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Being a hero isn’t as easy as the tavern tales would have you believe Billy Cole has always been a uick study be it at telling tales brewing ale or swordplay And yet it surprises Wil Thunderstrike his alter ego at just how hard and fast the lessons come on his first venture into the real world of back alley thieves traveling talespinners and warriors of renown Wil’s uest is to find epic heroes to save his home town but it'll take than a sword and the inspiring tales of his legendary idols to survive the harsh world beyond Redfield From the inns of Hobb’s Turn to the port city of Fellwater he’ll chase brigands and join pickpockets fight with constables and street thugs find romance and fall from grace all while trying to discover his own true nature and forge his destiny Tarnish is a grittier coming of age story than you’re used to blending elements of traditional high fantasy with a darker less forgiving perspective on right and wrong What kind of hero would you be?

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    I absolutely loved the innovative take on the classical epic fantasy Tarnish brought to the genre I didn't start getting into the story until about 40 minutes in but I'm so glad I stuck with it By the end of the first hour I was absolutely hooked and was really sad when I had to pause to do real life things I just wanted to get back to the book and finish itI'm definitely adding another work from Brink to my TBR pile to see if his other work is as enjoyable as Tarnish I also REALLY hope he plans on a seuel This would be a wonderful start to a seriesThe addition of the storytellers telling actual stories within the bars and inns was a stroke of genius It was my absolute favorite part about the book There is so much trope that goes into this genre any that the way this book was structured was a breath of fresh airI really can't get over how perfectly suited to this story Menesses's narration was His enunciation was great and I loved all his character voices It was a first class performance I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review

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    Different than my normal read purely because it has a male pro tag but VERY good I would say this is of a crossover YA Adult book based on the storyline characters and tempo I enjoyed it immensely Well done Update So I was lucky enough to actually a signed copy of this from the author CHEA So thank you thank you Mr Brink for the fantastical read The longer I am away from this book the I like it What's amazing about this book is that it is its own story It's well written although it got a little choppy on that in a minute and the characters are their own beings It's not some spin off take off bullshit twisting of the same young adult themes And honestly I think that's mostly because for ONCE we get a very real male pro tag BillyWill our main homeboy is adorable This is my Will Smexy and buff and clean faced He's exactly what I would think a medieval teen aged adventure junkie would be And I think it's completely cute how smitten he is with the illusion of Will vs Billy And love how he has to wrestle with the age old who am I? uestion and how Brink makes it very entertaining He has all these ups and down and highs and lows and by the end he's really gotten booted off this pedestal he put himself on But I couldn't help but giggle at the last name he comes up for himself Thunderstrike Call me dirty minded but heyyyy Personally I am A HUGE fan of switching narrators I love being able to feel and see the story through different eyes and voices It adds depth and dynamics to a book And while a did enjoy all our narrators I only wish we got to spend a little time with each of them I felt like sometimes we would meet someone and he'd be gone before we got a chance to know him And OMG I love love love that you get all these stories within stories because there's all these storytellers in the story It's like bookception Read all my reviews at wwwrattlethestarscom

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    It took me a few chapters to get going on this book but once it caught me it CAUGHT me I found myself looking forward to reading it as soon as I woke up and making extra time outside of my normal reading time to read it This is good vs evil but complex and interesting I really enjoyed the characters I liked the tales that were being told to fill in the character stories The surprise ending was a total surprise It was not only a surprise but it was one of the most interesting plot twists I've ever come across I'm still explaining it to friends because it was just fascinating and really well written I plan to read the entire book againLoved it I believe it is open for a seuel and if so I'm looking forward to it

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    Recently I posted an offer on Goodreads to review a select few fantasies if the authors could convince me their work was something original and not just a re hash of standard themes and characters I specifically excluded elves vampires magic swords and other things JD Brink promised that his books fit my criteria and he told the truthI started with “The Prince of Luster and Decay” which is a short book that is something of a prologue to this series I was impressed as you can tell if you read my review of it“Tarnish” tells a marvelously inventive story Many writers use flashbacks to provide details about the past history of characters This author’s flashbacks are in the form of tall tales recited by ‘talespinners’ as story tellers are called You know that the talespinners exaggerate and aggrandize their yarns but you also are aware that each has a kernel of truth Sorting through the legends to guess the facts is part of the fun especially in the case of Trevor the Red a character who spins stories about his own pastThe plot is interesting and the characters are well done especially young Billy Cole who re names himself Wil Thunderstrike His part of the story is a gem “Tarnish” is a very entertaining and readable book I did feel that the tall tales went on a bit too long in one scene a contest between talespinners but nothing changed my opinion about this book – which is five starsI did receive a free copy in exchange for an honest review but that did not affect my opinion in any way

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    Tarnish is a new take on the classic Hero’s Journey tale A young man leaves on a uest to get help for his village which has come under attack from strange creatures The theme is classic but Brink does a remarkable job capturing the mentality of a boy on the cusp of manhood Anyone who has made that painful awkward transition can feel the authenticity of young Wil’s emotions ranging from the unshakable confidence and feeling of immortality to troubled self examination I can’t remember ever reading a book which captured that transition better than Brink has with Billy Cole’s transformation to Wil ThunderstrikeThe world Brink has created is rich and detailed well drawn with enough backstory to give the setting depth but not so much as to be overwhelming I was impressed with the world and I’d like to see of itMy only criticism is the plot and pacing It tends to meander and there’s a lot that could be tightened up Places where I wasn’t really sure where it was headed Not a suspenseful “what’s going to happen next?” but a perplexing “where are we going with this?” I think the voice and the setting carries the story through I will confess that my patience can be bought with voice but I found this book well worth the time spent reading it

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    Tarnish is a coming of age tale about Billy Cole or his alter ego Wil Thunderstrike After his village is attacked Billy goes on a uest for help to fight the creatures also known as gromlins Thunderstrike lives the true tale about a young teenage boy becoming a man All of the characters are vibrant and well driven They all stood out from one another eliminating generic characteristics The story was well written however the storytelling told within the story was a bit too much I felt it took too much from pushing the story forward There was only one important key that answered a curious uestion near the end The story was still very well written easy to keep up with and kept me hooked until the end The last four chapters leave you astonished with unexpected twists and turns You well uestion Wil's transformation from start to finish It's an instant classic heroic epic JD does a great job in exciting his readers and sets up well for the next story seuel I highly recommend this book to lovers of Lord of the Rings and any other medieval tale

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    This book was exactly what I've been missing An epic tale with swords magic and heroes Since finishing series' such as The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan James Oliver Rigney Jr and The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind I have been trying to fill a void I didn't know I had that is until reading Tarnish While the writing style is different it's just enough to show the reader how uniue JD Brink's telling of this type of story is This is a wonderful fantasy novel with everything a fantasy lover could want Do not miss out and lose yourself in JD Brink's world You will be so glad you didAudiobook Narrated by Todd Menesses I enjoyed Mr Menesses' voices and reading very much He was the perfect choice for this novel and would be excellent in the next in this series

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    i enjoyed this bookit was awesome would makean great movieit had everything i likeblood swords dragons beastfighting i give it 5 stars plusthank you for sending me this bookto review

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    I first need to thank the author JD Brink for allowing me access to this book in exchange for a review sorry for putting it off for a little bit and thank you for being understanding about itI was contacted by the author back in April via e mail amd he asked if I would be interested in reviewing his novel “Tarnish” I looked at the Goodreads page and pretty much replied with a “Hells yeah” Fantasy? Sword fights? Monsters? Destiny? Gimme GimmeThe novel itself is enjoyable Unfortunately at the time I was reading this I found myself in a bit of a reading slump and was very stressed with real life so much like with “Shadow of the Wind” I don’t want to be too overly critical about itThe world building in this novel was great there was so much depth to the different towns Billy or Will as he names himself throughout the book found himself in throughout the story and certainly a loving amount of depth and effort had gone into the stories Will told along the way I found Will mostly amusing as a character I do say “mostly” for a reason which I will come back to in a bit I loved seeing him big himself up for a fight and then basically just get pummeled Just goes to show that real life is never like the tall tales we spin It was like the ultimate “You tried” story I did feel uite a bit of sympathy for him whenever he got showed upIf I have one negative to say about this book is that I found it tricky to follow the narration The story would jump from Will’s perspective to a story Will was telling to the perspective of someone in the village back home this is where the new popular fad of character names for chapter titles does come in handy I’d find myself a bit confused for the first paragraph or two of a chapter and then feel stupid as I realised “oh wait it’s a different character” or “oh right it’s one of the tales” I found it meant that the flow of the novel got interrupted by it a lot But even then that isn’t really too much of a negative commentin my opinion anywayFollowing this while the tales within the story certainly had a loving amount of depth I found it took me away from the actual plot of the book too much and I found it difficult to let the stories keep my attention because I just wanted to follow what was going on with Will and the situation with the monsters back home which I also felt was not addressed as much as it should have been I know I’ve missed something vital from this book I can’t shake that feeling it has to do with “Trevor” but I know it’s because my mind was in two places at once while reading this book just trying to sort out the tales from realityI did find myself getting frustrated with Will’s attitude and treatment towards the female characters in the book but I guess this can and probably will be excused by the fact it’s how traditional heroes behave in their adventures I guess I know Will is basically a teenager but I still found it pretty off puttingOn the whole yes it does have a few flaws but I certainly recommend this to fans of the fantasy genreFor of my reviews please visit The Book Heap

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    For reviews please visit my siteActual rating 35When danger comes to the small town of Redfield one boy goes out in search for help He follows a path that may lead to fame riches and glory and his name is Wil Thunderstrike What Wil doesn't realise is that his path is about to take a wrong turnThis book is first and foremost a coming of age story for a young man It deals with lessons that he needs to learn about how the world works outside of Redfield relationships friendships and discovering who he really is Wil is an excellent protagonist an awkward teenage boy perfectly rendered with enough flaws and things to learn that we also journey along with him as he becomes his own man I can't profess to knowing exactly what goes on in a teenage boys head but this seems closer to the truth of it Though there isn't too much to set him apart from the crowd apart from his height Wil is still an interesting character Perhaps he is interesting because he is not special but wants for himself A lot of people can relate to this A few other characters such as Ian Trevor and Silverskin were also very well drawn and had very distinct characteristicsThe pacing for me was slow to start This was mainly due to all the storytelling that took place as the background of the characters were developed Generally this is not something I like as there are other ways to a back story in motion without the main story stopping entirely I tend to enjoy it if a book gets on with the main plot saving the back story for subplot rather than distracting the reader from it The pace was also lacking due to the fact that the story flitted between Redfield and Wil I was interested in Wil's story than those that he had left behind and with the stories being told there as well I admit I was slightly impatient to get back to Wil However as the story developed I found that this became a great device for building up the story and the tension as the danger lurked mainly with RedfieldThe ending was certainly the best part The pace had steadily picked up during the book and speed up again in the last third The final chapters are therefore a flurry of battle scenes revelations and a rush of magic It is true that some parts of this you can see coming but in others you really can't Mostly I did not think about any sort of mystery until I was nearing the end and perhaps the book could have benefited from making me uestion the events in RedfieldThe fantasy element was always there but for the most part the book was grounded in reality only really letting any magic slip in nearing the end Yes there is a silver man and a swamp man and they are both strange but really I just accepted them for what they were not really thinking about if there was any meaning to it I think my reading of this book would have been better had I known there was something mysterious going onTarnish is a good read and was interesting but wasn't uite my thing It is suitable for those who enjoy steadily paced classic heroes tales and male coming of age stories that are very character driven Personally I would have preferred much magic