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There are lots of things that regular people can do but teachers can't Teachers can't ride a bike or scooter to school And they can never be tardy Teachers can't buy their own apples And they can't teach their best without flowers on their desk But first they really need some help cleaning the blackboard And the erasers It's a wonder they come back to school at all

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    Good pre bed time story

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    This book is very cute and comical I like that it shows an inclusive school environment by having some students walking and displaying a student in a wheel chair It was funny how the teacher knew the larger words but had trouble with the small words So this book is a great way to talk about knowing vocabulary versus comprehension I like that it shows the teacher making mistakes because sometimes we can forget to make mistakes and work forward so that the students can see that learning from mistakes is acceptable and encouraged

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    I loved this book it gave me a couple of ideas on ways to get the students engaged in lessons; such as letting the students believe that you don't know how to do things or you can't figure out certain situations and you may need a little assistance from the students Great book

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    This was a good one I might have to read this during the first week of school

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    I enjoyed this book and I'm glad that I have read it The majority of this book I can relate to because my mother is a teacher and I know there are several things she can and can not do This is a great children's book to have in the classroom The pictures on each page clearly depicts what the teacher is doing or not doing so the students can follow the book even if they are having difficulties reading the book by themselves I highly recommend this children's book

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    This is a humorous look at teachers written by someone who likes teachers It's full of creative ideas about what restrictions teachers work with It could be a cute read aloud at the beginning of the school year

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    I made my mom put mis gia's name in it she was my teacher from last year it was so funny they are right mis gia can't go down the slide i laughed so hard age 5

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    Pretty funny and accurate

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    Genre Modern FantasyReview School Library JournalPreS Gr 1 This mildly amusing child's eye look at teachers is the third collaboration featuring clothed yellow green dinosaurlike creatures that tell about the things adults supposedly can't do The text is made up of simple mostly declarative sentences usually one per page and seems to stretch to make its point Large attractive pen and ink and watercolor illustrations depict a series of situations in which readers might observe a teacher Sometimes the humor is in the child's interpretation teachers can't buy their own apples spell cat or add 2 2; that they can never be tardy and can't use the hall pass to go to the bathroom may be a surprise to youngsters The teacher's bottle of water in one picture is a modern touch but cleaning blackboards and slapping erasers lend an old fashioned note While Joseph Slate's Miss Bindergarten series Dutton is superior this title would probably be popular for start of the school year storytimes Louise L Sherman formerly at Anna C Scott School Leonia NJRecommendation 5 7 YearsNotes Beginning of school book

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    This book allowed us as educators to see the point of view of our young students in our classrooms it was funny and made me think of a lot of things I had never thought about but as a child I can remember thinking We always have to clean the board for Mrs McDonald It makes students appreciate their teachers as well because we are busy teaching them and sometimes it is ok to do things for your teacher take that off of their plate and we appreciate this Teachers can read this to their students and allow them to understand that teachers do a lot we not only teach them things we provide support care security etc for them while they are in our care