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Waves and tides wind and storms sea level rise and shore erosion these are the forces that shape our beaches and beach lovers of all stripes can benefit from learning about how these coastal processes work With animation and clarity The Beach Book tells sunbathers why beaches widen and narrow and helps boaters and anglers understand why tidal inlets migrate It gives home buyers insight into erosion rates and provides natural resource managers and interested citizens with rich information on beach nourishment and coastal zone development And for all of us concerned about the long term health of our beaches it outlines the latest scientific information on sea level rise and introduces ways to combat not only the erosion of beaches but also the decline of other coastal habitats The we learn about coastline formation and maintenance Carl Hobbs argues the better we can appreciate and cultivate our shores Informed by the latest research and infused with a passion for its subject The Beach Book provides a wide ranging introduction to the shore and all of us who love the beach and its associated environments will find it timely and useful

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