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The latest series from one of Japan’s greatest manga creatorsEver since a strange encounter when she was a child Sakura Mamiya has had the power to see ghosts Now in high school she just wishes the ghosts would leave her alone When her mysterious classmate Rinne Rokudo shows up Sakura finds herself following him into the amazing world between life and deathWhile out looking for a place to have his scythe repaired Rinne runs into the rabbit eared twins Right and Left scythe smiths and proprietors of the Crescent Moon Hall forge The first repair is free but the fix might leave Rinne looking for a refundReads R to L Japanese Style for teen plus audiences

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    Once again Rumiko Takahashi has created another hilarious volume that introduces crazy characters into the universe of “Rin Ne” and I was just as impressed with the thirteenth volume as I was with the previous volumesIn this volume Rinne’s scythe ends up getting damaged during battle and he tries to find a scythe smith that could fix his scythe for a cheap price of course So he ends up meeting the rabbit eared twins Right and Left who offer to fix his scythe for free Unfortunately Rinne will soon learn that Right and Left’s craftsmanship on his scythe might not be what he wanted and he might want his refund backRumiko Takahashi’s writing is as usual fantastic to read as the humor and the action seuences are well woven together and makes the story extremely creative I enjoyed the introduction of Right and Left as scythe smiths as I did wondered about whether or not there are people in the Shinigami world who repairs scythes and even though I liked seeing that side of the universe I personally was thinking about what can Right and Left really bring to the story and how their presence would affect the characters in the future I also enjoyed some of the other stories in this volume which included a ghost causing mayhem at a dessert buffet and Rinne and the gang being trapped inside a haunted house during Christmas Eve as they were hilarious and interesting to read Rumiko Takahashi’s artwork is as usual fantastic to look at as the characters are drawn in a cute and effective way and I really enjoyed the appearances of Right and Left as they look like cute human characters that have rabbit ears which make them look uniueOverall “Rin Ne Volume Thirteen” is a fantastic volume that fans of “Rin Ne” will enjoy and I definitely cannot wait to check out the later volumes in this seriesReview is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog

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    July 2nd 2014 UPDATEI've actually finished well beyond this volume here however no one has included them on here hence I have to leave this as on hold until hopefully someone creates pages and whatnot for the next volumes It is read however just to be clear here xD

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    Rinne is scammed by the Crescent Moon company in ways that one as he falls for their phony promises and things just keep getting worse But luckily things always have a way of working out in the end and everything turns out fine This series is really enjoyable This volume was provided to me as an eManga by VIZ Media via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review All opinions expressed here are my own

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    See my review of the series so far at my blog SKJAM Reviews

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    Kind of lost interest

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    No sé si lo suyo es mala suerte o castigo de DIOS

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    I love this zany manga It's funny and the stakes are so so low so it's not anxiety inducing to read It has actually helped me a bit with my fear of ghosts