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A Woman ScornedAlyssa Rossi never wanted to return home to New Orleans too many memories most of them bad ones But when her successful costume jewelry company is acuired by TriTech her only choice is to leave Italy and return to the scene of a crime that nearly destroyed her lifeA Mystery UnsolvedTriTech CEO Jake Williams is all business and determined to find out the real reason why his partner acuired Rossi Designs His investigation uncovers a first love's betrayal a missing babyand the mysterious Alyssa in the center of a storm of gossip and controversy that has raged for than a decadeA Deadly ObsessionShunned by New Orleans society yet coveted by her former lover Alyssa tried to focus on her jewelryand Jake But her past and a new murder haunt her every waking moment Now amid the chaos of Madri Gras Alyssa and Jake's attempts to uncover the truth bring them closer to one another and to a killer who will stop at nothing to destroy them

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    Another one of my favorites by Sawyer

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    Wonderful storyThis is a great book with wonderful believable characters I haven't read any other books by this author but I certainly intend to find some of her other work The story was well thought out and beautifully written

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    Another stellar story written by Meryl Sawyer Good suspense strong plot great mystery and lovable characters While the dark sides were disturbing there was also some menage a trois which I didn't like and some creepy twisted parts The strength in Sawyer's writing shows as the characters come to life and makes the reader continue to read every page until the end I wish Sawyer were writing a story on Rueben Sanchez though Definitely recommended 45 stars

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    Alyssa is a successful jewelry designer living in Italy She accepts a buyout to move her business back to her hometown of New Orleans The action begins when her old boyfriend who is married to her cousin anonymously arranges the sale old scandals are revived and new intriues begin Kept reading to see what happens in the end even tho this is not a mystery Would read another book by the author

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    I didn't finish the book which is very rare for me but I thought this book was a poorly written harleuin Romance trashy novel