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The first of a major new Feist acuisition returning to his best loved series Written with Bill Forstchen acclaimed writer of great military fantasy novels in the US FREEDOM AT ANY PRICE? Hartraft's Marauders a crack band of Kingdom raiders are a special unit designed to infiltrate and fight behind enemy lines They are currently heading for a frontier garrison after a disastrous encounter with the Tsurani Meanwhile a Tsurani patrol is sent to support an assault on the same garrison Both sides arrive at the same time and discover the garrison has been overrun by a migrating horde of dhel dark elves and they are forced by circumstances to band together and fight as one unit to survive The only problem is who do they hate the most their mutual enemy or each other? As they make their way across the unknown Northlands to freedom they have to struggle not only with the elements and their enemies but also their conscience For what is important one's life or one's honour?

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    Raymond Feist I am not worthy of your Fantasy writing prowess I cannot believe I am 18 books into this series and they are still so entertaining to read I have seen a few others who felt like the Riftwar Cycle was not the same after ten or twelve books but for me it is still going uite strongThis book is the first time the story has jumped all the way back to the same time as the Riftwar It was very interesting and surprisingly not difficult to get my mind back into the mindset of that time period I will say that while many lists have this as book 18 in the series you could probably also read it right after The Empire Trilogy without issue note I think you definitely should finish the Riftwar Series the first four books and the Empire trilogy the next three books first There are many references from these first seven books that will make this one easier to understandThis was also the first time since the Empire Trilogy that Feist has brought along a co author William R Forstchen is the author of the After series of post apocalyptic novels I enjoyed that series uite a bit as well so I was interested to see what these two could do together While I couldn't specifically sense Forstchen's influence they did a great job togetherThe story and the character relationships had me enthralled from the first page This is not a super long book but so much great character development happens The story is well crafted and I was amazed to make such a strong connection when I am used to many other parts of this fantasy world I figured it would be weird to read a story in this world with characters and situations that were brand new but it was perfectly fine and perfectly awesomeIf you are not reading Feist yet and you read this review and sayBut Matthew Book 18 in the series? How can I possibly make that commitment to get to this 5 star book you are speaking so highly about?? To that I say that it is totally worth it All 18 books so far for me have been great not a dud in the bunch

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    What a pleasant surpriseI kinda expected some old side stories placed at the end of the original Riftwar taking place on the outskirts in the cold north but not a REALLY GOOD novel about enemies banding together to survive against an implacable foe alien to bothThe tale itself is pretty simple in outline but really told well in detail The nitty gritty is what this is all about keeping their men alive at all costs the dangers and distrust the cultural exchanges the growing trust and of course the knowledge that they would eventually have to suare off and kill each other eventually As a novel that really affected me this kinda did the job better than most of Feist's other novels Odd right? The big action and the epic awesomeness is missing here instead focusing on a deep tale of friendship in adversity Totally recommend

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    Originally reviewed at BookwraithsRaymond E Feist is an author I grew up reading yet haven’t picked up in a long time But when I saw this standalone novel set during the Riftwar I decided to take a chance on one of my old favorites Now I’m glad I did because Feist and William R Forstchen deliver a great military fantasy story with Honored EnemyIt is nine years into the Riftwar on Midkemia The battle lines are fairly stable Frontier forts and garrisons lining the cold rugged and war torn Northlands Midkemia and Tsurani units fighting small actions against one another than huge battles Little headway made by either side Both sides growing weary of the near stalemate But the war continuing with no end in sightDennis Hartraft’s Marauders are one of the most successful raiders in the Kingdom army Their commander’s hatred of the Tsurani driving his men to accomplish daring missions behind enemy lines; their name infamous even among their enemies And now they are returning from another raid heading for a frontier fort called Brendan’s Stockade to settle down before winter arrivesMeanwhile Asayagsa a Force Leader of the Kodeko Clan of the Tsurani forces has orders to attack Brendan’s Stockade While Asayagsa believes his orders are madness inspired by Tsurani politics he cannot disobey for fear of bringing shame to his houseFate brings our two forces together at the frontier fort at the same time A surprise awaiting both of them The danger of being decimated by a third enemy causing the Kingdom and Tsurani to band together to survive The rest of the tale focused on our “honored enemies” attempting to find a way across the frozen Northlands while battling a determined enemy and trying not to slaughter one anotherDefinitely this is a military fantasy where the troops and their situation is tense exciting and filled with action but it was my growing fondness for the characters themselves which kept my reading into the night Dennis Hartraft’s past very compelling; Asayagsa’s constant dilemma with honor and survival expertly told; and the developing tale of the elf Tinuva wonderfully developed Hell I even loved the times when the enemy leader was focused on finding this individual far than a cookie cutter bad guy but someone I could understand even empathize with in a strange wayWhat I didn’t enjoy about the story were a few twists which eased the tension between our honored enemies These events were just too convenient too fortuitous for me to really believe they would happen in real life And it kept the narrative from having to handle the ultimate uestion of whether our two bands would turn on one another as soon as the enemy presence behind them disappearedAll in all I really enjoyed Honored Enemy This book – plus the short story The Messenger in Legends II – has reignited my desire to return to Raymond E Feist’s Riftwar series because now I realize my childhood fondness for his stories might still hold true today And I’d encourage other Riftwar lovers or fans of action packed fantasy with a military twist to pick this one up I really believe you will enjoy it

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    Honored Enemey is the first book in the Legends of the Riftwar subseries which is in the larger Riftwar Cycle The books in this subseries are all co written with a different author and at least going by this first book and the title of the subseries it appears they all take place during the time span of the very first book or set of books depending on how you read it Magician This book is co written by William R Forstchen an author I’m not familiar withThe story focuses on original characters that I don't believe we've seen before The only familiar characters I noticed were during the prologue The story is pretty heavily focused on battles and enemies and vengeance There is definitely content to it than that but these things are always driving the story Both the story and the characters took some time to grow on me I found it pretty tedious early on and didn’t care much about the characters at all My interest slowly picked up after view spoilerthe Kingdom soldiers and the Tsurani started working together against the Moredhel hide spoiler

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    This is the first of my book reading where I've decided to go back and read all of the Feist Salvatore and Weiss that I missedskipped over the years An active decision made to go back to authors who can tell a good tale because I'm so disillusioned with the current fantasy offerings that are being publishedThis book is a stand alone novel in the Riftwar seriesIt's nine years into the war with the TsuraniDennis Hartraft's garrison is up near a frontier outpostA Tsurani garrison is there as wellYou would think there would be a battle butenter the dhel dark elvesThe only way for the humans and the Tsurani to live long enough to fight each other is to team up against the dhelNow just imagine all the complications plot twists and moral decisions that come out of that allianceIt took 50 75 pages to turn this from a military fantasy book into a character based book the reason I love FeistThis book is very goodThe only thing stopping a five star rating is the fact that it's a stand alone novel and lacks a greater weight in the Riftwar seriesPretty glad I picked up Feist againI wouldn't read this if you've never read other books in the series but you don't have to read all 30 or so in order to enjoy this one

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    Note Actual review is 35 starsThis was my first experience with the world where the story takes place The characters and the premise were definitely interesting and they kept me reading Tinuva was a mystery and I was really worried that the authors were never going to explain his subplot I wish there had been information regarding the two types of elves though particularly regarding the Returning Why tell us about something that sounds really intriguing only to never explain WHY it happens or really explain HOW or how someone knows when someone turns Halfway explanations seem to be pretty popular in this bookAt times Dennis seemed a little whiny? I'm not sure that's precisely the word that is best to describe his internal monologue about the Bad Things That Have Happened but that's the word that comes to mind at the moment I also wish they would have better explained Gregory's history how he and Tinuva knew each other and the history behind the Main Villain and his dislike for certain Good Characters Honoured Enemy is the first in a side series about Midkemia; however I feel that it did not explain some things as well as it could have In fact it seemed to assume that you already knew the history from the other books which annoyed me For instance while I understand the Tsurani are alien invaders have been there for 9 years and came through some sort of portal I did not understand WHY they came They also referenced a lot to the Great Game yet they never explained WHAT it is From what I've gathered it has something to do with politics Actually Asayaga's entirely conflict with Sugama still confuses me I felt there were a few opportunities to really explain some of the differences between the culture and aspects of the various groups since 4 different cultures were presentMy other big disappointment is that the authors jumped POV a lot which is a big pet peeve of mine While it appears that they were striving for a third person limited POV we often get inside information that POV character would not know I have to check the book again for a good example of this since I can't find the notes I had It seems to me they were also not going for a third person omniscient POV either based on the fact that they did usually limit themselves to whoever was identified in the first sentence of each section Despite these flaws I still found myself intrigued by the overall plot The latter portion of the book was also so riveting due to the action and the stakes that I simply could not put it down view spoilerAlthough the explanation of building the bridge made no sense to me and was therefore impossible to picture hide spoiler

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    Unlike most of Raymond E Feist the author books this book lacked the fantasy element Granted this is a standalone sidebar to the Riftwar Saga another series by the same author and there were elves dark elves and some reference to rifts but this book is just pure fiction and actionFans of the Riftwar Saga will not see their heroes in action and find themselves embroiled in a action packed fast paced war fiction similar to the novels of Bernard Cornwell's a historic fiction author Sharpe series The author had explicitly mentioned he tried to mimic Bernard Cornwell and having read the Sharpe series I would say he did a passable impression of Cornwell's Sharpe series Due to the story plot magic or spellcasting is non existent as majority of the Midkemian forces battled without the aid of magic during the RiftwarDennis Hartraft main protagonist and his mercenaries were in the middle of a war against the Tsurani human race from another world invaders when they found themselves facing a third party Between the struggle of loyalties and war hatred Dennis had to make a decision to ensure the survival of his mercenariesIn this book fans of E Feist will learn about the Returning A fantastic read by its own and the best book in the Legends of Riftwar the name of the series I will recommend this book for war fiction fans

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    I'm not going to lie I was than a little bit worried to read this book As I mentioned in the Magician Apprentice review some of Feists later books are less than good It was right around this period when I think some of the books went off course but I'm happy to say that this wasn't the case for this one Be it Forstchen's coauthorship or Feist returning to the beginning of the series Honored Enemy was amazing I'm currently going through all of the Feist book some for the third or fourth time others for the first time This just so happens to be the first time I've read this particular novel I'm doing an alternate reading order in the sense that I'm going semi chronologically I'll finish off the rest of the Riftwar Legends books because they happen during start of the whole series I'll read the Empire books next before finally going by publish date As with the books Feist worked on with Wurts I really think he benefited from having a second voice in writing Honored Enemy The beauty of this duo was the fact that you really could not tell where each contributed their styles meshed so well that it was extremely easy to get lost in the stories and characters While the premise sounds simple and somewhat boring which is the main reason it has taken me so long to read the book is fantastic Just the dynamic between Dennis and Asayaga is enough to warrant picking up this book Add to it a deeper look into the Dark Brotherhood and a setting never really explored in the other books any fan has to go out and read this Since I've read the majority of the series already I had no trouble picking up on some of the references and details that were put in but I would highly recommend going through everything by publish date if it's your first time through I'm impressed as to just how well the authors got the tone of Magician having just read the two novels it was like jumping back in despite the books being separated by two decades It also makes me eager to jump into the next novel off I go

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    Enjoyed reading this book many years ago From what I can remember of it this was one of the many spin off novels based around Feist's original Magician novel I liked this one in particular because it offered a different viewpoint on the Riftwar saga Enemies sometimes must 'bury the hatchet' so to speak If you liked Magician Silverthorn and A Darkness at Sethanon you'll than likely enjoy this too

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    Writing and story was surprisingly good so I think author really did a good work here Enemies thrown together in desperate situation brings out best and worst of people giving reader thrilling adventure story