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Veterinarian Carly Martin cares for the animals belonging to an eccentric millionaire When the old man falls into a coma and Valerie discovers she's to inherit his fortune the man's illegitimate grandson of accuses her of being a gold digger until he falls in love with her Original

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    Una historia romántica de intriga perfecta chico guapa chica guapa veterinaria viviendo su amor acompañados por mis mascotas preferidas los perros

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    El euilibrio perfecto entre romance suspense y entretenimiento aderezado con una buenas dosis de amigos de cuatro patas

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    Apart from the useless police Carly's unbelievable naievete I uite enjoyed this romance must have been the dogs that got mecoverVeterinarian Carly Martin is a soft touch when it comes to animals And no animals need her than the thirty five pets left in her care after eccentric millionaire Henry Tremayne falls and slips into a coma If only she weren't as susceptible to his long lost grandson Max GiordanoA tiger of the business world and 100 percent catnip to women Max grew up the hard way on the streets To him nothing is as good as it seems maybe not even Carly But when the police start to suspect her of foul play in Henry's accident Max must make the toughest decision of his life to listen to his heart and trust Carly once and for allRated 610 at

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    Street boy meets Family girl And love and chaos ensues Carly is a lovable veterinarian genuinely trying to be the best person and vet she can be and is happy living her life Max holds a grudge and while he knows that he has a grandfather he doesn't want to meet him until he can prove that he achieved perfection on his own Life has other plans and Max is forced to take charge of Henry's foundation while he is in the hospital Max and Carly clash over everything the family mansion Henry's many animals and even family Max finds Carly's attitude irresistible and Carly wants to shake up Max's perfect and orderly life This is a fun romp and if you're an animal lover you'll enjoy the secondary cast of characters

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    Solo empecé a leer el libro porue era sobre una veterinaria y es algo asi como mi gran sueño y para ser una novela romántica no esperaba mucho pero me gustó Fue mas de lo ue esperaba y gracias a dios no es una historia demasiado cursi