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Seminar paper from the year 2003 in the subject American Studies Literature grade 1 A Southern Connecticut State University English Department language English abstract 'The Bluest Eye' is Toni Morrison’s first novel and was published in 1970 Toni Morrison uses modernist techniues of stream of consciousness multiple perspectives and deliberate fragmentation Two different narrators tell the story The first is Claudia MacTeer who narrates in a mixture of a child’s and an adult’s perspectives and the second is an omniscient narrator Claudia’s and Pecola’s points of view are dominant but the reader also sees things from other character’s points of viewThe subtext of the first part of the novel 'Autumn' and 'Winter' suggests various topics In my presentation I mainly focus on the “Dick and Jane narrative” by means of which the novel opens Further I will explore the themes “whiteness as the standard of beauty” and “seeing versus being seen” which are sometimes closely connected'The Bluest Eye' provides an extended depiction of the ways in which internalized white beauty standards deform the lives of black girls and women Implicit messages that whiteness is superior are everywhere including the white baby doll given to Claudia the idealization of Shirley Temple the consensus that light skinned Maureen is cuter than the other black girls and the idealization of white beauty in the movies Pecola eventually desires blue eyes in order to conform with these white beauty standards imposed on herHowever by wishing for blue eyes Pecola indicates that she wishes to see things differently as much as she wishes to be seen differently

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    A pretty memorable book

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    I read this on vacation by a pool and i cried by the pool at the resort it's very good just don't read it while you're at vacation in a sunny place not the vibe at all

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    This book was an okay read but definitely not one of the best books I've read The beginning of the book was a little slow and I was constantly waiting for something to happen Because of the slow beginning to the book the end seemed fast paced and the book was jumping around which was a bit confusing This book is very depressing but I feel that this gives it meaning Pecola wants to escape from her awful life and she simply can't The author focuses on the ideas of cleanliness race family relations and trauma and presents them in a very real way She doesn't sugarcoat and definitely doesn't leave out the discomforting parts That's why I felt this sort of shock when I read the book because some of the things these characters face are so cruel and unimaginable Thankfully the author foreshadows traumatizing events so you can somewhat mentally prepare yourself

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    Read by the author So poignant The most interesting part to me was the authors note at the end where she says she wanted to represent different families and seemed to insinuate that the family of the two daughters that took in picola was of a different class but all their lives seemed so hard scrabble Def want to read by her

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    Toni Morrison has an amazing way of painting character personality including their vulnerabilities and insecurities The bluest eye is a story of Pecola and her friends their observations of everyday life injustice how they are treated all this done from young girls’ eyes Preferential treatment socioeconomic status skin color do not escape these girls’ eyes Beautiful read

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    Having read the preface I am not sure I fully appreciate Morrison’s project nor do I believe I am able or ualified to do so All I can say is that I am left with profound sadness at the thought of these broken lives and the way the brokenness is passed on from one generation to the next Morrison’s prose is flawless and striking

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    The Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison Published and Copyrighted in 1970 Published by The Penguin Group ISBN 0 13 116628 X Paperback 216 Pages Price 1400 US ; 2100 CAN Wicked people love wickedly violent people love violently weak people love weakly stupid people love stupidly but the love of a freeman is never safe There are six main characters in the book Claudia the narrator Frieda Claudia's sister Claudia's and Frieda's mom Pecola is the brought in child and the daughter of Mr and Mrs Breedlove Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye her first novel ever written became the Nobel Prize winner in Literature The genre being classic and historical fiction Toni did exceptionally well in creating the story and picking out the characters I enjoyed the whole book staying up late and taking the book on vacations I often would stop reading the book at large paragraphs because I'm not the type to read a big paragraph All my strength in his hand My brain curls up like wilted leaves A funny empty feeling is in my hands I want to grab hold of something so I hold his head his mouth is under my chin Then I don’t want his hand between my legs no because I think I am softening away I stretch my legs open and he is on top of me The book is a slow pace Explaining every little thing detail by detail Realistic dialogue and a narrative voice I in my opinion reacted surprised since I've never read anything in such detail of my life having uestions such as Why Pecola lived with Frieda and Claudia and not with her parents? or Why the narrators mom was so mean about her being sick? Recommendation's on the book would be for 18 30 year old females Why? More women on average like the book rather then men It is not a good book for pregnant women or kids under the age of 16 The Bluest Eye is such an astonishing book I think people should read the book Alexis Lyne

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    It was a very somber story outlining the inner workings of how a human being's mind works how he internalises things to justify his actions how he makes do when he can't do what he wants to do How humankind itself is the perpetrator of many of the prejudices being suffered by those who think they don't have a voiceI didn't much feel any rise and fall of emotions probably because I had read its summary before I read the book but the writing was like sinking a knife into butter so smooth so flowy At some moments my stomach would clench because of the content while at others I would shake my head as to how so many things become clearer due to the way we can relate with them even though we are not living in that realityAll in all a book to remember always

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    Poor Pecola All she wanted was to be beautiful and crave the eyes that cannot be had Unfortunately when you're a black kid in the 1930s beauty is the last thing anyone including relatives would describe you as Toni Morrison has molded a disturbing real masterpiece of the underlying damage of desire beauty standards and poor self image can and had reaped upon black communities Through the eyes of Pecola her messed up family and the down to earth Claudia we get a thorough glimpse of the disturbing thought process that comes from unattainable beauty standards