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Little Freddy thinks he is the smartest fox in the world When his mother tells her three cubs to try and catch their own suppers Freddy says I'm too clever to bother with all that chasing I'll let my supper come to me When Freddy hunts a sandwich his mother says You're too clever for your own good But Freddy continues to scavenge instead of hunt until one day when he tries to make another easy catch but gets than he bargains for

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    This story reminds me so much in a sense of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit although using foxes instead to bring the story to life Mother Fox is trying to teach her kits how to be wild foxes by hunting natural wild prey but her one little kit is too good to be made to look like a fool like his siblings so follow him along as he searches other options The pictures are beautiful and the colors are brought to life for the reader as they follow this little family The escapades of Freddie's siblings will bring a smile to your face as you watch them try to learn to be adults and you may end up shaking your head at Freddie himself The story is a bit long for beginning audiences and readers but with patience or by sharing the reading you may get your little one through the pages

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    Read this to Adelaide yesterday she was lookng at the pictures at the start but was asleep by the end haven't been able to make it through a full book with her yet Maybe when she is older I still really liked this tale about Crafty Little Freddie The picture on the last page is very 'awwww' This one is a keeper into my box for when Adelaide comes over

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    It took awhile to find this book I rated it a five because Papa gave it to me Love Ryann