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    Veterinarian Shona Taylor brings her family to an apparently idyllic colony planet then discovers a ruthless criminal conspiracy

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    Interesting that Taylor's Ark Medicine Show came out a year apart and this one not until a decade later I almost thought she'd abandoned this seriesThis one was about the animals including the ones she finds on her next assignment I liked that she continued working that she her husband have a functional commuter marriage Love the ottle's pro activeness and actively covet a house with robo servantsDo think she left a thread dangling with Setve arriving back on the planet and then disappearing? Also if she continues this series I hope she lets Shona Susan go off for some girltime together Seems like it would be hard to maintain such a close friendship without some face time periodically

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    I somehow missed this installment in Taylor's Ark when it came out I very much enjoyed the book Shona gets an assignment on what seems like an ideal world low population beautiful setting wonderful accommodations but like all Edens this one has a snake or two Literally in this case She must figure out the secrets the colonists are determined to keep and learn why she and her animals were brought to this planet in time for all of them to make it off world alive The secret lies partly in her companion the ottle the intelligent alien who accompanies her to study the human condition What she discovers complicates their escape and survival but increases the urgency and importance uite a ride

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    to read

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    Very enjoyable addition to the series This one really makes it appear to be Taylor's Ark

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    i can't really say anything on this book