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Distinguer pour unir ou Les degrés du savoir was first published in 1932 by Jacues Maritain In this new translation of The Degrees of Knowledge Ralph McInerny attempts a careful expression of Maritain's original masterpiece than previous translations Maritain proposes a hierarchy of the forms of knowledge by discussing the degrees of rational and suprarational understanding Nine appendices some longer than the chapters of the book advance Maritain's thought often by taking on criticism of earlier editions of the work Rightly called Maritain's cardinal work The Degrees of Knowledge is a magnificent and sagacious achievement Jacues Maritain's masterpiece proposes a hierarchy of forms of knowledge that culminate in mystical experience and wisdom which is a gift of the Holy Ghost Maritain argues that the intellectual life is meant to be complemented by the spiritual life and should culminate in sanctity

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    I found the following review online and I agree with it wholeheartedlyKIRKUS REVIEWThe shorter works of Jacues Maritain have been so enthusiastically received that this his first long work should be even welcome Undoubtedly one of the greatest 20th century philosophers this book will have a wide field Philosophers and theologians cannot miss it and to add to its importance it bears the imprimatur so that Catholics as well as Protestants will consider it reuired reading While it is not easy reading it is amazing how clearly the author cuts his way through the maze of problems and subjects that face him Eually at home in the field of science of theology in physics or mysticism mathematics or philosophy we find ourselves following our surefooted guide with an amazing but delightful sense of achievement This is a book to own read reread and study not to be digested in one reading It contains a lifetime of knowledge

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    Extremely deep account of Neo Thomistic thought It would take a good deal of time and concerted attention to read this This is not a conversation I am as of now totally prepared to engage in It is likely though that I'll arrive here eventually

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