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A young boy weighs the pros and cons of possessing various animal appendages—such as a duck's feet a deer's antlers a whale's spout an elephant's trunk and a long long tail—only to decide that he's better off just being himself A zany insightful story that beginning readers will wish to hear again and again

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    My kids knew the words by heart They probably still could recite them

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    This book is about wishing you were different It talks about different animal body parts that would be fun to have In the end the character decides that he likes being himself This would be a fun read for early childhood classrooms and elementary classrooms

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    I Wish That I Had Duck Feet by Dr Seuss is a story I missed somehow as a child My son introduced me to the book He checked it out from the library and read it to me as part of his weekly free reading assignment for schoolThe book centers on a young boy probably about my son's age who wants to change He wants duck feet or antlers or a whale spout among other alterations to his body He thinks of all the wonderful things he could do with his new powers and then the problems he would have with themThings get out of hand with his imagination and soon he's the latest attraction at the zoo Sean felt horrible for the boy when he's locked up with only hay to eat It wasn't humane treatment for a boy with monster powers nor was it proper treatment for a monsterThe book is cute but not one of my favorites I'm not keen on his boy having adventures or imaging amazing things types of books I prefer his sillier books like Fox in Socks and Red Fish Blue Fish Old Fish New Fish The one execption to this rule is McElligot's Pool

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    A good story about a kid who imagines how he could be uniue by having different animal body parts such as duck feet and elephant's nose etc After thinking of the fun stuff he could do with the parts he then thinks of all of the problems that would result In the end he decides to just be himself What I like about this one compared to the 90 million other books with the be yourself message is that it shows the difference between wanting to be different for the sake of being different and seeing your inherent uniueness He starts out wanting the different animal parts so he can show up Big Bill Brown for some reason the book never actually says why the kid doesn't like Bill In the end he decides to just be himself even though there is no outward or obvious difference between him and everybody else

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    This book is a whimsical romp through a child's fantasies about what it would be like to have various parts of his body transformed into animal parts While it's kind of amusing at times it also weirded me out a lot as a kid because the child was clearly having fun and yet people around him were making horrified or shocked faces I would have enjoyed it if of the bystanders had been celebrating his choices instead of reacting poorly I tend to be alienated by books that depict someone expressing their individuality or being proud of their differences only to show other people giving them crap about it I just didn't really click with this book because I was distracted by the background folks' reactions

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    A wonderful Seuss book A boy wishes he had various anatomical differences and explains why they would be good and why they would be bad and then makes himself happy just being him as he is2 problems 1 is he continually refers to another boy as the one he doesn't like and wants to be better than but also thinks he will get tied up by 2nd problem is that it ends a bit abruptly

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    It's funny bc I see that my brother gave this book 5 stars It creeped me out when I was little I think that I was always worried that the boy wouldn't be able to get rid of his new animal parts

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    Until this book I had no idea that Seuss wrote other early readers under a different name Tho LeStieg LeSieg is Geisel backwards He did this for books that he wrote but did not illustrate It’s a shame he didn’t illustrate this book The illustrations are great but I would love to see what Seuss would do The story is fun rhymes and BTobey did great illustrations Just what a reader expects from Seuss

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    I am always last to to tuck my 6 year old godson in when I go to visit I kissed him and literally tucked his blankets up underneath him giggling Why do you always do that? Because you are my Christo burrito and as I made to leave he said Will you read me a story?Way past his bedtime but I can never resist I didn't have anything good on my tablet so I ran into the playroom and looked at the extensive collection of children's books I'd never read this Dr Seuss book before so away we wentLonger than I'm normally allowed to read him past his bedtime but so sweet He and I both had a good giggle at the silly things that happened when the boy got his new animal parts When it was discovered he couldn't get on the school bus with his giant horns Christopher wisely said Uh why doesn't he just go on sideways?So so so cute You can never go wrong with Seuss

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    Although this book is par for the course for a picture book it unintentionally underminds the advantages of Ostrich feet With ostrich feet you can cover up to 16 feet IN ONE STRIDE People will cower at your immense power as you clear miles in minutes Even the president will have no authority over you What is he going to do? Chase you? Duck feet can't do any of this With duck feet you can AT BEST waddle like a bit and then fall overIn conclusion the author of this book should do some research before proclaiming such factually incorrect statements