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Relating the facts behind the myth this eyewitness account tells the vivid and accurate story of the horrific 1854 Eureka Stockade a revolt against police and soldiers involving 120 miners from the Ballart gold mines in Australia that left 35 dead and a legacy of courage and freedom that has shaped ideas of Australian nationhood ever since

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    What an important book for the political history of Australia

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    Great works Read after having seen the musical with Chris Tomkinson as Carboni Laughed out loud at one of his descriptions of Vern Three cheers for Vern Go it hearty Fine fellow Legs rather too long Never mind

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    Signor Carboni Raffaelo writes funny true anecdotes the progress of history some mediocre poetry and an ability to communicate his own passion To sketch out the events in the book loosely; it begins with Raffaelo's visit to Australia his discovery of several ounces of gold then his gradual engagement with local affairs He his fellow gold diggers are repressed by a licence scheme there is a murder later revenged by vigilantes fire mild abuse of clergy and the climax is a bloody rebellion against the colonial government which at the time was terrified of democratic revolution finally trails off with his trial and departure to RomeMy own impression was of his own sincere belief in a Christian God his belief in euality beyond race or religion although scarcely mentions Australian Aboriginals his awareness of world affairs such as Field Marshall Lieutenant Haynau and of a sense of alienation from the colonial world He was a visitor not any type of colonist His trial which I believe to be directly transcribed has shockingly bizarre absolutely hilarious speechesSignor Raffaelo records various Australian lingo some now fallen out of pop use and peppers his book freuently with Great Works Spy Goodenough occurs freuently and took me uite a while to grasp It was rewarding to expand my awareness about national caricatures 'John Bull'; his pleasure in flames and so deeply attached to commerceI recommend this book to anyone interested in Australia this event even now carries social momentum in the form of the Eureka Flag

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    A hugely vital work covering one of the most important events in white Australia's first century written of course by an immigrant in this case an Italian The book was written and published within a year of the famous uprising so bears the twin hallmarks of first hand accounts but also inevitable biases An engaging and necessary work for those interested in history Carboni's language is that of an immigrant still dealing with a new language but his every paragraph feels lived in More for passionate readers of the subject admittedly

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    An interesting read by the educated and pioneering Carboni An incredibly important work to get a true feel for the time such a rare document The collouialisms are fascinating and Carboni's mix of foreign languages Latin French and some Italian while not entirely necessary serves to remind the reader how educated Carboni is Chronologically it is a tad tricky to follow and this is definitely a text that would reuire a few re reads Not bad for a free book in any case read on Kindle

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    A fascinating first hand account of the Eureka Stockade It's told in an old fashioned style that is a bit hard to follow at times but I loved being able to read the thoughts of a person who was involved in the rebellion

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    Not a bad first hand account of the event written in 1855 The author focused on what he saw and did so other accounts were not included nor the larger picture of what happened at the Eureka Stockade

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    A mix of languages styles prose and poesy like Tristram ShandyIt gets in the way of communication