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This highly practical guide focuses on learning objectives effective uestioning and feedback as the key elements of formative assessment assessment for learning in the secondary classroom Taking forward core themes developed in Unlocking Formative Assessment Shirley Clarke shows how marking and feedback complete the 'learning loop' which starts with learning intentions and success criteria The ways in which pupils are told what is expected of them how well they are doing and how their efforts are appraised lie at the heart of effective assessment for learning learning intentions and the types of success criteria to which pupils can relate She then explores the use of uestioning as a tool for effective teaching before looking at classroom interaction and how pupils respond to written oral and 'incidental' feedback Different approaches to marking including self and paired marking are then considered as one aspect of feedback which in turn can underpin pupil self evaluation and target setting Down to earth and direct and with examples from across the secondary curriculum this book shows how formative assessment can bring a dramatic culture shift to teaching and learning in your own classroom

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    I've read excerpts from this book but finally see how learning goals and success criteria are related

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    Not organized well It seemed like a first draft Had a few useful ideas but a lot of ideas were fairly obvious

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    Very insightful Excellent read for anyone in the education business who wants to be really make a difference with the assessment piece