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The locals were ecstatic when the carnival pulled into Holland Nebraska They shrieked in delight on the lightning fast rides They gasped in shocked fascination at the chilling collection of freaks and human oddities But all the while piercing red eyes glared out at the townies from the shadows of the midway Eyes that burned with vengeful hatred Eyes that lustedfor bloodOnly Mayor Margin Holland and his beautiful teenaged daughter Linda could feel the air of wrongness that hovered over the fairgrounds Then the killings began and their worst nightmares uickly came to life Night after night a new victim was found his insides smoldering his face contorted in a gruesome death mask of hideous agony Soon for Martin for Linda for the entire plagued community there was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide Nebo's Carnival of Dread had come to town And the horror show was just beginning

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    This book vaguely reminded me of one of my favourite films Something Wicked This Way Comes still neither can hold a candle to Ray Bradbury's story I've been interested in the carnival setting for horror recently and Carnival as the title suggests is perhaps one of the best examples of a book to make powerful usage of carnival scenery to evoke creepiness It's a joyful happy thrilling place where magic seems real and lights dance in the air but there's still a subtle evil beneath it all something sinister For the citizens of Holland the carnival seems fun but even they are aware that there is something 'off' about the placeWhen unexpected murders begin to crop up in town the mayor of Holland begins to wonder if he has allowed horror to set foot right in the middle of the community Carnival is one of those cheap mass market horror thrillers but there's an old fashioned charm to it and an effective eeriness that William Johnstone pulls off very well

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    25 Stars I think I'll just go to the fairgrounds The carnival's in town you know? Wellthe set up was enticing with anticipation of the carnival coming the town's people experiencing hallucinations odd sensations and some even dread as the trucks arrivedand the book cover is excellentso scarybut not much frightening hereAfter Part One the story moved way too slowly with redundant descriptions of scantily defined characters and a plot that just kind of fell apart trying to do too muchhorror with gore western with cowboys ghost story with revengeful apparitions naked women running around and a rich main protagonist who is an ex army tough guy with a weird wife and predictable new tough girl love interest named Frenchy no kiddingWith such a great premise I did stay with it hoping it would get back on track but unfortunately it turned out to be a very long and disappointing buddy read in desperate need of editing IMHO

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    The book is listed under horror but it would be better filed under 'far right thumpin' deplorable readin''I look forward to reading anything that speaks of horror and carnivals fairs etc You might get the impression that this would be a great read Up to this book I loved all of Johnstone's horror books now being re released Let me tell you why I thought this one suckedThe first couple of chapters set the stage for the story the very long story The much too long story It appeared to me that the author really wanted to write a western Whenever he didn't know where to go with the horror novel he just kept writinga western I skimmed a full 10% at one point before he got back on track He kept repeating himself until I asked myself why I was still reading Answer I paid for this POS Other things that made me scream a description of a bumper sticker on a pickup truck Nuke their ass and take the gas upset at a 6 time child molester finally getting payback So I finally reach 'Book 2' and 57% where a bible collection has begun and I decide that there are better books and my time would be better spent reading them Originally I was going to be generous and go with two or three stars for the fun the horror portion of the book gave me But lack of editng and all around idiocy and the light of day reminds me that that everyone pens a loser So 1 star Sorry

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    Great premise but really boring book The first half of this book BOOK 1 is a decent read though a bit plodding it was good enough to get me to the second half BOOK 2 There I was treated to reiterations and subplots of characters that did not really make up the genesis of the story at that point It was a chore to finish this book I have heard great things about the author though I did not see any of that here in Carnival Skip it

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    It's been 34 years since a Carnival last came to town Nobody wants to talk about the horror of it all The fire the rape the beaten bodies and tortured animals Some don't remember what happened that final night some choose not to remember what they did to those carnies in the name of vengeance for a crime they never committedNow all these years later the carnival is back Some of the townspeople know there's something wrong with it Others feel compelled to go to the fairgrounds even though they don't know why This book was first published back in the 80s and I believe I read it then My mother was a huge fan and had all of Johnstone's books up until he switched to writing westerns The funny thing is that once he switched my father became a fan I've been on a mission to collect as many of these oldies as I can and am attempting to reread them all This one does feel a bit dated but as someone who loved the schlock of 80s horror I am still a fan This is one of those classic good against evil stories with those who may find redemption and those who are beyond hope of redemption all thrown into the mix with sex and gore and demons

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    William W Johnstone to this day remains a woefully under appreciated American author The sheer volume of his works and popularity of his Westerns is one thing but people have mostly forgotten he wrote uite a few horror novels as well I can still remember the moment I read my first Johnstone horror novel I was immediately a fan and still amJohnstone's horror writings are very pulpy which is a good thing Anyone can write high art horror but there is nothing wrong with a good pulp novel Carnival is no exception to this rule The story of a traveling carnival which comes to Holland Nebraska a town who had long since banned carnivals when the last one came to town ended up badly See the citizens of Holland accused the carnies of raping two women and when the situation escalated they burnt the carnival to the ground killing all the members of the troupe than 30 years ago Now the new carnival has arrived and there is something strangely familiar about itIt's a great premise and could easily make a terrifying horror film Readers familiar with Johnstone's work will immediately recognize his predilection for a setting up a band of rag tag citizens fighting against a great evil usually Satan and this novel is no different There's a variety of towns folk who are introduced and set up nicely and while some seem to disappear suddenly Johnstone does not forget to wrap up their story lines by the end of the novel It's a lightning fast read and extremely gory so it may be difficult to translate to film but all in all its a solid scary story I recommend it to fans of 80s horror and of course anyone looking a good solid horror novel Someday Johnstone's horror work will get the recognition it deserves and may get reprinted they are extremely rare and expensive to find a decent copy in the meantime it is worth hunting down a copy

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    This book is split into two parts called books Book One sets up the story and is fantastic It's a real Twilight Zone feel Book Two contains the action and is a major nosedive for the book as it devolves into full on fantasy action

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    The carnival's in townyou know?uoting the Beatles it was years ago today The time was 1954 with two reported rapes being pinned on the carnies Certain people took the law into their own hands almost in the sense of citizens approaching with torches and taking down the monster Those in the carnival were killed and the whole thing burned into embers Now the carnival is back with a vengeance and the town of Holland will feel the burn Certain souls are in dire perilCarnival by William W Johnstone is a novel from yesteryear with a lot of threads pulled together into one event which is the anniversary of the deaths There is hell to pay and the citizens of Holland will be paying it Center stage are individuals who do not get along reflecting back on Then Martin Holland holds the spotlight aware of the weird vibes the carnival raises within him and his memories He has issues with certain big ranchers who get by with murder He watches as a good part of the town is attracted to the carnival like moths to the flame In true Johnstone fashion the evil grows like a juggernaut with horrendous deaths Unresolved conflicts explode Now will be the time of retribution and human horror with a lot of surprise elements mixing in the conclusion In other words there is a lot going on here Expect a high body count Expect rape and evil And the baddies are not necessarily the revenging carnival

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    Evil carnival comes to small town Nebraska for revenge It seems that in 1954 when the carnival first came through a couple spoiled no good kids raped a couple local girls and blamed the carnies The town goes into an uproar and kills burns and maims human and animals alike Flash forward to the present day That being the 1980's and the same carnival pulls into town with the same people Same acts New purpose To destroy the townThis had a lot of good things going for it It also had a lot of drawbacks The pacing is well done This builds nicely A moderate splash of gore Some of the problems are too many characters You have brothers and sisters with mothers and fathers and friend and police and town folks andyou get the point It's hard to keep them straight Also there are some really silly touches to the good vs evil battle at the end that I don't want to give away They just didn't sit well with me Still not bad

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    I usually like creepy Carnie stories But This was not what I had in mindThe thing with William Johnstone characters is that they are not developed So you don't care too much what happens to them There is also no build up Just usually some rapey mind control and religious elementsThe characters were turning in the book from he first few pagesThe revenge aspect is something that could have been great The premise was25 stars