PDF/EPUB Erin Keeley Marshall Æ Æ Navigating Route 20-Something: A Lifemap for the Road

According to The Barna Group research only 31 percent of twentysomethings attend church on a weekly basis but 80 percent say their religious faith is highly important Author Erin Keeley Marshall shares what she wishes she had learned after college and in doing so helps this spiritually hungry generation find God's way to identity security and purpose Using friendly wit relatable experience and biblical illustrations Marshall addresses readers' needs concerns and hopes with faith grounded guidance and encouragement Prayer is the frontline of every battle Everyone has issues own yours Comparison is the death of contentment Life may be exciting in a power suit but it's hot in there When relying on God waiting is not time wasted These personal and advantageous truths of faith can reach a generation that adeptly builds community and connection in their social and professional lives yet still longs for it in their spiritual lives

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    A simple but solid devotional for those in their 20's and beyond