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When President Theodore Roosevelt announces that there will be no White House Christmas tree because cutting down trees is against his conservation efforts his youngest sons uentin and Archie are deeply disappointed They can't imagine Christmas without a tree The two determined boys enlist the help of their aunt and sneak a small tree into their bedroom When the president finds out he takes the boys to see the chief forester in hopes of teaching them a lesson But the chief forester says cutting down smaller trees will help the taller ones grow Isn't that bully says the president and the boys shout Hooray for the treeGary Hines and Alexandra Wallner bring this story based on actual events to life in a light hearted text matched with bright cheerful art Young readers will enjoy this humorous episode in history and relish the children's victory over their father At the end of the book there is a photograph of the Roosevelt family and an author's note on Roosevelt his children and the real Christmas tree

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    Historical Fiction about Theodore Roosevelt and his children The kids want a Christmas tree in the White House but Roosevelt forbids it and explains that it goes against his efforts at conservation The boys sneak a small tree into their room and are eventually caught Things take a happy turn when the President takes the boys to visit his good friend and forester Gifford Pinchot and they all learn some of the finer points of conservation and forestry To everyone's satisfation the boys get to keep their tree in the bedroom

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    No Christmas tree in the White House?? This will just not due The Roosevelt children find a way to enjoy the smell of Christmas secretly Of course hiding the scent of pine from a naturalist like Theodore Roosevelt is impossible Can he convince his children that cutting down trees for brief decorating enjoyment is wrong? That it goes against everything in his conservationist nature?? Or will Roosevelt himself learn a lesson in horticulture??This was an entertaining tale of Christmas time at the White House while Roosevelt was in office Gary Hines did a nice job of showing some of the Roosevelt family’s traits and their uniue family dynamics

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    We really enjoyed this mostly non fiction story about Theodore Roosevelt and his kids Pres Roosevelt didn't want to put a big tree in the white house because it was against his conservation ideas His boys sneak a tree in through their window and there is a subseuent trip to the chief forester where the President learns that it's ok to take some small treesToo bad the boys were disobedient and still got their way But I liked how Teddy Roosevelt accepted his error and allowed the family to have a tree for Christmas

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    Ordered this on It is a used copy someone bought in Washington DCCan tell by the writing in the front cover Such a fun story of two sons of Theodore Roosevelt who snuck in a tree to their bedroom in the White House

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    A sweet story about when President T Roosevelt banned Christmas tree from the White House his two younger sons snuck one in A lil' bit of ecology history and fun makes a nice tale for Christmas Based on a true story

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    A short look at Theodore Roosevelt's attempt to enforce his presidential conservation policies in the White House by not allowing his boys to have a Christmas tree They had other ideas and took matters into their own hands

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    Very delightful story the historical follow up in the back is just as illuminating

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    A cute story about a Christmas tree I don't know much about Pres Roosevelt so this was a good little snippet into his family life

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    Great book to pair with What to do about Alice

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    Liked the history within the story about President Roosevelt