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Three irrepressible little owls take us on their journey around the world from one Christmas Day to the next—fishing dancing snoozing and not behaving Blake’s delightful drawings combine with fantastical rhyming text to create a story that begs to be read again and again Three Little Owls was written by Italian artist Emanuele Luzzati and translated into English by John Yeoman

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    Check out Picture book reviews Perspective of a Writer25 stars rounded up due to the illustrationsThree little owls do some crazy stuff on Christmas DayA sort of poem written by Italian artist Emanuele Luzzati and translated into English by John Yeoman It looks like he was planning to illustrate the manuscript when he died To be honest I didn't get a word of this poem Without the illustrations I would have been totally lost My nephew didn't seem to enjoy reading it either and we didn't talk about what was going on It would be pretty hard to rate at all if not for the illustrations We were drawn to the illustrations when we picked it because my nephew loves to draw and this is his drawing styleThere was literally one spread in the entire book where we didn't enjoy the illustration and that was probably because it was a sort of storm picture with no birds in sight The spreads with the owls doing silly things their friend the flying fish and the distance flying shots as well as the present at the end of the story all enchanted I can sort of tell you what the story was about due to each one of these illustrations My nephew chose the owls carrying the basket to draw this timePersonally I prefer a story with a message of some sort poetry lovers may adore this book thoughBOTTOM LINE So many cute spreads with owlsYou can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer See my picture book reviews in a special feature called Boo's Picture Gallery

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    It grieves me to say this book was just OK It is always a pleasure to see uentin Blake's artwork and I feel uncomfortable not being inspired by a late author's previously undiscovered work especially in translation But this was another of those children's books which doesn't really add up to anything much because the story is flimsy and the rhythm doesn't compensateAnd it opened so well Three little owls on a wardrobe I happen to have friends who needed to explain to the housekeeper of their Italian holiday rental that there was an owl under their wardrobe It could have been glorious they catch a big fish who then proceeds to lounge about but ultimately it is just a jumble of words and images for the sake of it

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    A very sweet poem by Italian artist Emanuele Luzzati written in English by john Yeoman and with colourful illustrations by uentin Blake It is as the title suggests about three little owls and their travels from Christmas day through the year to the following Christmas dayThere are lots of CVC words and lovely rhymes inclusion of months of the year and weather as well as countries across the world Overall a really charming poem interlaced with a rich variety of vocabulary such as 'fluttered gigantic ranging detests forlorn brimful'

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    Wonderful The rhythm in this book is so perfect that it feels natural even to a non native speaker The melody is intuitive and easy; I automatically started singing the text and it all fit perfectly The story itself has some plot holes but that didn't even matter any to me; I still read it twice in a row with a fascinated baby by my side which is really an exception usually doesn't even last for a single run never twice And the drawings are lovely as usual with uentin Blake

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    What child would pick this up and stick with itI will tell you not one Too strange and wordy for the average kid

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    Wonderful singsongy text and fluid images tell an original holiday story about celebration

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    I wasn't a huge fan of the illustrations style but I loved the text

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    I like the geographic locations kids were interested in learning illustrations were wonderful kids wanted to recreate the style at work timeBUT tied in w Christmas and a bit long

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    It's a cute story with fresh rhymes

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    Can't believe I have never read this a lovely little tale