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Hollywood lifestyles of today have nothing on those of the first half of the last century for opulence and glamour David Wallace author of Lost Hollywood has unearthed new stories and fresh details about some of the era's biggest names and how they lived worked and played The stars' real lives at the dawn of the studio era were infinitely interesting than anything committed to celluloid and they're all here Hollywoodland explores among other topics high society twilight guys and gals getting high dream houses great movie music and where it came from star retreats and playgrounds the mob and the movie business celebrated on screen and off screen fashions Hollywoodland is rich and lively history about Hollywood's grandest era and necessary reading for any fan of the movies and their earliest stars

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    I purchased this in the hopes that it would provide a detailed look at the beginning of the early film industry in Southern California aka Hollywood The pioneers in any field are usually very interesting especially if they are drug addicts and con artistsIt begins nicely explaining the movers and shakers who ended up controlling Los Angeles and much of the property development There are some fascinating nuggets revealed such as the reason Malibu has no railroad tracks an oddity in coastal California and we learn how the land of oranges became the land of tracking shots When it stays with the Silent Era core it is a fascinating read Alas it then continues to other decades where the material gets a bit boringThe silent pictures and the controversies surrounding them gave the film industry its original oomph before the censorship years came along Hollywoodland before Hollywood I started to lose interest as the focus suddenly shifted to later decades For example there is a whole chapter on Frank Capra Now I love most of his movies but they were not from the Silent Era Mistakes also abound showing the publisher's lack of proofreading The best part of the book is the Foreword by Ann Miller the great screen dancerBook Season Summer lazy lizarding

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    Hydroxyzine is the only word on this language that has X Y Z in order Also it is mostly bullshit A 25 mg cap is just as soothing as every book I'll ever ead on the Golden Age of Hollywood I think of both as something that'll live in my bed beside the dog and the body pillow and the crystallized rock I found walking laps round the fence at the state mental ward All of them are there to rock me to sleep

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    I was expecting a lot from this in a couple of waysa little known factsb better fleshed out and organized chaptersc a cohesive timelineThis felt like visiting faux ghost town with a bunch of people shuffling on and off a tour bus than a juicy look into old Hollywood glamor

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    Stories and details of some of Hollywood's most famous names A fast read which lets us see both the splendor and the sualor of old Hollywood If you like reading about the stars you will love this one It shows them warts and all Have fun

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    Eh so far Not nearly salacious enough for me We'll see if it gets better At least it's shortShort but I couldn't even finish it Just dull And in need of an editor typos plus blah tidbits plus little to no scandal euals no interest Skip it

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    An intersting foray into the early years of filmmaking in Hollywood

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    very strange history