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In this collection of forty vignettes biologist Harold Morowitz delights in discovering scientific principles behind such everyday phenomena as doing laundry or registering a car with the DMV The title essay reflects on the circumstances that caused the name of Joseph Ignace Guillotin to become connected to a mechanical contraption he neither invented built nor used While he relies on the disciplines of science to illuminate life on earth Morowitz celebrates with wonder and wit the world's unfathomable mysteries

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    This is a delightful book of very insightful essays I have been dipping into it at odd moments over the last few months and I would recommend it to anyone who values good writing and clear analysis I am unfamiliar with Dr Morowitz's professional writing but this was a wonderfully clear and pleasant set of essaysI was shocked to see the low rating that other reviewers have given this book The author makes it very clear in the preface what he is setting out to do and he accomplishes it uite well

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    El filantrópico doctor Guillotin y otros ensayos sobre la ciencia y la vida es el título de este libro en castellano Pensba ue iba a ser como un Termodinámica de la Pizza pero no me ha gustado tanto Sí vale la pena el primer capítulo ue dedica a la imagen del doctor Guillotin y ue es muy curiosa De hecho pensé ue el libro iba a ser bueno después de leer este capítulo Por lo de más libro ue no llega al aprobado

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