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In 1928 the largest cruise liner the world has ever seen is launched With a crew and passenger complement totalling nearly 30000 people the Leviathan is bound for New York However it never reaches the Big Apple and simply disappears Twenty years later with the Leviathan stranded on an unearthly sea Detective Sergeant Lament begins to investigate the mystery at the liner's heart What he discovers will change his world forever but it might just bring the Leviathan homeFrom the creators of Scarlet Traces and The Great Game comes a uniue story that will continue to haunt the reader long after the last page has been turned

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    I think ever since I picked up totally randomly a copy of Ian Edginton's Stickleback I have been a fan of his work and the fact that the creative team of Edginton and d'Israeli are back together for this project just makes it all the appealing I cannot wait to see the next instalment of their Scarlet Traces series So what about this book well to be honest its hard to explain anything without giving away the plot since it starts pretty much from the second page and for a graphic novel thats pretty fast goingThe Leviathan is truly massive ship however all is not as it seems and what you have here is a mystery that just seems to get and involved in true style of the books of Ian EdgintonSo in short another great books which does not disappoint my only wish would be that it were longer as the ideas presented in the main story have so much potential and the fact that you have a number of short specials clearly show that In fact this is a world I could easily see being returned to however I suspect that other projects and time will put pay to that but we can wait and see like the hope of another Stickleback book

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    A murder mystery in a locked room type situation with a supernatural twist Although Hell is encased in a boat it in itself is not caused by the abnormal circumstances which keep everyone trapped but is caused by the people themselves The passengers have degraded to the level of the worst aspects of humanity they show little compassion for others and drown themselves in debauchery This may be an attempt to stay sane and others have lowered themselves out of desperation but it is still their depravity which has sunk them into this state of madnessWith an area the size of a small city there are many places a murderer can hide and it is up to detective Lament to find him and to possibly discover the mystery behind this ghost ship which should've run out of fuel long ago Lament is an honest fellow and has some sense of justice still so he goes below to find the answersAt this point everything goes downhill the story idea is good but the execution is done to uickly There are sudden scene jumps the mystery is solved almost immediately not to mention it is all just handed to him in one speech and none of the characters are given a chance to grow in the least This could have turned out an excellent commentary on human nature yet nothing is learned in the end It doesn't even go indepth into the wickedness of humans For some reason there are also several variations to the art style used and they do not fit together

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    Originally serialized in the legendary British comics magazine 2000 AD Leviathan reveals the fascinating tragic tale of the eponymous cruise liner the largest ever built Carrying a crew and passenger complement numbering closing to 30000 people the ship disappeared in 1928 on its maiden voyage Twenty years later with the Leviathan lost in an undead sea a complex social strata develops under the command of a powerful aristocratic cabal The group summons Lament a detective sergeant back in the real world to investigate a series of grisly murders He uncovers the secret of the Leviathan and possibly a way home Though hampered by a reveal steeped in clichés the talented team of Edginton and D'Israeli produce an engaging enough tale to overlook such foibles D'Israeli expertly renders the Leviathan as both massive and confining Edginton manages to make his archetypical characters interesting This volume contains the main lengthy story plus four short stories that explore other happenings aboard the Leviathan Sample script pages and an artist sketchbook round out the book

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    An interesting start but after that it's typical storytelling

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    This volume collects together four stories based on the Leviathan a cruise liner of epic proportions matched only by the ego of its creator and designer Sir William Ashbless The first story Leviathan tells of the liner 20 years into its voyage and a series of gruesome murders Detective Sergeant Lament is called to investigate and in doing so he uncovers the reasons behind the liner's extended voyage The remaining three stories Chosen Son McLean's Last Case and Beyond the Blue Horizon are shorter and all based before the events of the first story These three give an insight into how the liner functions as a floating city lost at sea and how it got there These a four great stories brilliantly illustrated in black white and grey adding to the sense of doom and foreboding that permeates each story the characters and the ship itself An excellent collection and I am definitely going to look out for by this author

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    This was an interesting graphic novel that seemed to combine elements from the video game Bioshock the TV show Lost the Cthulhu Mythos and of course the movie Titanic into an effective if not completely cohesive mix While its conflation of the Lovecraftian alien being Hastur as a demon from a Judeo Christian Hell isn't really to my taste I loved the setting of a huge city like ship mysteriously cut adrift in time it's passengers attempting to survive in any way they can Consisting of a few short stories set on the Leviathan the world's largest ship launched from England for New York in 1928 that finds itself cut adrift from reality with no sign of land for twenty years I can certainly see it as a rich setting for future tales

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    The setting is great and they explore it in a couple of different interesting ways by implication what do you eat when your city sized ocean liner has been lost at sea for 20 years? Well you DID have a zoo; by social stratum how do things differ for people in first class versus steerage?; and directly by having someone visit many areas It masuerades as a detective story but the investigation doesn't really involve much investigating no magnifying glass no fingerprints or scraps of torn fabric no bits of newsprint extracted from under the victim's fingernails no one wrapped in plastic instead the detective simply follows leads to The Horror This could easily have suffered from Noir Douchebag Syndrome because of the period and genre but most of the characters offer just enough good nature to keep me on board I didn't find myself saying wow haven't you been shot yet? about any of the characters

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    Make no mistake Detective this is hell Contrary to scripture and rote hell is not about fiery imps jabbing sinners with pitchforks That's just for the touristsHell is an absence of hopeExtremely well written and the art is spectacular Described by the author himself as The Shining but the Overlook is a ship which is pretty accurate An unlikely hero and a terrifying monster Worth your attention if you love noir and horror and fantastic art

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    I think I expected so much from this after reading some of the reviews here the premise is interesting but the story seems very rushed and not really fleshed out too well Because everything just happened so uickly id no care for any of the characters ill give it some stars cause I did like the art it suited that kind of story

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    Bad art uninteresting characters