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He was too gorgeous to be just an intruder Casey McIntyre hoped but when Alex McLean pinned her to the wall of the newspaper office and demanded why she was there alone at night she felt a thrill that had nothing to do with fear and everything to do with sensual excitement Even when he believed that she wasn't spying for his rival but working for him Alex didn't want to let her go He'd never felt such powerful desire for a woman and he couldn't release her without tasting the delectable lips that promised to burn his own with ecstatic fire Casey responded to the velvet caress of his voice and moved without thinking into the arms of the fierce charming stranger Shed always said she wouldn't take orders from anyone yet she couldn't deny Alex's passionate commands But when she wanted to share his battle to save the paper Alex grew possessive protective Could Casey make him understand that he couldn't insist on keeping her safe if he wanted to keep her love?

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    I read a French translation picked up on a whim from a little free library in a little town in uebec I don't have much to say about the plot Mostly I was reading to improve my French comprehension The story is set in Vancouver that's cool

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