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Julian of Norwich wrote her Revelations of Divine Love in a small room on a Norwich backstreet 600 years ago Yet there is astonishing interest in Julian today and her book continues to be widely read But why? What possible relevance could the writing of this unlettered woman have for us in today's troubled world a world vastly different from medieval England? This uestion so challenged Sheila Upjohn a recognized authority on Julian that she embarked on a uest to answer the uestion Why Julian now?Upjohn's journey became a personal voyage of discovery that led her to explore in Julian's company the nature of God creation prayer sin the devil salvation and the social and religious differences between Julian's fourteenth century context and our own world The lively traveler's tales that record Upjohn's journey are at once moving and profound She acknowledges Julian as a spiritual giant and reevalutes the wealth of Julian's teaching with a fresh and dynamic outlook She also shows that Julian's clear eyed vision is urgently needed today that it can indeed transform our understanding of God as we travel into the twenty first century

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