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Nicos Poulantzas’s third major work is a pioneering survey of some of the most fundamental yet least studied aspects of the class structure of advanced capitalist societies today The book starts with a general theoretical essay that for the first time seriously explores the distinction between the “agents” and “positions” of capitalist relations of production and seeks to avoid the typical errors of either functionalism or historicism It also provides a polemical reconsideration of the problem of the “nation state” as a political unit today and its relationship to the internationalization of capitalFinally and most originally Poulantzas develops a long and powerful analysis of the much abused concept of the “petty bourgeoisie” In this he scrupulously distinguishes between the “traditional” categories of petty bourgeoisie—shopkeepers artisans small peasants—and the “new” categories of clerical workers supervisors and salaried personnel in modern industry and commerce At the same time he demonstrates the reasons why a unitary conceptualization of their class position is possible The difficult uestion of the definition of “productive” and “unproductive” labor within Marx’s own account of the capitalist mode of production is subjected to a novel and radical reinterpretation The political oscillations peculiar to each form of petty bourgeoisie and especially their characteristic reactions to the industrial proletariat are cogently assessedPoulantzas ends his work with a reminder that the actions and options of the petty bourgeoisie are critical to any successful struggle by the working class which must secure the alliance of important sections of the petty bourgeoisie if the fateful experience of Chile is not to recur elsewhere tomorrow Combining empirical and theoretical materials throughout Classes in Contemporary Capitalism represents a notable achievement in the development of Marxist social science and political thought

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    I am glad that I finally read a proper monography on Marxian class theory since a great majority of Marxist social scientists on the political left choose not to confront class analysis although all of them acknowledge the existence of the theory But still it's a bit disappointing to see Poulantzas such a successful theorist in so many ways making the same kind of mistake that Weber makes about power structures

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    neverovatno gusta ali sjajna knjiga koja dosta toga u vezi sa klasnim određenjima i klasnim pozicioniranjima objašnjava iako ima problematičnih delova npr čini mi se da je Pulancasovo određenje proizvodnog rada ovde problematično i maltene svodivo na rad u primarnom sektoru delovi o razlici manuelnog i intelektualnog rada kojima se objašnjava ideološka ravan društvene podele rada su genijalni kao i ključna analiza savremene Pulancasu savremene svakako ali dosta korisno i za nama savremena klasna određenja sitne buržoazije sve u svemu knjiga je jedna od abeceda marksizma

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    p interesting imo especially for someone trying to flesh out an understanding of class structure in modern europe