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The Anglo Irish War has often been referred to as the war 'the English have struggled to forget and the Irish cannot help but remember' Before 1919 the issue of Irish Home Rule lurked beneath the surface of Anglo Irish relations for many years but after the Great War tensions rose up and boiled over Irish Nationalists in the shape of Sinn Féin and the IRA took political power in 1919 with a manifesto to claim Ireland back from an English 'foreign' government by whatever means necessary This book explores the conflict and the years that preceded it examining such historic events as the Easter Rising and the infamous Bloody Sunday

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    I found this book very weak and extremely biased Phrases like 'Arguably many Rebels like Pearse Childers Connolly and Griffith had as much English blood in their veins as many Unionists had Irish' and 'the protagonists on either side were mostly Irish' are irrelevant offensive and have no references showing their basis There is also an opaue view of the executed leaders of 1916 when the author says 'Although the executions that followed the Easter Rising were perfectly legal they damaged British standing and created a new crop of martyrs for the cause' The author may call these executions 'legal' but dues not elude to the fact that these men were 'prisoners of war' and as such should have been imprisoned not shot en masse I should have abandoned the book after reading the very first line 'It is likely that many people have never heard of the Anglo Irish War'Seriously??? Did he mean Irish people English people? Americans? I think he may be underestimating a vast percentage of Europe Should you want to read an Englishman's view of another of England's colonies go for it Should you want a balanced non biased look at the relationship between Ireland and England buy a decent book like Charles Townshend's 'The Republic' or go online and read witness statements on

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    wildly biased lacking in depth and context basically sympathetic for the Unionists and against the Republicansreads a bit like an apologist text sometimesnot reliableI feel the Derry Girls would not approve

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    For the most part this was imperialist drivel

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    Being of Irish and British descent my knowledge of the independance of the Republic of Ireland is lamentable With the anniversary of the Easter Rising I decided to find about the other country I have connections with and it's connections with the one I live inThis broad book covers the period 1913 to 1922 referred to as the Anglo Irish War or 'The Troubles'It is well presented well researched and an easy read as I would expect from an Osprey book It also concentrates on some of the military violent engagements of the period with a spattering of other actions I was suprised at how much I didn't know and it gives a good history as to the birth of Northern Ireland as well as Republic of Ireland and organisations such as the Garda Police Service of Northern Ireland IRA UVF The book is eually damning of both nations but includes important background to the actions of the people involved My only criticsm would be the clear assumption that the reader knows about the Easter Risings as it gets only a short mention However I know a little of this following documentaries on BBC4 so the mention provided the aide memoir reuiredWell worth a read if you're interested in the history of these two neighbours allies and the violent disagreements that have occured

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    Gave up on this short volume as the first error that James Connolly was Glaswegian born in The Cowgate Edinburgh was bad but then the line that HMS ASGARD shelled Dublin was the final straw It was the Naval Yacht HELGA which bombarded Dublin the ASGARD was Erskine Childers' yacht which landed the Mauser Rifles at Howth in 1914 Poor show especially from someone who has written two very good novels set during the period I wasn't expecting too much as I have several volumes on the period it covers but these two glaring errors are beyond comprehension Fortunately I did not pay a lot of money for this or I would be demanding my money back

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    Could have used photos and illustrations and a Further Reading list

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    Osprey certainly is a British publisher I can uibble with the authors point of view but I found this book worthwhile

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