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From the oom pah pah of the brass section to the tickle and tease of the keyboard ivories M is for Melody gives a music lesson in alphabet form Instruments composers terms and even musical styles are examined from A Z in easy read aloud rhymes and expository accompanied by colorful and engaging artwork Based on MENC National Standards for Music Education educators will find this a valuable addition to their classroom material

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    Wonderful illustrations I used this teaching There is a uiz at the end that's nice Each letter has a word with a uick poem about it but there's also a in depth description for each subject so you can choose whether you want to go through the book uickly or stop and spend some time

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    I love the O is for Orchestra and P is for Percussion pages

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    This is an awesome themed alphabet book The illustrations are clever as well as beautiful An example T is for tempo and the illustration is a turtle Largo and a rabbit Presto Brass woodwinds conductors and composers they are all here My favorite I is for instrument Which one will you play? When you join the band you'll have fun every day There is a A review with answers in the back of the book

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    Though I wasn't in love with this book I did like how the author kept much of the descriptiveinformational writing off to the sides of each page I used this to help contribute to my students' learning of instruments in their music class I don't know that I would use the same book over but I personally found it interesting

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    I got this book at the Community Library of the Shenango Valley I liked that this book showed art integration It ties in the alphabet and the different things about music like melody anthem and etc I would definitely recommend this for teachers who want to integrate music and literature in their classrooms

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    Combines poetry with nonfiction blurbs A little text heavy for a picture book but caregivers can have descriptions to describe words of most interest to them or it's good for advanced readers Has some patriotic themes in it

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    This was a cute book