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Paul Thompson's The Terror Timeline offers a complete and thorough history of the many roads that converged on 911 including the development of Islamic fundamentalism the activities of bin Laden and al aeda and the failures of US investigations and counterterrorism efforts It traces the actions and inactions of every important figure in the war on terror both before and after 911 bringing them together in a volume that offers a comprehensive and provocative look at this complex subject Packed with little known facts and disturbing uestions The Terror Timeline is the first complete reference guide to the events of 911 and the war on terror the definitive primer on the most momentous issue of our times

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    This Terror Timeline is so full of evidence it could be used in a trial of the perps who murdered 3000 people in the Twin Towers If you have never read this book you need to put it at the top of your list Your eyes will be opened WIDEFirst to get at the truth the Timeline reveals that in 1962 the Joint Chirfs had a plan for using drones to fly into air space over Cuba to then be shot down annd then place the blame on Castro so that the USA could go into Cuba JFK vetoed that plan and disciplined General Lyman Lemnitzer who advocated it A year later JFK was assassinatedSecond this drone plan was very similar to what happened on 911 some 40 years later The Air Force never scuttled this false flag plan They just waited to use it laterThird the Timeline reveals the huge Israeli spy network in the USA prior to 911 and after Hundreds of Israeli agents were in the USA many of them dogging the so called Muslim hijackers But these samme Israelis celebrated as the Twin Towers fell Then after being arrested these Israelis were allowed to fly out of the country to safety without being uestionedEach chapter is packed with secrets After reading awhile you will have to stop just so you can absorb the immensity of what you have readThis book is than a classic It is a shocking indictment of our own devious methods used to get into an illegal and immoral war with IraYou will keep it on your desk for easy access for years to come

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    some mindblowing information about 911 and the Bush administration the whole book is a compilation of news sources that really makes you skeptical about everything the government is doinghas been doing since 911 i picked it up almost on a whim just to flip through it and ended up reading all 700 pages

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    PRICELESS Should buy a copy for each member of the 9 11 commission plus two or three to give away Okay 9 11 studies are getting tiresome especially if you've read some 25 30 by now but this one is different and even though we all know the main players better than their own relatives this book is still a revelation all these years later And it was one of the first put out Buy it

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    this was the definitive accounting back in 2001 02 when it was all electronic; usefulness of the timeline when put in print is dubious however seems that some of the radical implications have been toned down for the print version too

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    There is really no substitute for the History Commons website but this book is still very worthwhile One of the basic things it demonstrates as Thompson discusses in Barrie Zwicker's DVD The Great Conspiracy is that freuently the mainstream media will report all kinds of important facts that don't agree with the official story but because there is no follow up no attempt to connect the dots no context or background given to the reader these stories usually disappear and are soon forgotten about Instead the official narrative takes over and is constantly reinforced until it becomes our approved history

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