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Shy music geek Emerson Foshay breaks into a cold sweat and is rendered speechless whenever Lola Brown the girl of his dreams steps into his guitar shop But once a stray cat named Sam follows him home everything changes and Emerson becomes the coolest guy in town Setting Minneapolis Minnesota Cast of main characters Emerson Foshay shy music geek Lola Brown Melody's Girl With the Cat Tattoo sister Sam the cat Max's Girl With the Cat Tattoo brother

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    35 Stars uirky sweet readWasn't uite sure what to expect here since part of the book is from a matchmaking cat's point of view but after few pages I settled in and enjoyed it very much There's an underlying message here but you don't really see it until you get into Emerson head the adorable humble and incredibly shy geeky hero in this book Bottom line having a pet can be very therapeutic they don't judge and in some cases can give us give us the strength to overcome We've all seen the reading programs where children read to dogswell Sam the cat gives Emerson the confidence and courage he needs to go after the girl of his dreams Ah the power of our pets they give us so much and all they want in return is a little bit of lovin' In the end Sam and Emerson come out on top both heroes in their own right This read won't be for everyone but if you're looking for something different can open your heart and your mind it's a pleasant way to spend a few hours I enjoyed it so much that I want to go back and read the first book in the series Girl with the Cat Tattoo Thanks to author Penny Watson for the heads up on this one She posted her love for this book on Facebook and she was right it was worth grabbing

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    35Cute romance with a meddling cat who has some mystical powers I knew there was something up with those furry beasties Anyway this kitty is messing with owners minds moving through them looking for that one who will be his After being thrown out by super duper jerk he wanders down busy streets until he meets a introverted nerd desperately in need of a cat intervention He likes girl but is too shy to act on it There is a lot happening you'll have to read about it I enjoyed it the characters were well formed I'll read from this author

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    35 starsMy favorite character in Geek with the Cat Tattoo was Sam the matchmaking mind controlling cat Yes the cat is a fully and well formed character One third of the story unfolds from his snarky yet sweet perspective and it was amusing and entertaining Even though I am a dog person I kind of adored him Simone I totally attribute my softening toward cats to youIt looks like I am going against the grain by shelving the story as paranormal But to me a book featuring a matchmaking mind controlling cat isn't your ordinary contemporary romance And that was a good thing Geek with the Cat Tattoo follows Emerson the music nerd who gets all sorts of tongue tied around Lola the bright and bold violinist and how Sam helps Emerson keep his cool and find his confidence I liked that the hero was the shy and insecure one and I liked that the heroine was skeptical But I didn't find Emerson and Lola's perspectives as engaging or their relationship as interesting as SamInstead I wanted to learn about Sam about his life before Emerson about how and why his family have powers Then I realized that I was longing for information about a fictional cat and should call it a night Geek with the Cat Tattoo was a uirky and cute enough tail wink wink Recommended for cat lovers Read for SBTB October December 2018 uarterly Challenge A book where a cat is involved

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    Geek with the Cat TattooHaving read “Girl with the Cat Tattoo” I couldn’t imagine how a geek guy could have a bond with a cat that would be even half as interesting or captivating It’s a good thing Theresa Weir has imagination and creativity than I do because I became so immersed in Sam’s story that I read the entire book in one sitting I may have enjoyed this “Boy” story than the “Girl” story because I felt the emotional angst of Emerson so much that I wanted what Sam wanted for Emerson as much as Sam didThankfully Sam the slightly sarcastic very smooth cat has only good intentions for Emerson his newly chosen owner Without Sam Emerson would probably remain aloof alone and afraid to speak to the lovely Lola As talented as Emerson is when he works his magic with musical instruments he is eually untalented when it comes to talking to the woman who is his artistic and emotional complementLola is eually inept at relationships carrying around residual mistrust from her past so Sam’s “mindmessing” helps this couple become a couple with a very sweet musical courtship of notes yes there’s a double entendre in the story tooSometimes love stories are between people other times it is between a pet and his owner but in this story it is both☺ Sam turns out to be related to Lola’s sister’s cat so when Sam finally ends up with his forever owner he also finds his cat family

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    If you’d told me three years ago that I’d read and adore a romance novel involving a cat that can control people’s minds I’d have laughed at you How times have changed The cat in uestion uses his powers for good influencing his new owner Emerson introvert music store clerk and apprentice instrument maker to finally connect with his crush once bitten twice shy musician Lola Unfortunately having to bring a cat on dates isn’t a workable long term strategy so things get pretty complicated before Emerson and Lola get to their HEA Recommended if you like adorable courtship involving handwritten letters heroines moving past scars from previous relationships and dramatic musicalromantic gestures Really sweet

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    LOVED This was sooooo sweet and funny and romantic and lovelyFor a full review please go to Penelope's Romance Reviewshttpwwwpennyromancecom201312rThis is in my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION category Grade A

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    Rating 35 starsWhat I really like about Theresa Weir's writing is that she doesn't write traditional romance and what I mean by traditional is over the top drama filled romance and this series is certainly not traditional I mean which book featuresa A cat?b A cat who acts like a match maker?cA cat who can control his owners actions?Yes to all of the above for this is what happens in Geek with the Cat Tattoo where Sam our cat manages to find himself a new owner a guy who is shy and who reuires the cat to help him find a date with Lola a woman he has liked for a long while Lola cannot figure Emery out he blows hot and cold when he is in front of her We see their sweet uite little courtship and even Sam's meeting with his one sibling This book is short and sweet and different ARC provided by publisher through Netgalley

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    For reviews visit The Accidental ReaderSince this is a short one I'm gonna keep it short I'm also trying to learn to control the length of my reviews so yay me PThis is the story of geeks Emerson and Lola and one special cat named Sam And IMO it is one of the sweetest love stories I had the pleasure to read and I do plan to read books by Teresa WeirFirst of all the writing is uite simple but still I found it held some magic It was so easy to imagine everything almost like a movieThe sense of humor and the love for cats and music only made this vivid and cute Besides a love story between to geeksneed I really say ? Yes? Well how about shy geeks?It was just so cute and gentle and it's no wonder they say geeks make the best husbands And Sam's voice the cat was just so funny and scarcastic and cat like I kept laughing He really added spice to this whole storyis he up for adoption?I can only say READ IT if you love cats that is a review copy was kindly provided by the publisher through NetGalley Thank you This book is such a short sweet read with one of the cutest love stories ever Lola and Emerson are both so dorky and geeky it's just sweet

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    Geek with the Cat Tattoo isn't your ordinary romance This was actually a very sweet and romantic story about a geek a girl and yes the cat who played kind of matchmaker and who may or may not influence human thoughts For a novella it was just right Everything flowed the words the plot the two okay three main characters I adored Emmerson and Lola The interactions between them was simply magic This was the kind of romance that just gets you feeling happy It wasn't a mushy romance in fact it was infinitely painful how both characters struggled with their own issues at the same time that they were trying to navigate their growing relationship Most of the book details Emmerson's thoughts and struggles with his debilitating shyness around Lola Both characters are actually well developed amazing for such a short book Theresa Weir crafts a story that just reels you in and won't let you go until the very end The ARC for this novel was provided by the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review8

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    like 35 but I rounded up just because Edit Rounded down to 3