MOBI A Smijj of Adventure Tales of Telmaja #2 Epub ê A í multi

Smijj is a Telmaj which means he can travel vast distances and even move spaceships across the galaxy just by wishing But Smijj is the most gifted Telmaj anyone has ever seen and because of him the Telmaj people are finally taking a stand against the Unified Government and Telmaj slavery He wants to take part in the fight for freedom Instead he has to deal with boredom overprotective friends and this thing called school Smijj realizes that his people are on the brink of war and he believes he can help if only the adults will let him When a chance encounter with an escaped slave holds the promise of an exciting new adventure Smijj is off and runningbut soon he and his friends both old and new are running for their lives from the one place in the galaxy Smijj hoped he'd never set foot on again

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