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Peter May’s thrilling new China novel brings together Beijing detective Li Yan and American pathologist Margaret Campbell for the third timeWhen the mutilated and dismembered bodies of eighteen women are discovered in a mass grave in Shanghai Li is sent to establish if the corpses are related to an unsolved murder in Beijing and he finds the most horrifying catalog of killings ever uncovered in the Middle KingdomOnce Margaret is unsure of her mercurial relationship with Li and if it will threaten their professional collaboration Having just suffered the heartbreak of burying her father she arrives in Shanghai to find any partnership with Li threatened by another woman named Mei Ling Born in the Year of the Tiger Mei Ling seems to have her claws firmly fixed in Li How can Margaret a mere “foreign devil” compete with Mei Ling the deputy head of Shanghai’s serious crime suad?Faced with the grisly proposition that the murdered women have been subjected to “live” autopsies the three soon realize they are tracking a monster of inhuman capacity The closer they get to this ruthlessly cold blooded killer the closer they come to realizing their own personal nightmaresPeter May combines edge of the seat suspense and a brilliantly evoked picture of modern China to create an unstoppable thriller

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    This is the 3rd book in the 'China Thrillers' by Peter MayI am a great admirer of Peter May's novels and enjoyed the first two books in this series so it was no big surprise to me that I enjoyed this one also I especially enjoy book series as it gives the characters plenty of time to develop and allows for sub plots to be carried over to the next book This series is steadily improving and the two main characters Beijing detective Li Yan and American pathologist Margaret Campbell are becoming familiar with every pageIn this book Li Yan is working on a case where a woman’s body has been found and it appears the victim had undergone an autopsy while alive organs removed and her body cut into pieces Yan is sent to Shanghai to oversee the investigation instigated by a mass grave being found there with the similar remains of 18 women There is plenty of relationship issues with Yan receiving the attentions of his female counterpart in Shanghai and also the on going love interest from former lover Margaret CampbellAnother great mix of relationships and crime which is a must for all Peter May followers

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    Book #3 of the China Thrillers by Peter May and featuring Dr Margaret Campbell and Deputy Section Chief Li Yan I have to give a shout out to Gary for recommending the first book to me and now I am hooked into reading about these charactersIn this edition Dr Campbell is back in the United States In China specifically Shanghei 18 bodies are uncovered at a construction site and Deputy Section Chief Li Yan is brought into the case from Bejing to help his counterpart in Shanghei Nien Mei Ling Chief Li Yan asks to have Dr Campbell brought back to China to assist in identifying the bodies And so begins the case and the relationship issues as Margaret Campbell and Li Yan have an off again on again romance with Nien Mei Ling Shanghei's Deputy Section Chief also showing interest in Li YanWho are the recovered bodies? And why were they killed? What is the common factor between them or is this a random serial killer?A terrific series that I have very much enjoyed Highly recommend

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    A wonderful taste of China a nice tightly plotted mystery but a truly annoying female protagonist After all if you're going to live in China how bright is it to deliberately antagonize public officials? Doing everything you can to alienate people isn't feisty or independent it's aggressive annoying and in a foreign country where you haven't bothered to learn even the simplest of phrases in the language it's criminally stupid This is one of those books where the reader is screaming at the characters the entire way through the book because it's inconceivable that a person with an I above room temperature would not see the shit storm they're bringing down on themselves While it's true that some brilliant people have blind spots where most people have common sense the author needed to show that in other areas to have it be a legitimate explanation for Margaret's woeful lack of insight in dealing with the Chinese Margaret is an awful lot like the heroines in those B rated slasher movies who know there's a serial killer lurking somewhere so they gear up with a flashlight that has failing batteries to explore the basement

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    I’m a big Peter May fan and will happily dive into his thrillers knowing I will be hooked throughout Since my first Peter May book I’ve been happy to come back for and after a bit of a gap I’m finally diving back into the China ThrillersAs it’s been a while since I read the second book in the series it took me a while to get into this one The story did not start in line with what I’d been expecting after the ending of book two and it took me a while to get into the way things were playing out Once I was sucked in though Peter May did his usual trick and had me hooked throughoutI will be honest and say The Killing Room is my least favourite in the series thus far It was enjoyable yes but it didn’t uite wow me in the way the two prior books did Things were a bit on the predictable side – with both the way the relationship developed between the characters and the way the crime played out – and I found myself working things out well before they came to be Despite this I still had a lot of fun There was plenty to enjoy throughout and the book is extremely difficult to put downWithout a doubt I’ll be diving into book four soon

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    A promising start mauled by stupid relationship drama and an anti abortion agendaI really like Li Yan as a character and I really like the setting so I've kept reading the China Thrillers even though I don't really like Margaret Campbell or the ridiculous back and forth misunderstandings between Li Yan and Margaret Seriously I feel like I was better at relationships than these two when I was in high school and I was CRAP at relationships in high school and still am It's like the same three misunderstandings crop up between them time and time again and they don't even make any sense Yes there is a culture clash yes they're both emotionally fragile we GET IT Peter May now GET ON WITH IT The whole thing is tedious and it gets in the way of the murder mysteryAnyway that's neither here nor there This book started out really promising with a particularly gruesome mystery at the heart of it It got off track early on when we spent too much time with Margaret and her eually unlikeable mother and even repugnant ex boyfriend seriously it wasn't even an INTERESTING group of unlikeable characters and I found myself rolling my eyes through the entire chapter But it briefly recovered although Peter May then decided to insert a ridiculous pissing match between Mei Ling and Margaret over who gets to have Li Yan even though Mei Ling had just freaking met him and seriously no woman I have ever known has done shit like this and holy hell this subplot was so clearly written by a DUDE Also Mei Ling was not likeable and the ridiculous relationship BS that this whole thing ratcheted up between Li Yan and Margaret made Li Yan completely unlikeable So by about the end of the first third of the book May had managed to turn the only likeable character in to a blithering idiot while somehow making Margaret even odiousAnd then we get to the agenda part Look I recognise that the abortion thing is a really controversial issue and its tie in with the One Child policy in China is an area of moral contention for people I'm not trying to convert anyone to one side or the other and I am perfectly capable of enjoying literary works that take the opposing side on a controversial issue really I am but I expect at the very least that you get the facts right Peter May is so wrapped up in the anti abortion side of it that suddenly ALL ABORTIONS will scar you for life and it is men who force women to get abortions like all of the time and you will never be able to have children and HOLY HELL THIS SUBPLOT WAS SO CLEARLY WRITTEN BY A DUDEAnyway I won't give away the ending though I figured out the whodunnit like 50 pages in and it took the characters for freaking ever to manage it Also somehow this book made Margaret MORE annoying which I didn't even believe was possible I am an obsessive so I will probably read the other entries in the series but honestly this is definitely the worst of the first three

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    I am mostly enjoying this series although I am growing very weary of the constant romantic tension between the two main characters Hopefully this will be scaled back in the next book although I have my doubts

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    45 stars

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    The only thing remotely likable about this book is the Shanghai setting and the descriptions of the cityMargaret is truly annoying with her jealousy bad temper and self pity Li used to be sort of likeable but becomes less so with each chapter Margaret's relationship with Li and the contest between her and Mei Ling for Li's affection is sophomoric and cliched The whole abortion subtheme that is woven unsubtly throughout the story is distasteful and intrusiveIf the book were just the descriptions of the city without any of the awful characters or the flimsy plot I might have given it another star or two

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    welcome to china peter may style li yan is sent from beijing to shanghai when a mass grave is discovered with 18 mutilated and dismembered female corpses r found these have a similarity to a body that was discovered in beijing that he investigated and he calls in his lover margaret a renowned american forensic pathologist for autopsies having also worked with him on the other plus of course it shows co operation between america and china when the latter would normally have not allowed this to escape to the media in such a manner unless the us media were involved which they were as they were discovered when the foundations were being laid for an american bank it appears that organs have been removed but when they were alive so organ harvesting is ruled out and why were they all girls? apart from this mystery li has to cope with his colleague in shanghai mei ling who he is seriously attracted to and it appears the feeling is mutual as she goes out of her way to make margaret uncomfortable and unwelcome being china politics r behind everything as party membership and this impedes the investigation but once it takes a personal turn for li he refuses to let go and all is revealed a well writen novel with great characterisation the author really uncovers the way of life in china it's people and it's historyjust a few holes why did they not check with the management company about the rental of the flat? no follow up on the surgery being done by a left handed person; if they had talked the mongolian would have been i the pix earlier; no mention of release of van reg and they could have activated cameras; they could have lied to the recipients bev

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    The third book in his Chinese series and the drama switches from Beijing to ShanghaiAfter returning 'home' for the funeral of her father to her nagging and scheming mother pathologist Margaret Campbell gets the call from Deputy Section Chief Li to fly to Shanghai to help him with a 'poison chalice' of a caseLittle does she anticipate that Li's opposite number in Shanghai is a very attractive female officer who has serious intentions on him The previous will theywont they scenario is further clouded by this third party as Margaret seems to do everything to push them togetherHowever this is only the backdrop to the main business The burial of many body parts which is uncovered in a uasi comedic way The author keeps the level of interest high and the excitment bubbling through discovery and development Peter May treets the goryiness of the story much to my satisfaction and whereas I will reduce my score for gratuitious violence here I felt no need Looking forward to the next