adventure Not 4 golden boys who made a pact with a devil Enter this girl who says YES to the things that should be said NO to and who's sometimes badass but most of the time a tad annoyingSo this is okay but I sure as hell want something different

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    This was a very interesting book and a uick read I really enjoyed it and since I already own the other two books in the series I'm definitely gonna read the second book now The only negative things I can say about this book are that I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed ruby red and the other books in that series and I was also a little disappointed that the main character of this series reminded me a lot of the one of her other series They were a little too similar for my liking and I had just been hoping for someone different as the mc this time But the book still deserves 4 out of 5 stars

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    This is how books with a fantasy element should be uniue like nothing you've ever read before I've enjoyed reading this book a lot happy to be continuing this story with book 2 and 3

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    Upon 2017 reread original review stands Fun and entertaining Finally continuing on with this series ————————————————————This book was unexpectedly good I am not going to lie from the blurb I was picturing a sort of The Raven Boys knock off story and the only similarities is that there are dreams and 4 boys and a girl Otherwise they are nothing alikeDream a Little Dream follows a hilarious girl named Olivia who moves to London and meets 4 boys in a dream one night and these same four boys go to her school What ensues next is Liv using her love for solving problems trying to figure out what the boys are up to and how she fits in to everything The best part of the book is by far the characters Really diverse and intricate characters All have a uniue voice and really bring something to the story Plot wise this book was great I love the creativity of the story I love the pacing Never too fast or too slow I felt like every scene was necessary and helped further the plot in some way I also love the ending because it has a bit of an open ending but if this was a stand alone I wouldn't mindI truly adored this book and I hope that book 2 and 3 get translated to English soonI definitely recommend this book and probably the entire trilogy to everyone who like a bit of a light fantasy read with nothing overly complicated

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    “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream” Edgar Allan PoeKerstin Gier a German bestselling author's Silver trilogy is being translated into English by the popular English translator Anthea Bell So the translated version of the first book in this series Dream a Little Dream has been released this month that centers around the life of an unconventional teenager who is admitted to a new English school in London and so as her dreams take a new turn exciting adventures are waiting for her that will change her lifeSynopsis Mysterious doors with lizard head knobs Talking stone statues A crazy girl with a hatchet Yes Liv’s dreams have been pretty weird lately Especially this one where she’s in a graveyard at night watching four boys conduct dark magic ritualsThe strangest part is that Liv recognizes the boys in her dream They’re classmates from her new school in London the school where she’s starting over because her mom has moved them to a new country again But what’s really scaring Liv is that the dream boys seem to know things about her in real life things they couldn’t possibly know—unless they actually are in her dreams? Luckily Liv could never resist a good mystery and all four of those boys are pretty cute Liv Silver a 15 year old teenager leads a pretty unconventional life compare to her age mainly because of her mom's constantly changing jobs she has got to live and see a lot of new places and this time her mom's new job and her mom's new boyfriend leads her straight to London along with her Mia and the au pair named Lottie Liv is enrolled into one of the poshest school in London Frognal Academy where girls have stupid names and boys are terribly hot with great hair and everybody is subjected to their school's very own blog Tittle Tattle Blog with an anonymous author Following her entry to this new school her dreams started to get weirder and weirder where no doubt she could see her number one crush from her school Henry and in someone she feels her dreams her actually real And eventually Liv started investigating those dreams and what she finds out is not at all nice and friendlyHaving never read any of the previous books by this author I had no idea what to expect from her writing style but from the very first page itself I was drawn into the story mainly because of Liv's sense of humor and her witty demeanor of cracking up jokes with her sarcastic comments Yes I can vouch for Liv and say that she is the life of this book without her the journey would be very dull The pacing of the book is good but I believe that the translation is not much polished compared to the original book Liv's fun filled adventures certainly kept me going through the book well since it falls under middle grade genre the mystery felt bit predictable layered with childish dramaThe characters apart from Liv are not that impressionable especially those four boys except that hot sultry looks Yes there is romance between Henry and Liv which is sweet and innocent but the author never shifts her focus from the main theme of the book which is the mystery surrounding Liv's dreamSo if you want to delve deeper into the worlds of dreams and wants to float in them then do read this cute and funny book that is filled with thrilling adventuresVerdict Drams worlds with strange door knobs fantasy world Gossip Girl kinda feel with some hot dudes if these are things that you love to read about then definitely go for this book Courtesy Thanks to the author's publicist for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book