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    The best book on serving others I’ve ever read

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    I really liked this one The author believes that anyone can serve others and that it is vastly important for us as humans to do so There were lots of stories And there were lots of uotes from my favorite authors I found this short read to be inspiring and affirming

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    In The Power of Serving Others the author's overarching philosophy is that serving others is how we find meaning and significance in our lives His experience suggests that the following three statements are truisms1 Everyone has something to give2 Everyone can start where they are3 Most people are willing to serve others when they see the need and opportunityHe uotes Morrie of Tuesdays with Morrie So many people walk around with a meaningless life They seem half asleep even when they're busy doing things they think are important This is because they're chasing the wrong things The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others devote yourself to your community around you and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaningRobert Coles a Harvard professor told Dorothy Day of the Catholic Worker Movement that he had misgivings about his motives for serving others She said If we were going to forbid hypocrites to work here with us there'd be no one else to do the work and no one to do the forbidding Some of my takeaways from this moving and inspiring book followGet in the Boat Everyone has something to give Everyone can do something now Many people are willing to give is they are presented the opportunity Institutions can't and won't save us when we need help And let's admit it We all need help sometimes The corollary is that we all need to help sometimes That's what gives our lives meaning and significanceGet Over Yourself We can do no great things only small thins with great love Mother Teresa Nobody gets to heaven without a letter of reference from the poor Jim Wallis in God's Politics Sometimes my true vocation lies in putting away the stethoscope the badge that tells the world who I am or at least who I think I am and picking up a shovel at a garbage pile in Calcutta Serving makes us see ourselves as part of a larger picture Service starts with whatever is within reachLook In Your Hand Trust that whatever you have at hand will be enough and dive in Don't hesitate because of what you don't havefocus on using to best effect what you do have We are the answers to other peoples' prayers Think small enough so that you can get startedresources follow actionGive What You Can Most people want to help others What stops them is that they don't think that what they have to offer would be helpful or they don't know how to help Remember that everyone can do somethingwrite a letter hold a hand relieve suffering in some way however small We can all do something and sometime even nothing is something Skip a meal and donate what you saveor give the food to another Give time that is going to waste Give of the space in your life To someone what seems like nothing to you can be everythingThink Small Start where you arewith whatever you have no matter how small Every ideology in the world will fail everyone needs a sense of purpose in their lives that ascends their daily routines I believe our purpose is to give of ourselves according to our ability to give and according to our neighbor's need That's the only way we can find meaning in our lives on this earth It's not about making money or acuiring power It's about serving others That's what we're here to do That's my 'ism' stop thinking in terms of what you can't do and start thinking of what you can do however small it might be Start where you areBe There Sometimes the people who need us as to be found nearby and only need something small Sometimes all they need is for us to be present with them you come to keep them company when it feels like the whole world is falling apart and your being there says that just for this moment this one tiny piece of the world is OK Anne Lamott Often those in need become invisible to others and their most immediate need is to be noticed acknowledged As James Fowler says in a world that says people only have value if they pull their weight and contribute something of value what could be relevant than affirming by word and deed that every person is a loved and valued child of God? Sometimes the right mindset is Don't just do something stand thereLose To Win When things look bleak serve anyway Lose yourself in the service of others Failure is what you decide it is Sometimes it is a launching pad to something better Losses won't always become victories But they are part of the journey Chuck Colson says that he maturing of the soul is the object of lifethat happens as we serve others Love Anyway If our lives are going to be committed to serving others inevitably some of those others are going to be enemies Love them anyway Love your enemies Let them bring out the best in you It's an opportunity so use the occasion to live the servant life Eugene Peterson You can make a living measured by what you get or you can have a life measured by what you give Loving our enemies means we must humanize them That does not mean unconditional acceptance of bad behavior but it does mean identifying with their humanity and weaknesses To effect that change in ourselves we must turn from looking inward to looking outward act as if you love and you will begin to love in reality Service to others changes the give as well as the receiver and over time profoundly soPull Out The Arrow The immediate need is to relieve the pain whether physical emotional spiritual or anything else Assessment of guilt blame cause and so forth comes later Pull out the arrowand they are sticking out of people all around us all we have to do is open our eyes and see and then act When we leave the responsibility for service to others to institutions like the government or corporations we lose the opportunity to find meaning and significance in our own lives

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    I found The Power of Serving Others an interesting read The authors Gary Morsch and Dean Nelson are very encouraging to the reader at finding where they can make a difference And it is not necessary to go half way around the world in order to do that It is not necessary to have a lot of money a big business or multiple employees All it takes is one person to change the life of another We never know how our actions may affect another human being's life unless we try by taking the focus off of our own life for a momentMorsch and Nelson also pointed out that every attempt to help someone may not be successful in the way you may have anticipated or others may say negative things about you for trying but do it anyway After all how will we know if we don't try?I would DEFINITELY recommend this book to ANY reader adult teen man woman book club whatever The potential for a ripple effect could be amazing

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    This was a 2014 United Methodist Women's Reading Program book I enjoyed this book I used portions of it as a book review for our local UMW group

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    Good book with some great messages that should have been a 10 20 page essayIt does a really good job of impressing upon the reader that service doesn't have to be a grand act Any act of service is important

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    Simple Inspiring Recommended to friends and gave as gifts

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    Wondering how you can help change the world? Start by reading this book