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Are you Implying or Inferring? Each article in this useful volume describes a common problem in grammar or usage encountered freuently by speakers and writers of English Clearly written explanations with abundant examples of correct usage make this a valuable reference for all who need to express themselves effectively in writing

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    I would recommend this book to anyone who does a lot of writing It has excellent well researched advice on the proper usage of a number of English words and phrases It is very descriptivist that is rather than simply deferring to an expert's opinion the researchers actually search through numerous archives of English literature journalism etc as well as other usage guides to formulate their recommendations

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    I am fascinated with and by wordsBecause of that I found this book to be a useful dictionary covering words from aan and abbreviations to zoom and the problems or differences that may arise in usage for those whose job is working with wordsThere is also a short brief in the words of the dictionary history of the English language a pronunciation guide and a bibliography of source materials for the advice given in the body of the dictionary

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    How could I not love a book that answers my most burning usage uestions and also helps me win arguments? I usually have to just make believe an opponent for these arguments because all the real people are afraid to fight with me about this stuff but it still gives me a great sense of triumph when I win which I ALWAYS do

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    This is not the best usage guide ever but it is a good one Many an argument was settled with this book Frankly anyone who fancies himself a wordsmith better know what's included here All basic and straightforward but necessary nonetheless

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    This usage dictionary is vital for any writer editor or English lover in general It has great histories and explanations of many common dilemmas and usage uestions we face See the entries for whowhom and fartherfurther

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    The sine ua non of English usage reference There is an exemplary reliance on evidence with plenty of supporting uotations rather than the usual intellectually trivial acceptance of received rules

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    I originally read this book for fun and education I keep it on hand for a reference

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    If you aren't familiar with this book which BTW is uite droll there's a very high probability that you are the under the sway of some very priggish ideas about English usage Free yer mind

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    An indispensable arbiter of proper English filled with revealing insights on how our language came to its present state

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    Overall the best most thorough usage guide available MWDEU is not so much a uick reference but rather a guide for self study and settling those seemingly intractable issues of English usage