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The Soldier and the Changing State is the first book to systematically explore on a global scale civil military relations in democratizing and changing states Looking at how armies supportive of democracy are built Zoltan Barany argues that the military is the most important institution that states maintain for without military elites who support democratic governance democracy cannot be consolidated Barany also demonstrates that building democratic armies is the uintessential task of newly democratizing regimes But how do democratic armies come about? What conditions encourage or impede democratic civil military relations? And how can the state ensure the allegiance of its soldiers? Barany examines the experiences of developing countries and the armed forces in the context of major political change in six specific settings in the wake of war and civil war after military and communist regimes and following colonialism and unificationapartheid He evaluates the army building and democratization experiences of twenty seven countries and explains which predemocratic settings are most conducive to creating a military that will support democracy Highlighting important factors and suggesting which reforms can be expected to work and fail in different environments he offers practical policy recommendations to state builders and democratizers

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