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This story written for military families is about a visit from “the Santa of Sailors” to those who can’t be home for Christmas   ’Twas the night before Christmas when way out to sea Not a creature was stirring to windward or lee The sailors were nestled all snug in their racks Like orders of pancakes so tight were the stacks   One Christmas Eve out at sea some homesick sailors are paid a visit by Master Chief Claus the Santa of Sailors This lively and poignant tale was inspired by Clement C Moore’s classic yuletide poem

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    “A suadron of Hornets – so loudly they roared –With tailhooks a hangin’ came blasting aboardThe sonar went crazy A sub was aboutIt popped to the surface with SEALs pouring outI first caught wind of “The Navy’s Night Before Christmas” through Goodreads Giveaways and thought WOW what a delightful twist on the beloved poem by Clement Clarke Moore “A Visit from St Nicholas” aka “The Night Before Christmas” Naturally I hoped to win a copy My father was a WWII Naval veteran serving in the Pacific theater And my retired Navy Chief husband spent twenty five years serving including two tours of duty in Vietnam as a Corpsman attached to the Marines Bummer to the max I didn't win But it didn't stop me from checking with my local library Living in San Diego – the eighth largest city in the US and the largest Naval base on the west coast I thought there would be a good chance of finding a copy And I did “The Navy’s Night Before Christmas” is absolutely everything I thought it would be Absolutely delightful A fun book for all ages from toddling tots to ‘Old Salts’ The colorful illustrations lent a nostalgic “Crackerjack” flare to the contemporary wording and accurate depictions of haze gray ships and planes Joyful and patriotic What a perfect Christmas present it and the companion book “The Soldier’s Night Before Christmas will make for each of our grown children and their families Ho Ho Ho Five stars hand salute

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    Everything you need to know about The Navy's Night Before Christmas is in the title Clement C Moore’s classic yuletide poem meets a supercarrier Truly it's an ode to sailors and all military who can't be home for the holidays This has been on my to read list for a few years and it was a delight to finally put it in the read column

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    In the spirit of full disclosure as a US Navy veteran and navy wife of 20 years I was predisposed to either loving or hating thisno middle ground here I LOVED it I laughed when I saw the age range listed as 4 8 yearsshould have been 4 to 80 I enjoy giving picture books in lieu of greeting cards and I expect I'll be buying several copies of this to give out to friendsI reuested and received a digital galley of this book from the publisher through edelweiss

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    This is a retelling of the classic Night Before Christmas with the Navy as the center of attention Santa is Master Chief Claus and his elves are his crew who are wearing wetsuits Instead of a sleigh they have their own submarine and a suadron of hornets They bring toys to the sailors in their racks This is an interesting version of the story I liked the references to the Navy terms however the teacher may have to explain some of the vocabulary The pictures are colorful and fit with the story The font is good for a fluent reader but the wording is rather different The story doesn't flow the same as The Night Before Christmas I had to really slow down to make the rhyme work One item of note the author says The man was clean shaved with a block for a chin The word should have been clean shaven I like the premise of the book and would still recommend it but as a read with me

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    As an ol' flat top sailor myself I loved this book You should get it for all the sailors on your Christmas list; I intend to Oh sure you could nit pick this or that but a nit picking sailor is a happy sailor as we used to say The rhyme scans and the illustrations are inspired Master Chief as Santa perfect casting sure took me by surpriseFull disclosure I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway However I will buy several copies to give as Christmas gifts to USN friends and familyWell done

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    I was lucky enough to get this book by entering a Goodreads giveaway and received the book promptly and for free through Goodreads First ReadsThe story is a cute twist on the original night before Christmas story It is written from a sailors point of view and uses the same rhyming verse as the original The illustrations are wonderful and detailed I would recommend this book for every home especially for families who have loved ones in the service

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    I absolutely LOVED this book It was really creatively written and would have been awesome anyways because hello? It's the NavyIn fact it was so good that I had my mother read it too and she loved it so much she put it on her presents listI really hope that the author and illustrator do others for the other branches of the Military because I get the feeling those will be epic too just not as much as the Navy one

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    I really loved this My father is a retired Master Chief and if you know anything about the military at all then you'll understand why it is so perfect to portray Santa as a non commissioned officer The art was adorably cartoonish and the poetry perfectly fit the original rhyme scheme The creators clearly did their research I was very touched by this

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    I really liked this book but I am not sure how many children would understand all the nautical terms It would definitely be a cute book for someone who was in the navy to read to their children

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