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A cub reporter need not spend years struggling to land a coveted job on the foreign desk Technology's advances and major media cost cutting have cleared the way for enterprising young journalists to make it as freelance foreign correspondents This step by step primer covers everything from choosing a region to staying ten steps ahead of the pack Anecdotes from dozens of successful freelancers based all over the world reveal potential triumphs and pitfalls of the job

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    After reading this book my conclusion was that I could not become a freelance foreign correspondent Not very inspiring I should also add that I have a dear friend who became a freelance foreign correspondent and did so in a very different manner than this book detailed It is true that it is an exceedingly difficult profession to break into; however I do not recommend this as a resource for inspiration

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    i got this from the library it is from 1997 so a lot of stuff has changed no doubt but there are some good stories and what seems like good practical advice about life as a foreign correspondent